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Author interview with Jessica Greyson

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of beta-reading Annabeth's War, and, while I have not yet held the finished book in my hands, I can tell you right away that it's every bit as wonderful as you could wish.  As part of the publishing festivities, Jessica agreed to an interview here at Miss Georgiana Darcy and I'm delighted to present to you the result.
Ladies and gentlemen, the celebrated authoress Jessica Greyson and her newly-published novel, Annabeth's War!
*loud applause* 
Just for starters, can you tell us a teeny, weeny, bit about yourself?
I am middle child of three kids, homeschooled from kindergarten to high school. I love the color blue, travel and peanut butter and chocolate and ice-cream (I have a horrible sweet tooth). Books and writing are my favorite passion and pastime, thought I don't get quite as much time to do either nowadays. Late night conversations with my friends and family are my favorite because they can go forever with no interruptions.
Oooh... I seem to recollect a scene where Annabeth mentioned that her favorite color was blue.  It's one of mine, too. :)For those of us who don't know, what exactly is Annabeth's War? (other than being a book you wrote, of course)
It is the story of a girl defending her country against the wishes and power of one man.
How, where, and, when did you get the original idea of writing it?
The story slowly emerged over time, picking up pieces here and there along the way until it became what it is today. An old story idea, a few medieval movies, the desire to write a story of a strong yet feminine heroine. The personal lesson of God works everything together for good. It all melded into Annabeth's War.
Strong yet feminine heroine... oh yes.  That's exactly what most books don't have and exactly what Annabeth is.  Because I'm curious: where did you get their names? Annabeth and Ransom are especially distinctive and still somehow perfect for their characters.
I had used the name Rance in a story ages and ages ago and always wanted to use the name Ransom, but to be honest I don't remember really making a conscious decision to call him Ransom, it just sort of happened.
Annabeth was a bit harder. I was going between the names Anne or Anna and Elizabeth. Neither seemed to fit quite right yet both seemed perfect, Ransom said he wanted to call her Beth, and the idea struck to use both names creating Annabeth.
From what I've seen, you use a lot of epic subject matter, with lots of adventure (and swords :D) What exactly makes you write about that?
Weapons have always been one of my fascinations, old fashioned weapons. You might blame it on a version of The Three Musketeers, I saw when I was little. I've never been a fan of the genre of romance - I like a little here and there but not a lot, and in my teens most of the books that seemed offered to girls my age were of that nature so I veered off in a different direction. I chose boy books and delved myself into the land of sword fights and adventure, brushes with death and historic excitement. G. A. Henty books were my obsession (as my poor friends around that age will tell you, they didn't get a reprieve from him until I found Lois Walfrid Johnson). But as a general rule, the bigger the stakes, the more fun it is to write.
Which scene or character did you must love writing about?
That is difficult to say. I have so many favorite parts for different reasons. Some of the exchanges between Annabeth and Ransom were really fun to write.
Are there any scenes or characters that you positively hated writing?
My least favorite character to write about was probably my villain, I just wanted to recoil from my keyboard when I wrote about him.
When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? What was the first thing you ever wrote?
Around age twelve, many of my influences were talking about life purposes and mission in life. After some thought I God to give me a calling, the answer came shortly in a sermon that my pastor gave that talked about Paul and King David being ready writers. I felt that still small voice ask me Will you be my ready writer? My answer, was yes! I really didn't think about how little I liked writing. But it's been a slow development over time, creating the writer.
The first thing I ever wrote aye? Thinks back a long time…
My first non-fiction work was the story of how we got our dog Petey.
My first fiction work The Skunk Story.
My first attempt at a novel, Story of a Saxon Lass.
My first complete novel, I am Louisa.
Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don't give up, follow your calling and you dreams. Pursue writing with all of your heart, God will open the doors of impossibility.
Describe what Annabeth's War is to you in five words.
Loyalty, faith, dedication, friends, enemies,
Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Jessica! 
To my lovely readers: do you want to know more about Jessica?  Visit her superly-duper blog (the festivities for Annabeth's War are still going on, I think!) and buy Annabeth's War from or get signed copies (how awesome is that?) from etsy.
Off to see if my copy of Annabeth's War had arrived...


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