Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Peoples - a Quick Question

Since I know many of you love Les Miserables, I have a question that I hope you can help with. 

I know the movie has some skippable scenes.  Just... where?  I got the movie from the library and I'm hoping to watch it soon, but I'd like to know at where the objectionable scenes start so I can fast forward them beforehand.  Preferably even the specific beginning and end times of those scenes if you happen to know them.

Thanks so much!  I'm very sorry for not doing any 'real' posts in the last while, stuff and life has caught up with me, but I hope to totally redo the whole blog and go back to posting in the next few weeks...


Melody said...

I knew this day would come.
Kidding. I'm not actually sobbing. :P

Maria said...

But daaarling...
Don't worry, I'm not a Miserable One yet.

Alexandra said...

Buuuut you will beee! ;)

Ok. Start fast-forwarding/skipping/whatev when Fantine's going to the docks at night. Stop when her "customer" leaves and she's lying alll aloneeee...snifffff....

Start in the inn with Madame Thenardier's "wakey-wakey" or whatever as she kicks her husband awake. Stop with drunk Santa driving away.

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Soooo excited!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Heffington said...

Okay, let's see! I am not sure of exact timings, but I know the scenes! First one is "Lovely Ladies". You will know when it's coming because Fantine will go down onto the wharf and there will be some questionable characters there. Fast-forward (or skip) until right before she starts singing "I Dreamed a Dream". That song starts literally right after the bad part, so if you don't want to miss it, just pop one eyes open as the screens fly by and pause right as it begins.
Then the other part is "Master of the House" and pretty much, as soon as you see the two inkeepers, just skip the whole scene. Not sure how the DVD is set up, but you might be able to skip each song separately (since it's an entirely sung-through movie) in which case your job is easy! For the rest, enjoy! ;)

Rissi said...

There is one "objectionable" scene at the end (and even shot in shadows during) the 'Lovely Ladies' song leading into 'I Dreamed a Dream.' Additionally there are inappropriately dressed women as well as some minor innuendoes in the dialogue. Also the whole 'Master of the House' sequence is a bit "bawdy."

I really cannot remember how far into the film all of these are, but they are in the first half. Hope this is helpful, Maria. :)

Rosamund Gregory said...

Let's see. "Lovely Ladies", when Fantine is forcibly ejected from the factory and goes down unto the docks, is skippable in its entirety if you wish to be completely ignorant of what happens--we skip it, though, from when her hand is put on that of the navvy, because while the rest isn't great, it is portrayed as wickedness and not...graphically. "Master of the House", after Cosette sings "Castle on a Cloud" and Thenardier (red hair and dirty clothes, with a sort of Cockney-French accent) you'll also want to skip. It's fine until Madame Thenardier starts making eyes at a soldier close to the end, with the exception of about three (disturbing) seconds in the middle; so you can just miss it.

Hope that helps!

Caroline L. said...

Yay! So happy for you! This movie is SPECTACULAR!

As far as objectionable scenes to skip, DEFINITELY skip the whole "Master of the House" song (I don't have a DVD yet, so I cannot give the exact times, but starting right when Mr. Thenardier is waking up to when Cosette is walking alone in the woods). And, depending on your standards, you may want to skip "Lovely Ladies." I may not have this exactly right, as I only saw the movie once (my DVD is on the way!), but I think the song starts when Fantine is walking alone down some stairs at night and ends at "I Dreamed a Dream." Hope that helps! Wish I could be more specific.

Melody said...

Er... sorry. Your "but daaarling" just reminded me of that random quote from a book my sisters have read and has become a family joke. :P

Yet, indeed. :P From what I can observe, you are just about one anyways. But don't worry, I've long been resigned to being, in the blogging world and as far as this goes, on my own.

"Resignation is never so sweet as when..." um... when the... er... can't remember the rest of the quote...

Vicki said...

I am a huge, huge fan of Les Mis! I really would love to watch it again now after seeing your post...but sadly, I'm hold 1024 on it at the library, so I won't be seeing it again for a while.
So, for the scenes you want to skip...I can only think of two, and for the first one, you can see it coming. After Fantine gets fired, about maybe a half hour though the movie, she becomes a prostitute, and there's a song called "Lovely Ladies," that basically signals the start of that part. And there's some innuendo there, and then after that, the scene that I definitely like to skip. You can really see it coming, though, so you know when to fast forward. And make sure you don't skip Fantine's "I dreamed a dream"! After that (pretty soon after) there's the "Master of the House" song, and unfortunately, that's a scene I'm torn about because some parts if it are definitely inappropriate, but it's also one of the funniest parts of the movie. And that's really about it...all that I can think of, anyway!

Hope that helps!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Alexandra said...

Wanted to add: as everyone's different, I just mentioned skipping Lovely Ladies, however, it's really not that graphic (worst part is some innuendo in the song) except for the very end, and honestly, I watch the scene. Everyone's standards are different, but it's portrayed showing what a horrible life the women have, not as exciting or glamorous. I don't think a person can quite get thr full impact of what Fantine did for her child (or just torture themselves by doubling the feels by the time they get to I Dreamed A Dream) if they miss seeing the hair cutting and teeth selling. But that's just my drama-to-the-hilt self talking. ;)

So if it's just really uncomfortable for you, skip it. Otherwise, see it, even if it's just once. Just fastforward the last bit with her customer. And be SURE to stop in time for I Dreamed a Dream. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

*snickers immaturely at the fact that Melody is quoting Les Mis lyrics in an effort to maintain her dislike of such a glorious show*

Okay, SO. I agree with everyone else here-- skip after Fantine goes down to the docks and then when Madame Thenardier kicks Monsieur and tells him to wakey-wakey. However. The way *I* do my fast-forwarding is a bit different than what the others were saying, and TBH I think it works way better, because then you don't even have to keep one eye open.

When Fantine goes down to the docks, just hit your skip button. Don't fast-forward, just skip to the next scene. You'll be brought to "Fantine's Arrest" (she'll be wandering the red-light district in a red sleeveless dress) but that means you've skipped I Dreamed a Dream, and you do not want to miss that. So just rewind (er... well, do the DVD equivalent of rewinding--what's that called???) and just go backwards through IDAD until you get to Fantine lying (ALONE) in an abandoned boat or whatever it is. Voila, you get to see IDAD and you don't see the icky part.

As for Master of the House, again, just hit "skip" at the wakey-wakey bit. You'll be brought to little Cosette wandering in the woods, which is exactly where you want to be and no rewinding necessary. Voila!

Oh, and I should add that even with those skipped scenes, I definitely don't recommend this movie for anyone under 14 or 15. :D

Maria said...

Darlings, thank you so much for the overwhelming response. Now my parents will be much happier with me watching it, when I do.

Anyways, the movie had to go back to the library before I had a chance to watch it so I haven't yet, but I hope to do it sometime!