Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Mr. Darcy

When most of us think of Mr. Darcy, we think of Colin Firth (except for the people that think of Matthew McFayden – no comment there.)

When we girls think of MY Mr. Darcy, the image immediately comes to our minds of a ‘prince charming’, ‘knight in shining armour,’ a guy who, despite being a flawed, sinful human being will be a hero, and whom you’ll marry and live happily ever after. ;)

But I’ve been thinking: this blog is called Miss Georgiana Darcy.  I even used to sign my posts, "Miss Georgiana."

If I am Georgiana, then when I talk about ‘my Mr. Darcy’, I’m actually talking about my brother. 
Makes sense?

One thing that seems to be often forgotten is the fact that great heroes don’t come ready-made and go directly to great deeds – and to marry a heroine if there happens to be one around. They live before that.

And they often have sisters.

Now, one thing about the ladies in homeschooling circles (and I am quite happily one of them) is that we talk (and think) of the great things a woman can do for her husband.  Sometimes a single girl will say (or think), “I’m staying here, happy and content, blessing my parents until my prince charming (or my Mr. Darcy) comes along. 

Well, it’s great to bless your parents and it’s great to do great things for your husband, but shouldn’t the brothers come in somewhere?

I think I can safely say that all those I follow and all those who follow me rather like heroes.  Most of them like Mr. Darcy, too.

Some of us (and yes, that means me) have a tendency to think, “Oh, where have all the heroes gone?”  And then we try to be consoled by telling ourselves that the heroes are out there somewhere, just not here.  But why aren’t they here?

But I’ve said this, and I’ll say it again: heroes don’t come pre-made.  They need help, encouragement, and sympathy.  And they don’t need that just from parents, guy-friends, and their future wife. 

They need encouragement from girls (yes, especially their sisters) too.  Do you think Mr. Darcy would have been so sweet and kind, (or at least, have more opportunity to show it) without Georgiana?  Think what Eleanor Tilney must have been to Henry!

And the benefit isn’t at all one-sided.  Seriously thinking and encouraging people to be the type heroes are made of will encourage you to be more of a real heroine. 

Now we’ve talked about Mr. Darcy and I have fulfilled my bounden duty.  After all, he is the title of this post.  Now I naturally revert to… what I would naturally revert to.  (Bonus points to everyone who knows what I mean.)

Yes, the Blakeneys.

We all admire Marguerite for, although desperately wanting her husband to stay home and not risk his life all the time, still encouraging and supporting him.  But do you think Marguerite would have been so much of a heroine if she hadn’t had practice encouraging others to be?

Keep your temper, ladies, here enters the Popularly Disliked, Armand St. Just. 

I know many people don’t like Armand, and with reason.  Personally, I think he had a mismade sense of values.  But before his sister even married Sir Percy he was trying to be a hero, to make the world better, to reach his ideals.  And Marguerite helped and encouraged him in that. 

And although she struggled in coping with it at first, the reason she later accepted and supported Sir Percy’s lifework, was that she already had a mini-course in How To Be The Supportive Heroine.

Good thing to be, right?  And remember, heroes and heroines grow by encouraging and being encouraged.  So if you ever wonder why there aren’t more of them, the question to ask is: am I being heroic? 

Nota bene 1: You might not have a brother, or you might think that your brother is already pretty amazing, like I do (although I can’t take the credit for that. :P)  Just remember that as Christians, we have many ‘brothers in Christ’ and there isn’t nearly a surplus of heroes. 

Nota bene 2:  This post is rather one-sided, since we obviously have responsibilities towards our sisters too.  There might be a post with that in the near future.  (There might.  If I can think of something worth saying.)

Nota bene 3: If you don't know what nota bene means (I didn't until a while ago), it just means 'note well' in Latin.  So note this well. :P


abigail viktoria said...

I most proudly like Matthew McFayden better.

Meee said...

This is sooooooo true!! Gosh, you put everything I've been thinking lately into words. :) So often do we young ladies keep thinking about our future husbands, how "they're out there somewhere" and they're "much better than any old Joe around here". But the truth is, that we must do our best to help these young heroes-in-training along their path to heroism! :) I have a brother who needs just this and I give it to him as much as I can. It's amazing how much brothers need their sisters. I like to think of this work that I do as training him for my future sister-in-law! (If that is God's will, of course)
And you know what they say, "behind every great man is a woman, rolling her eyes." :)
Well I better stop rambling. Wonderful post!

Miss Elizabeth

Alexandra said...

This. Post. Was. Soooooo. GOOD!!!!

So very true. Loved the examples. And wasn't Marguerite's fault that Armand ended up a jerk. She tried her best. Hehehehehe. :-D

Anyway. Fantastic post!!!!

AnnaKate said...

This is such a fantastic post! Sometimes we ladies can get so starry-eyed waiting on our Darcy that we forget that we ourselves are flawed-- we have to work on our own character, and encourage those around us! =)

Isabel said...

What a lovely post! You hit the nail on the head, Maria dear!

Hayden said...

Oh, dear, you are right! And with three brothers, well...I suppose I can put this into practice :)

Arielle Melody Bailey said...

Wow! Very good advice, Maria!!!

I must be one of the few Scarlet Pimpernel fans who still likes Armand??!! I mean, I don't like him as well as I did before he betrayed Percy, but, I do still like him. And, I feel profoundly sorry for him as well as adore Sir Percy even more after the way he forgave him (talk about emotional scenes in books!!). Oh dear, now this gives me the idea for a post about Armand and why I still like him and etc.... *Runs off to scribble down my idea before it deserts me!*

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh... good post! And an excellent idea about the brothers thing. (There's an entire chapter on brothers in It's Not That Complicated, a book that I HIGHLY recommend if you haven't read it already...)

Anywhoz, that was a very thought-provoking post! Thank you!

Eowyn (of inklings press)
(I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've read your blog occasionally... : P)

Beth Grace said...

Excellent post!
I have awarded you over at my blog:

Rissi said...

Ah! Mr. Darcy - who could tire of him. ;-)

Thanks bunches for the follow - I hope you visit often, Maria! :-)