Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We pin, pin, pin

The problem with having a bloggie is that you're supposed to write something fairly intelligent to put on it.  When the intelligent thoughts aren't ordering themselves properly, then pouf, no post!

But that's not the problem with Pinterest.  The time I've been spending on that thing since I got it in December has been insane.  But, I love it.  And since I don't have any intelligent thoughts to give out right now, how getting introduced to my pinboards?

from my board to know Christ

My brother was stealing my mouse while I was going through my pinboards and he came upon this one.  He think's it's brilliant.  (from my writing board)

What we writers need for our computers. :P

Painfully true.  From the board appopriately titled Sink me, if you aren't right. For a change.

something that made me laugh...


Source: via Maria on Pinterest

But that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies..."

from ainulidale{all about middle earth} And if you know what ainulidale means, let me give you a hug.  A big, big, hug.  That's all.

Bilbo being adorable as usual. 
By the way, The Hobbit movie was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. 
Source: via Maria on Pinterest

Snooping around Sherlock boards (in the hopes of finding something about my beloved Mr. Holmes-as-written-by-Conan Doyle-and-played-by-Jeremy Brett) convinced me to start watching Sherlock.  And it's brilliant.  Some skip-able parts, but brilliant. Benedict Cumberbatch is genius.  But do not speak to me of Steven Moffat at this time.  You can try months from now when we find out what happened to Sherlock.
 (from my Sherlock board)

Seems to be showing a bit of Sherlockian arrogance...

You know you've got a remarkable name when you find it MISSPELLED Bandersnatch Cummerbund!

story of my life

Outfit ideas.  From my wearables board.


Source: via Maria on Pinterest

Wedding in the Scottish Highlands.  From one love, one lifetime.

When I pinned this I said it was what my family thinks of Les Mis. A humorous jab, you know.  Then I showed it to my Mamma and she agreed with it!  Pffffff.
 From awesomeness in story form.

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

One of my favorite movies.  From Brave days of old



From Elusive Pimpernel.  I find it amusing that this is the first button (or any such thing) that I made in my entire life and it got onto pinterest way before I did!

Well, this post is quite long enough as it is, I think, so I will bid you farewell. 
But wait!  Before I go I must show you this:

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

And now I will go find some chocolate...


Melody said...

HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE THE LES MIS ONE WAY TOO MUCH. I may be shunned for it or something.
And I'm trying to decide whether to put it on Facebook or not... Amy, after all, will not see it if I do that. But then, she might see this comment.


But then, she's a good sport, and might actually find it amusing in a way. She tends to be able to laugh at things she likes, which is probably a good thing. Me, I'm not that way. If I saw a joke against Jane Austen, I would absolutely seethe. And make a ferocious scowl.
And go tell somebody what for. :P

I liked a lot of the other ones, too. The "how my brain works" is funny... but it isn't me. Haha. Or if it was me, the switch would be down most of the time, because I don't exactly believe in being utterly obsessed. :P Heh. Heh, heh, heh.

See? I told you I didn't need to bother having a Pinterest account of my own. I just wait for funny things to be posted on blogs or emailed to me. ;P

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

It's true. It is all, unfortunately, too addicting. When I'm bored, I just go check Pinterest. When I have other things to do, I want to check Pinterest.
I started back in September, and you've seen how big some of my boards are!
But it's just too much good stuff out there! And you have a lot of great stuff. ;-)

Lil said...

LOTR fans comfort me. :) Yes, wasn't the Hobbit AMAZING?!
And I know...Pinterest is totally addicting. I'm trying to limit my time spent on there, but 'One does not simply check Pinterest real quick.' :D
Les Mis....HAHAH true. that's great.
And wow...that cake of Minas Tirith is wonderful. So cool. ;)

Beth said...

Hello, just letting you know I have tagged you over at my blog, An Accomplished Young Lady.

Miss Dashwood said...

Ooooh, Melody thinks I'm a good sport. This is pleasing news indeed. :D

In truth, I think that Les Mis poster is awesomeness sauce. Because, hey, it's true. Truth is funny sometimes. Although I do beg to differ about the "especially the women and children." Piffle. The only two women who die in the musical are Fantine and Eponine. The only child who dies is Gavroche. The majority of the deaths are those of young men (and a couple older ones too). So there, person who made that poster and doesn't know what she's talking about. (I assume it was a she. Les Mis fandom seems to be mostly shes.)

Heehee. Rant over.

The how my brain works is me, too. :D

Melody said...

Good point--it's easier to be a good sport when something is actually has a portion of truth. :P
But darling, if the Les Mis fandom seems to be mostly shes, it's quite possible that a he made it since there's a good chance someone outside the fandom made it. :P I was wondering about the women and children part, though. Hahaha.
BTW, I *did* put it on Facebook, and one of my sisters said she nearly died laughing over it, and the other merely stated that it wasn't quite true: some people were still alive at the end.
Um. Yes. I knew that.
And you may guess which ones were which. Haha. (In your head, you know. :P)

And as for your brain working that way-- I've heard you talk about things plenty of times that you were neither obsessed with or uninterested, you know. ;P

Scullery Maid said...

Reads the first couple sentances: Hey, I did'nt know she was on pinterest!
reads more: I've pinned that, I'm sure. I want to pin that. I pinned one just like that! Wow. I want to pin that. I've GOT to pin that. I need to pin that(Like I don't have enough Sherlock pins already). I've seen that pin before(show me some way to help you).
Finished reading: That was fun, I think I'll jusst go look at her boards reallyyy quick.
20 minutes later: PIN ALL HER THINGS!
~ C. Cruz

A.G. Dahl said...

I was laughing, out loud mind you, for a good minute after reading the misspelling of Benedict Cumberbatch. Heeheee! like seriously, I don't know why I was laughing so hard! :D Oh! And the guy who "shot" the burglars? Heehee! That was just great!

Anyway, I just had to comment to say -- YOU'VE READ MEN OF IRON????!!!!!??????!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??? *dies*

No really! You are the FIRST person I have EVER met who has even hear, let alone read, of that awesome book. It's rather sad, actually, cause then when I make random references to Myles and Gascoyne's friendship all I get are blank stares... -_- Sad.

AND you've also read Carry on Mr. Bowditch???*stunned once again -- but not as much as about Men of Iron*

No really, I told my sister about Men of Iron, and she about died, likewise. You have just jumped to the top of my "Cool People" list. Thought you'd like to know that. *nods*

So yeah. I just wanted to say how you made my day. :) *happyhappyhappyhappy*

Au Revoir!

Rose M. said...

SHERLOCK!!!!!! 'Nuff said. :)

Grace said...

YOU PINNED SHERLOCK!!! I don't know if I should start doing my happy dance or my sad moping about. *smile* Thank the Lord for Pinterest to help manage this long wait.
Darling, thank you so much for the dear note you left in my garden walk. You are such a dear, and I wanted to let you know that your support is overwhelming. ;) May the Lord bless you, dear one.
Lovely blog you have here, m'dear.
xoxo | grace