Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The rest of the Big, Glorious Post

To read my answers to the first few questions, go here.

Rosamund asked:

If you had to choose between Emmuska Orczy and Jane Austen, who would you choose (no more Blakeney or Darcy, boo hoo!?)
But this is torture!  What will happen to the less-than magnificent mind, tortured on the rack of enforced decision-making! 

Call it what you will, Miss Darcy; I will have the Scarlet Pimpernel’s head or your brother’s!

Okay, okay.  The fact that I’ve already quoted two TSP related things bodes ill for Miss Austen and I really don’t care that much for Mr. Darcy, but deciding away Captain Wentworth, Henry Tilney, and, horror of horrors, Mr. Knightley, would just turn me to shreds.  And, for your information, deciding away Blakeney is Out Of The Question.

But you wanted an answer?  I do know all of Miss Austen’s books so well that I could probably tell them all back to myself.  And I haven’t read all of Baroness Orczy’s.

But then, deciding against the genius we call Miss Austen is obviously despicable and hypocritical.

Oh?  You said you wanted an answer?  Well…

I have almost decided – and really almost made up my mind to – chose… Baroness Orczy.

Do you think I did right? [said of course to Alexandra and all the other League-ites while I’m thinking, “Melody doesn’t see this.  Melody better not see this.  Even if Melody does see this she doesn’t know where I live so I’m safe from the full force of her wrath.  I hope.]

(Begging Melody's pardon, of course, since people talking about her freaks her out.)

But Mr. Knightley isn’t Jane Austen’s, he’s mine.  So even if she goes, he stays.   Just so you know. :D

Charity asked:

What are three of your favorite books, not by Jane Austen? And all by different authors, if possible. :)

Three of my favorite books, not my three favorite books?  You are very clever, m’dear.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery

The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

What's your favorite flavor/kind of chip? Salad dressing? Chocolate?
Chip?  It changes all the time but right now I’d have to say all dressed.

Salad dressing?  Zesty Italian.

Chocolate?  Belgian imported 70% extra dark.  And it comes from Walmart in 400 gram packages.  Just so you know. :D

Your dream vehicle is what?
A coach and four, but it might be jolty and people would look at me funny.  Then perhaps a light purple limo, but people would look at me funny with that too.

Elinor Dashwood or Anne Elliot?

Anne Elliot.

Favorite children's book(s)?

Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

If you could totally re-design yourself...how would you look? :)

No pimples, do-with-able hair, and a figure that would look good in every dress.  But I like myself the way God made me.

Favorite color?

Lilac/lavender a bit pinker than this

If you couldn't be Georgiana Darcy in the blogging world, who would you be?
Miss Charlotte Blakeney.  And yes, I did make her up.

"Favorite" villain?

In this mood I’d say Uriah ‘eap, but then he is too ‘umble to be the favorite of anybody, so I’ll go with Willoughby, who was the villain in his life as well as in the story.

What is your favourite historical novel?

Anything by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Baroness Orczy, Elizabeth George Speare, Deborah Alcock, or Marjorie Bowen.  And yes, that limits the options considerably.

If you could be any character from a novel, who would it be?

Marguerite Blakeney, but somehow I think she’s already taken and she does have more than her share of trouble.  I’d have to say Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, very little to distress or vex her and Mr. Knightley too!

Miss Dashwood asked

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

I do crazy things all the time, but not often very crazy things.  Perhaps the time I floated down a very muddy river with sharp rocks, leeches and hardly a not-strong current.

What's your favorite kind of cookie?

Double chocolate chip

Pearls or diamonds?

Diamonds, definitely

Who's the funniest literary character you've ever read about?

Yeah, this guy.  You'd never,
ever, guess who he is. :P
You, who relate to Philippa Gordon, ought to have pity on me.  L

Well, I’ll try.  Maybe Mrs. Bennet or Miss Bates or Henry Tilney or Mr. Knightley (the nice kind of humor), completely ignoring of course a certain individual, who I talk about a great deal. 

Which author's writing style do you most admire? Do you ever try to imitate him/her?

I think it would be roughly equal between Baroness Orczy, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and C. S. Lewis, but the charm of Austen’s, Dickens’ and Lewis’ styles is not as much the styles themselves as what they did with them.  An amateur author imitating them will probably end with either a boring mess or horrible plagiarism.  Baroness Orczy’s style of writing and description and being able to set a mood is something I admire very much and I’m trying to imitate in my current novel, A Woman in Shadow.

If any other young - um, women come in with more questions, send them in, for I am quite at leisure!


Anne-girl said...

I officially side with you on the great question and am not afraid of any Melodys or Amys. Percy forever! And anyone else who happens to have written him can hop on for the ride.

Alexandra said...

Maria, you picked well. Baroness Orczy all the way, no question. Lizzie and Mr. Knightley and Marianne would be hard to live without, but I could never, ever, ever live without Sir Percy. I shudder to think how I ever lived sixteen years without him. "Without Percy, my life would be a blank"...oops. JA quote. :-P

(jumps up and down and waves hand) I know who that guy is! I know! I know! Pick me, pick meeeee!!!!!)

Anyway. Enjoyed this IMMENSELY! :-)

Charity U said...

How fun! And yes, three OF your favorite books...I always have trouble narrowing it down too. :) So glad you did this!

Melody said...

Melody saw it.

Here it comes, everybody--- THE EPIC UN-FOLLOW.
(Willpower. Do not un-follow a blog simply because someone went crazy.)

I am grieved indeed. Grieved, shocked. But is it certain, absolutely certain? --Ah yes, there it is, in black and white.

The sad, mournful day has come. We must bid farewell to a former Janeite. I shall begin planning her funeral directly. Whether she has gone on to a happier place is much to be doubted.

What happened to the crazy-Janeite Miss Georgiana who first started this blog?
"I am most seriously displeased."
(It is a sad, sad day that Miss Georgiana Darcy gets on the wrong side of Lady Catherine de Bourgh...)

I must admit, the 'Scarlet Pimpernel's head or your brother's' did make me laugh. But then, tailored quotes generally make me laugh.

HOWEVUH. You presumptuous and impertinent creature, after denying Miss Austen in such a fashion (while QUOTING her, even), you cannot say that Mr. Knightley is yours. Oh, no, no, no. Without Jane Austen there would be no Mr. Knightley. There is no denying that and making any sense. But then of course, your whole decision does not make sense.

I shall not argue with you, of course. There is no use. Poor thing, you have obviously lost your head. Do let me know when you come back to your senses.

I pity you.

Haha... people talking about me doesn't exactly freak me out; just, when I randomly see my name at an unexpected moment (such as the comments in your last post), it startles me a little. While amusing me.

Well, from what I have heard, some Amys are to be feared. For instance, the beetle variety have been known to steal one's manuscript and burn it in the fire.

Alexandra, really! You audacious thing! "All the way, no question"??? At LEAST Maria Elisabeth hesitated a little. *sigh* Such insolence.


Miss Dashwood said...

This is going to be long enough to be an entire chapter in a novel, so I may as well give it a title.

"In Which Amy Sides With Melody, Teases Everybody Else and Takes Up Way Too Much Space In Maria's Comment Box."

Er-hrm. I'll begin with Maria. My dear. You sad, sad girl. Is this what you have come to? Your very name, I might point out, was the creation of the author you have just spurned.

And as a total aside, Chauvelin, you say, has tormented you with "either the Scarlet Pimpernel's head or your brother's." Though it's obvious that you've given up your brother for the sake of the Scarlet Pimpernel, you needn't rub it in by saying you "really don't care that much for Mr. Darcy!" Whatever happened to "he is so good to me, I don't deserve it?????"


I'm much amused by the fact that no one has commented on any other topic in this post except That One Prominent First Question. :D So I shall remark upon some of your other answers. Charlotte Blakeney, eh? Are you thinking of changing your blog name now? ;)

Ooh, you like Elizabeth George Speare too? Which do you prefer, The Bronze Bow or The Witch of Blackbird Pond? I can never decide, they're both so good!

I enjoyed your Mr. Bennet quote at the end. :D

Okay, now to address some of the other participants in this excessively diverting conversation...

Anne-girl, so you're not afraid of me, eh? *tries desperately to come up with a quote that would be apropos, for there must be one somewhere*

Ally, it's Lizzy. With a Y. This is nearly as important as Anne with an E, you know. ;) And. Um. Can we agree to disagree about the whole Baroness Orczy all the way thing? If you'll agree to that, I'll agree to ignore the Lizzy thing and the fact that you quoted JA to support your point about SP. :P

Since I still have far, far more to say and Blogger does have a tendency to truncate too-long comments, I'll beg Maria's pardon in advance and write more in yet ANOTHER comment.

Miss Dashwood said...

"And you know, Miss Shirley, [Melody] needs me, and it's nice to be needed, isn't it?"

Melody, I'm quite proud that you called upon me to back you up in this mattuh. ;D "I'm here. That's all you need to know... and I will stay with you..."


Puh-leese, people, tell me I'm not the only one who scrolled to the top of the page to make sure Melody's picture was still in the Followers box. *phew* :P

I suggest that the theme from Pride and Prejudice 1995 be played at Miss Georgiana's funeral, Miss Melody the Funeral Director. Unless the deceased had some other preference? (Do not mention to me the TSP theme at this time.) Well, actually, you can mention it to me, because it's one of my very favorite period drama pieces ever.

And I might add that TSP is one of my very favorite period dramas ever as well. But it still. isn't. Jane. Austen.

(This debate is waaaaaaayyy too much fun, by the way, ladies.)

I completely concur, Miss Melody. *nods emphatically* One cannot denounce the Marquis de St.---er, I mean, Miss Austen, and then presume to claim her Very Best Hero as one's own. It is Simply Not Done in Polite Society. (But wait... are WE polite society? Methinks not. All this prattle makes me think that perhaps we are all just very Nonsensical Girls, at best. But then, who would want to be anything else?)

And Melody, you needn't warn Anne-girl about fearing Amys, for how many times must I tell you that "I'm not a beetle!"?

Really, Melody, what are we to do with these girls? Tsk, tsk. We need Miss Laurie to come and help us bring them in line, n'est-ce-pas? Indubitably.

(Apologies to everybody who had to scroll through all that. I can get wordy now and then. Occasionally. Once in a blue moon.)

Maria said...

Lady Catherine de Bourgh,

You are responsible for the largest laughing fit I have had in a long, long time. But laughing at the idea of a funeral is rather morbid, even if it is your own funeral.

And planning the funeral of someone you doubt has gone to a better place? That is more than morbid. You are sincerely to be pitied, but I hope I can reassure you.

Since I think it's hardly decent to talk to someone while she's planning your funeral, I will talk like I am Somebody Else. Perhaps then it will be easier to excuse my conduct.

First of all, all her life Maria has been prone to strange and unreasonable addictions to certain books or authors. Every time she found a new favorite she was convinced that there could be nothing better. But in a few months or at most a few years the obsession would be replaced by something else and Maria would find out that, as usual, she was wrong. That might even happen with her current obsession.

[Maria's note: I may be dead, but I cannot sit - er, lie - by quietly while being so insulted. TSP is not a passing obsession and I'm sure Anne-girl and Alexandra would back me.]

Maria probably didn't mean that. She's always saying and doing things she knows she shouldn't. She said deciding against Miss Austen is despicable and hypocritical and yet she did it anyways.

Second of all, Maria has not read an Austen novel for more than two months, which might have something to do with her current state of mind. And the only adaptation she's watched in a long time was Emma, which resulted considering Mr. Knightley being her property, not Miss Austen's. [Jane didn't keep her eyes on him. So I exercised my roi de fangirl and stole him away.]

Thirdly, you ought to know by now that the girl who called herself Georgiana Darcy has never made sense. It is a psychological anachronism.

Okay, Maria here again. I know that's true, but you don't have to rub it in, okay?

And just for your information, I like beetle Amys. Jo should have had a copy of her manuscript somewhere. (Preferably on a USB stick like I do. I love my USB stick. Anyways.)

You understater. I hesitated waaaaaaay more than a little. I was very, very, close to deciding the other way.

But I don't regret my choice. Just in case you began to think differently. :P

Maria said...

Amy, my dear
First of all, you cannot blame me for liking TSP. It was your gushing and enthusiasm that first got me interested.

[There, Melody. Amy was instrumental in bringing this crisis to pass. Perhaps you should turn against her and then she might go to my side.]

Hmmm, Georgiana Darcy is not a safe name to have with such an opinion. But perhaps I can explain it away by saying that I care for him a little, as a brother? The idea of being in love with him, (like I might be with somebody else) is already out of the question.

But at least I didn't fall into Marguerite's mistake. She betrayed the Scarlet Pimpernel to save her brother. I didn't. Now, does that make me better than Marguerite or worse?

And the whole idea for changing my name was suggested by my funeral director. (note to Melody: you can write my name on the funeral announcements as Charlotte Blakeney if you'd rather not ruin one of Miss Austen's lovely names on me.) Charlotte has just always been a favorite name of mine.

Oh, and although this is beside the point, 'Lizzy' in general and 'Lizzie' in particular make me think of Kiera Knightley's, um, Lizzy. Which just won't do.

Melody called you to back her up? So while I was thinking you both were snubbing me after all you were actually plotting.

And how could I denounce Miss Austen? I could never live with myself.

Somehow I seem to be surviving with myself anyways. I always do, in spite of all my imperfections. Perhaps its my imperfections which make me so perfect for Mr. Knightley. And Mr. Knightley likes Nonsensical Girls...

Okay, I'm just kidding. I'll stop.

But you did actually look to see if Melody was still following? You have a very bad opinion of her, my dear. (Or perhaps a very good one. I take a fiendish pleasure in arguing with people so I'd like their blog more than ever. Anyways.)

You are a very, very clever girl. How did you know what my favorite soundtrack was? I'll jump out of my coffin and hum it for you, if you like. And lest you have too good an opinion of me after that, the reason That Other Soundtrack isn't my favorite is because I couldn't find a whole soundtrack CD. Naughty, naughty.

And since I am a very indecisive girl and the consequences of my last decision have made me cautious, I will say that I cannot make up my mind either, and suggest Calico Captive instead.

Oh, you're going to get Miss Laurie to bring me in line, are you. I am not afraid.

Never hold back your step for a moment.
Never doubt that your courage will grow.
Hold your head even higher and into the fire we gooooooooo.


Note to blogger: allow longer comments. Please?

Miss Dashwood said...

Amy walked into the comment box
With P&P clutched in her hand
She was only a girl but she knew someone must take a stand...

There will always be literary debates
Always disagreements one must scale
There will always be perilous waters which someone must sail!
You can tremble, you can fear it but keep your fighting spirit ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Soary. Couldn't resist that.

In all seriousness, I am LOVING this debate, and you do know all this is said lovingly, right? I would never dream of being mad at you "for reals" over Jane Austen. No, really, I wouldn't. I just wanted to make sure that was clear. :D

And I'll probably be back later with more, so prepare yourself... haha.

Maria said...

Of course, m'dear. I thought we had agreed we were Nonsensical Girls and those are never really mad at each other. That is understood. (That sounds like a quote from somewhere... but where? Memory, come back, please!)

Although I told my mom that I had said something controversial on my blog and you were planning my funeral. She said she hoped we weren't being mean on the internet. But I think it was obvious we weren't, because I was killing myself laughing. Follies and nonsense do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can, but I never laugh at anything mean.

We're not being mean, but that won't keep us from arguing, will it? And I am Quite Prepared.

Melody said...

Dear me! I do have a great deal to catch up on, don’t I? Well, I shall do this in an organized fashion.

RE: Miss Dashwood’s first comment.
MILLIE, I LOVE YOU. *hugs* But you already knew that. :P I’m glad I called upon you, for you are the most delightful take-my-sider that I’ve ever had. Not that I’ve had too many, because as you know, I try to avoid arguing. *innocent look*
“you needn't rub it in by saying you "really don't care that much for Mr. Darcy!" Whatever happened to "he is so good to me, I don't deserve it?????"
Ahhhh. :D

Too true! No one’s been commenting on other answers! I DID read them, just so you know, Charlotte. And I LOVE your favorite color.

And yes, Alexandra, I agree with Amy. It must be spelled Lizzy. For all your thwarting of Jane Austen, it must be in you somewhere to find the courtesy to spell Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s name correctly. ;D

RE: Miss Dashwood’s comment to Myself
Indubitably, Twinnie, I do need you. I don’t know how I ever got along without you. ;-)
Howevuh, I did not recognize your “I’m here” quote. Either I am incredibly dense and have an unpardonably bad memory, or you are quoting your famous Les Miz. :P
Hahaha, did you really scroll up and check to make sure I didn’t really epically unfollow her? I probably would have done so as well, but of course, *I* knew that I didn’t unfollow her. (Wasn’t that incredibly profound?)
You just called a debate fun. I do not consider debates to be fun. I rather do take pleasure in defending my Jane Austen, though, as you know. You’ll see me pop up every time anything remotely slanderous is said about her or one of her characters. Unless I am completely unacquainted with the person who wrote it. Even then, sometimes… :P
Well, I do hope we are not impolite society. Nonsensical and polite are not antonyms, after all.
Anyways, your sister said she wasn’t afraid of ANY Amys or Melodys, so I was merely pointing out that all Amys mightn’t be as nice as the Mouse variety. I am fully aware that you are not a beetle. That was the general idea.

{In which Melody separates her long comment because Blogger will not accept the HTML... but it's not stopping her.}

Melody said...

RE: Maria E’s comment which is addressed to Lady Catherine, which I must assume is myself. (Oh dear…)
Ooh! Was I responsible for a large fit of laughter? How delightful! That WAS the general idea, after all. I like to make people laugh. It makes me feel as if perhaps I do have a bit of wit in the back of my head somewhere.
Excuse your conduct? Nevuh!
And oh, your stuff about unreasonable addictions to certain things—pain, pain! One of the top things I marvel about concerning Jane Austen is how she’s NOT just a fad. USUALLY, it’s once a Janeite, always a Janeite. Usually Jane Austen can nevuh be a passing obsession. Oh, no, no! That is oxymoron! How can such things be said? “Is this to be borne? It shall NOT be!”
Ahhh! Now I have the Mr. Knightley thing figured out. Because the Mr. Knightley you think you stole away was in fact Miramax’s Mr. Knightley, and not Jane Austen’s.
I am a top fan of Jonny Lee Miller’s portrayal—HOWEVER, nothing is like the book. NOTHING.
Anyways, Jeremy Northam is not Mr. Knightley. And anyone who thinks he is is wrong. You can ‘ave ‘im. (What was that you said about me being “sweet,” Millie? I knew I would prove you wrong by-and-by. Better sooner than later, I s’pose.)
Poor Jo, born before the days of USB sticks. Do you fully realize how hard it would be to have an extra copy of one’s manuscript? Yikes! I must confess I, am VERY angry with Beetle at that point. “I HATE YOU! You are DEAD!” (I couldn’t put the girl’s name, because then it would say “very angry with Amy”, and such words I simply cannot bear to write. Oh, wait…)
Just in case I began to think differently? Nay; My Good Opinion Once Lost is Lost Forever.
(Heh. “How could I help saying what I did? Nobody could have helped it! It was not so very bad. I daresay she did not understand me.”)

RE: Maria’s long comment to Amy
You mean to tell me that your obsession with TSP didn’t begin until after you ‘met’ Amy? *Calculates in head* This means it probably hasn’t been for more than 5 months.
Wow. *tsk tsk*
I’m sorry, but I shan’t take your side. I find no fault in gushing about TSP and getting someone interested. I’m sure my Mouse would never encourage it being rated higher than Jane Austen.
Indeed, ‘Lizzie’ is that person on the 2005 movie. Because the subtitles spell it that way, I think. But that is after all suitable, since that is not really Lizzy.
And Lizzy shouldn’t remind you of that version, because Elizabeth is called Lizzy all the time in the the 1995 movie AND the book. I will provide you with quotes if you so desire.
Hmm. Arguing with people does not make me like their blog more than ever. :P And anyways, Amy simply knows my Loyalty to Miss Austen. (So, did YOU not make sure I was still following, then? :P)
She said I called UPON her to back me up. We were not plotting. That ‘HELP ME, MILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ at the end of my comment was me calling upon her to back me up. (And I little e-mail I sent to let her know I’d commented. :P)
I thought you might be wondering whether I’d taken the Snubbing path after all. I was only taking a little time to sharpen my knife, is all. ;-)

RE: The last two comments
Am I loving this debate? *Thinks about it* Well, for a debate, it is rather interesting. The One Subject upon which I am up to the mark is Jane Austen. And talking about Jane Austen IS talking about Jane Austen, after all. (Did I say talking about Jane Austen was talking about hot air balloons, ma’am?)
However, I do not feel pleased when people crrrriticize my Jane. Or her characters. Or say that they would take Baroness Orczy over her. (I’m going to swoon! Watch me! *Melody swoons and falls off her chair* [Hahahaha, right, Tween?])
HAHAHA Maria, that sounds EXACTLY like something MY mom would say!!

I shall return. To haunt you.
See you soon, my little nightingale.

Melody said...

I wish these comments and an 'edit' button. >.<
I did not mean thwarting. "You keep saying that word... I don't think it means what you think it means."
*Thinks of another word*
Censuring. For all your censuring of Jane Austen. That will do.

Melody said...

Sigh... I should have read my comments through before I posted them to check for mistakes, but I didn't feel like it. (Maybe that's a sign my comments are too long...) So now there are all sorts of silly little blunders. I do hope you will Excuse them. (That goes for you too, Mousie. :P)

Alexandra said...


WOW! You girls have been having way too much fun without me. I protest. Sorry I'm late. Twas this demmed cravat. Simply refused to tie. I ask you, look at the thing! Stickin' out like a pincushion!

TSP is NOT a passing obsession. Six years and counting for this fangirl and still going strong!!!! (Actually, I've Really Cooled Down in my obsession compared to when I first saw the film/read the books/first beheld AA. Believe it or not. I know it's hard to believe. But it's true. Imagine me like, ten times as crazy about it as I am now. SCARY, I know...). Hardly a passing fling. Nope. The one thing you must never doubt is my sincerity.

Percy, Percy, he's our man,
If he can't do it,
No one can!!!

Anyway. Ummm...

Someone has to face the valley,
Rush in! We have to rally and win, Maria!
When the Janeites are saying not to,
Sink me! you know you've got to march on, Maria!
Never hold back your step for a moment!
Look alive, and your courage will grow,
Hold your head even higher and Into Jane's Fire we goooo!!!!!

Sorry. That was totally tongue-in-cheek. :-D

WOWW. I am having SO. MUCH. FUN.

As Mr. Knightley is only my fourth or fifth favorite literary hero I hardly can include myself in this literary debate as he's terrific, but I wouldn't die of withdrawl like I would with Percy. The thought of life without his brown eyes (they are brown. I am now convinced Baroness Orczy wrote brown - since she did travel forward in time and all that, you know... - and it was a typo that made it all these years) is...sink me, I can hardly bring meself to think upon it. So you girls keep the fight going. :-)

This is so fun. Did I say that all ready?

Melody - hold on while I think of a quote. My mind is betraying me tonight. Probably because i'm laughing too hard to think.

Ah, well. Yes, we shall agree to disagree on this issue. Perhaps one day I will have to answer to the Janites Republic for this, but rather the republic than my conscience. Wait up while I fetch my new frock, for if it is inevitable that I should take a ride in the tumbril, I can assure you I intend to go properly dressed.

Ay, and I show my ignorance of P&P regulations by mispelling Lizzy's name. Oh, the agony. :-D Sink me, if I didn't go and do it. I promise to be better, I promise.

Should I blame it on myself? You were all happy Janites before I came in and caused division. I know, I know, one TSP fan is quite enough. Fellow's all ready made like demmed inconvenient for the rest of you.

The problem is that Percy wants us to forget Knightley, forget every man we've ever known...except him.

Of course, to me...how easy that would be. But I understand it's not so for everyone else. :-P

Well, girls, because I can't write a sensible comment tonight, I will depart with this last thought. Look at it this way. We leave you Jane Austen to enjoy all to yourself, while we bask in the glory of TSP, taking it all in slowly, so very slowly, so that it takes a very, very long time. I don't know if I'm mad or desperately in love. But 'tis all the same. Tell me if you can, if you do not feel it too. I may be moving too fast, but my heart dictates the pace.

(And I leave before I show that yes, I really do have the entire movie memorized.:-D)

Anne-girl said...

Maria: I will uphold you! This is no passing obsession. Percy is and always will be the very best. Roi de fangirl! Love it!Never regret your choice my dear! Percy forever and nevuh nevuh nevuh give up!

Me too! Me too! I always thought Darcy would make a lovely brother but I never thought of him in"that" way.

It makes you better than Marguerite that you did not betray Percy! Though perhaps since Darcy would need more help than Percy would...

Into the fire!

Miss Dashwood said...

(Mousie excuses any and all blunders made by everyone else in the hopes that THEY will excuse HER from any and all blunders she might make.)

Okay, so, systematic replies to everybody. :D

First of all, what happened to Ally's comment??? It's gooooooone... oh, well, I had all the comments e-mailed to me, so I can consult the e-mail to remember what she said.

Reply to Maria Elisabeth: Haha, no, of course not being mean will not keep us from arguing! And you asked if "that is understood" is a quote from somewhere... well, it sounds very much like Chauvelin's classic line "That is the general idea." Could that have been what you were thinking of?

Okay, now to get back to the real reply. (Spent so much time last night paraphrasing Into the Fire [and having waaay too much fun with it, I might add] to actually write a real reply, so here goes.

First of all, I do not blame you in the least for liking--nay, LOVING--the great and wonderful TSP. I only blame you for shunning poor Jane Austen in favor of "the blaze of light and splendor that is Percy." (Quoting the TSP Fan To End All TSP Fans here.) And if you try to turn Melody against me-- well, sink me, m'dear, I would hardly like to deprive you of your moment of triumph, but alas, a moment is all that I can spare, and I must beg leave to inform you that nothin' and nobody can turn my Tween against me. Have fun trying, though. :D

HAHAHAHAHAHA, yes indeed, I can see that you care for Mr. Darcy as a brother. I'm still giggling over this. And whether you are better than Marguerite or worse because you betrayed your brother to save Percy... well, you see, Marguerite betrayed the Scarlet Pimpernel to save her brother without knowing that he was her husband. And if she had known, she... um... IDK what she would have done. Probably would've run to Percy screaming incoherently, "SAVE ARMAND!!!!" Haha. Anyways. And then Percy would have saved Armand. Duh. (Not that Armand's really worth saving, but I'm going off topic here.)

What I mean to say, m'dear, is that Marguerite and you cannot be compared, because you are not married to the Scarlet Pimpernel. And so betraying him to save your brother (or t'other way round) is not the same for you as it is for Marguerite.

Did I confuse you enough with that? I certainly confused myself. :P

I would point out (if Melody hadn't already done so) that Jennifer Ehle is called Lizzy too. But yes, Lizzie always makes me think of Keira The Un-Knightley (why, why must she share a name with MY hero???).

Calico Captive is a good 'un, but I prefer The Bronze Bow, definitely.

Oh, and I noticed you referred to yourself as a psychological anachronism. Anne reference!! *hugs* See, I TOLD you she had a sense of humor.

Reply to Melody's Many Comments:
ROSE, I LOVE YOU TOO. *hugs* I'm glad I was able to back you up. Two are better than one, you know. "I won't desert you now!" (Yes, yes, guilty as charged, I've been quoting Les Miz all this time...) You are not incredibly dense, nor do you have an unpardonably bad memory. I am quite flattered that you refer to it as MY famous Les Miz. My Les Miz. It sounds quite nice. :D


Debates are too fun, as long as no one gets mad. And this is the kind of debate I adore. With tons of quotes and giggles and nonsensicalness.

And I did not say that nonsensical and polite were antonyms... I just said that we were nonsensical girls and that we weren't fit for Polite Society. But if Polite Society (and remembah, you must pronounce Sow-Sigh-Uh-Tee in a Fanny Dorrit voice) contains such personages as Mrs. General and Mrs. Merdle, then we don't want to be in Polite Society, do we? "I'd rather be nonsensical with everybody else than plain and sensible all by myself!" :P

Okay, this comment's gettin' long, I'm going to start a new one...

Anne-girl said...

Ally! Get back here and help us fight! Melody and Amy are a formidable force, but as I said before We are not afraid of them.

As I said to Amy last night the problem with Jane Austen is that she did not create Sir Percy and therefore must take second place.

I believe correct me if I'm wrong that we are supporting the story of tTSP a bit more than Orzy herself. It is just that she came up with the sotory that makes her better. And to tell the truth while i love Jane Austen she infuriates me sometimes. She can be so round about and the way she wigles around the love scenes annoys me.

TSP has none of that. This is sappy sounding but there is something inside me that just melts whenever Percy and Marguerite have a scene together. I find it so sweet and I love it when spouses are the "couple" in a story. One gets a bit tired of just the "and they all lived happily ever after in Pemberly, with lots of pretty things and a nice lake."

Besides none of the Austen heroes do what Percy did. My dear Amy read your own post on Day Dream! That letter!

Ally dear, We will forget knightly and every other an we have ever known.

Is it just me or does this post make anyone else look forward to Hero week and Percy day in particular?

You have the entire movie memorized?!? Oh how I envy you. I shall have to put it on so that I may memorize too!

Miss Dashwood said...

And now Ally's comment is back. (Hi, Ally!) IDK why that wasn't there before... Sigh. Blogger is weird.

Maria Elisabeth, you cannot address my Twinnie as Lady Catherine de Bourgh and expect to get away with it. Just so ya know. ;)

In answer to Melody's comment which was addressed to Maria, but I'm nosing in on it anyways: Once a Janeite, always a Janeite-- I likes me that, Melody. I likes it exceedingly.
Haha, I'm glad you could never be angry with me. *cue John Chivery quote*
"Oh, I assure you that she did understand you, and she has spoken of little else!" (Paraphrase, haha, 'cause I don't remembah the exact quote.) But Melody, my dear, you must remember that you are not being mean, as Emma was on Box Hill. Nay, you are instead indulging in some friendly jest with girls who are loving every minute of it.

I'm glad you have such faith in me, that I would nevuh encourage TSP being rated higher than Jane Austen. :D Hahahaha, sharpening your knife.... *giggles hysterically*

Upon the subject of JA, you ARE up the the mark. And upon the subject of quoting, too! But I must point out that you have sadly misquoted our dear Lady Catherine de Bourgh. The quote is, "Is this to be endured? It shall not be!" not "borne". That's a different quote, in which she says "This will not be borne." Anyways. That wasn't a blunder, it was a misquote. So it's okay for me to point it out. Right? Right?

HAHAHAHAHA, LOVING the TABTO references there, girl. And the Little Dorrit quote. And the TSP quote. :D And the Princess Bride. My, my. :D

Re: Ally's comment

So... much... TSP...quoting... can't stand all this epicness... *swoons*

I don't think anyone was implying that TSP is a passing obsession. Just that Jane Austen is NOT a passing obsession. ;)

What's the "Percy, Percy, he's our man" quote from? It made me laugh. Out loud. And MORE Into the Fire paraphrasing? I'm seriously going to die from laughing. This is TOO much fun.

Oh. I have a TSP quote!!! So I interrupt this program to say to my dear Maria that my urging you to watch TSP was never intended to turn out this way, with your betrayal of dear Miss Austen. Some ideas can become warped and twisted, like some women...

Okay, that was lame. Ignore it.

Ally, you seriously do have the entire movie memorized. I applaud. *applauds* But Melody and I will join forces and retaliate with a slew of JA quotes, won't we Melody?


Re: Anne-girl's comments

So can I call you Miss Churchill now, Anne? I will retaliate by shouting to the Janeites NEVUH NEVUH NEVUH to give up! "Have faith, Janeites--if you know what their movements are we'll spoil their game-- there are ways that a people can fight! We shall overcome their POWWWWWWWWWWWWWWERRRRRRRRRRRRR!"


Jane... Austen... infuriates... you...

SCREAM! I've been betrayed by my OWN SISTAH! Melody!!! To arms, woman, to arms! I NEEEEEEEED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Although I did have to giggle at "and they all lived happily ever after in Pemberly, with lots of pretty things and a nice lake."
And I wasn't saying that any of the Austen heroes were better than Percy. I am saying that Percy is not better than Mr. Knightley. THEY ARE ON EQUAL FOOTING, LADIES.

See? Now you all know where I stand. Percy = Knightley. The end.

BUT. Jane Austen > Baroness Orczy. The end again.

I am so, so thankful, Anne-girl, that you aren't going to forget Mr. Knightley. You are, apparently, only going to forget some dude by the name of "knightly". Whoever he may be. (Never met him before in her life and she calls him "knightly"...)

And now, a call to arms to all the Janeites out there! Defend her with all you've got, ladies! Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me????

Alexandra said...

My comment's on here...this is weird. Is it just my computer showing it?

Anyway. Ok,so I wasn't going to say anything, but since Anne-girl said it...that *is* one thing that annoyed me excessively when I read my one-and-three-fourths of Austen (because I never finished Sense and Sensibility yet...*ducks*) was her complete LACK of romantic scenes. Northanger Abbey had NO PROPOSAL. I was sooooooo mad. And after all the hype about Henry Tilney, I was rather disappointed at him. And just...yeah. She just glossed over everything. "They had a romantic walk, and afterward had tea." Not a quote, you understand, just The General Idea. The end of P&P...and S&S...there's NO "my heart is and always will be yours..." which I guess is why I'm more of an Austen adaptation fan. I LOVE all the movies to bits, but just have had a hard time getting into the actual books.

Now, I just dieeee in all the Percy/Marguerite scenes. And yes, one of the things I *love* about them is how they are married/a couple through all the books. One of the things I hate (well, not hate, just Are Very Sad about) is how they get engaged/married...and that's it. You got so invested in them falling in love and becoming a couple, you want to continue that. And it's sad when you don't. So I love that. And I love how mushy they are. But I'm just a super-mushy person, so when I don't get that...it makes me mad. :-D

I'm about to be eaten alive, I know. I'd better go find a suitable basket, because you can have a devil of a time finding one. For if I'm to be eaten, I thought...a picnic...

And yes, this is no attack against Jane Austen personally, just her books vs. TSP. :-D Hehehe. But then, everyone knows I'm a bad fan...I mean, I love Becoming Jane. What more can I say?

Well, Anne-girl, I have six years' worth of watching it to be able to memorize it. So yeah...when you've seen it as many times as I have you can't help but memorize it. :-D After six years of fanship (because we WILL still be rabid fans after six years) I'm sure you'll have it memorized,too :-D

We are a force not to be reckoned with. *WE* are the League. And did anyone ever beat the League? No! If we are to succeed, we must be willing to suffer the mockery of others (insert AA expression). Being taken for fools, fops, nitwits, even cowards.

LOVING this...

Melody said...

(You don't know what that was? Okay then, go to this link, 1:53: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59aamYrY0BQ)

You're in for it now, folks. There have been some unforgivable things said. Un. For. Give. A. Ble. Mousie, I am not deserting you during this crucial moment, but I really most go and do school or Mamma will have my head on a platter. And you know, even when one is at battle, one must obey one's parents. Besides, it will give me a chance to sharpen my knife. Again.

Hold your breath, everyone. 'Cause I'm comin' back.

Miss Dashwood said...

Melody, *I* recognized the ERRRRRMMM. Just sayin'. And Anne-girl is applauding the ERRRRMMMM. She doesn't deserve to, though, after all her rude remarks about OUR Mr. Knightley. Forget him, indeed.

Melody said...

Gardenia, (yes, I just called you that, Anne-girl), You have no right to applaud my EEERRRMMMM, but I will deal with YOU in due course.

Heh, heh, heeeeehhhh. >:D

Miss Dashwood said...

Melody will decide this girl's future in due course...

Heehee. Cranford spoof there. :D

Maria said...

Before I continue fighting, I will see what there is to agree with. Let me see, I agree with Melody that even when one is at a battle, one must obey one's parents. Which is why I was doing my schoolwork when the rest of you were having fun arguing.

Ahhhhh, Amy, my dear. Percy and Knightley are on an equal footing. Let me borrow that. Someone may prefer one of them over another because they like his personality, but in ESSENTIALS, they are much the same as the best heroes with the best qualities have ever been.

Y'know, it's a pity that Miss Austen had such a sense of realism. If she wasn't so concerned with making her characters act like real people we could have Mr. Knightley doing something heroic like his character deserves.

Girls, be sensible. Jane Austen is second on my absolute and always will be favorites list. Isn't that enough for you, Melody? And I'm still a Janeite. I don't like Miss Austen any less, I just like Baroness Orczy more.

[Dumb thing to say. Melody probably just fell off her chair. I hope you didn't bang your head, dearie.]

I'm feeling like a very little minnow in between two schools of enormous fish. I know you're on my side, Anne-girl, but must positively disagree with you. Miss Austen should not infuriate you. She just requires you to use your imagination. Which is normally a good thing. And forsaking Mr. Knightley is only one degree less horrible than forsaking Sir Percy Blakeney. But I am greatly looking forward to your hero week. As long as you don't go and leave Mr. Knightley completely.

Ally, while I am assuming the role of Jane Defender may I suggest that you read Persuasion? There is enough proposal to satisfy even me and although the hero and heroine aren't married, they've been in love for eight years. AND the hero has light hair and brown eyes. Just so you know.

And if you want to answer to the republic rather then your conscience, may I suggest going to the Republic of Pemberley? (http://www.pemberley.com/) I can guarantee you a warm reception - a little warmer than comfortable if you tell them what you think. The don't believe in tumbrils and guillotines so you can skip the new frock, but the basket is a good idea. You will be taken to the picnic, there to be tried and executed for treason.

Ahem. Your habit of quoting That Movie at whatever possible opportunity is catching. And this is WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

But don't worry. We may be taken for fools, fops, or nitwits, but in this comment war I don't think we can be taken as cowards.

I wish I could have seen you when you were even more of a TSP fan. You seem even more of a fan than I recall. If that is possible. Which it probably isn't. You must have been a fearsome creature.

Moving over to Melody again...

You can't blame me for what Somebody Else said in my comment, can you? I disagreed with her! *extremely innocent look*

How could you be so unfeeling to Miss Maria? If she was sensible it might not have been so bad but she. is. indecisive. Badly done, Melody. Badly done, indeed.

Mr. Knightley is your hero, Amy? But I thought Melody said he was Miss Austen's. So since nothing will separate you and your Tween, one of you will have to change your mind. *evil chuckle*

Maria said...

Your Royal Highness, Your Graces, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason Ally's comment appeared in the email but not the comment box was because blogger thinks the TSP Fan to End All TSP Fans should have her own comment folder. So they faithfully put her's in the spam box. And I faithfully fish them out. :D

Maria said...

Melody Menace
(because if you keep on sharpening your knife you can be properly described as a Menace. A Maliciously Menacing Menace.)

Your calculation is almost correct. I first read TSP 4 months and 17 days ago. Since then I have read nine different TSP books and watched the movie three times. In that time I have only watched three Austen adaptations and started Mansfield Park and Sanditon. Now despise me if you dare.

Oh, wait, your good opinion once lost is lost forever. But do you never allow yourself to be blinded by prejudice? Especially your prejudice for Miss Austen?

Maria said...

I see that I forgot to put all my answers in one comment. Ah, yes, how silly of me.

You TOLD me Anne had a sense of humor! So now I have to change my opinion? Sink me, I'm far too embarrassed. Well, If you insist, I'll say that somewhere in Anne of the Island (or perhaps it was Windy Poplars) it was talking about Anne's sense of humor having developed. So you're right, even if I'm not quite wrong.

Very, very true. When the stories of Baroness stand - Baroness stands. When the stories of Baroness fall - Baroness falls. And 'tis a pity you don't like Miss Austen as much as you could. All for the want of romance, prudently, thriftily invested in the -

Okay, I'll stop.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What, may I ask, is going on? This is horrid. Simply horrid and I will never understand why some people think that this Baroness Orczy is a superior author than our lovely Miss Austen. It will not be tolerated, indeed it will not!!!

FIRSTLY: MR. Darcy? You do not like MR. Darcy??????? Question: Melody, has she never read our blog? I mean Maria Elisabeth. "What can she mean? I must know your meaning, sir"... I mean, madam. :)

SECONDLY: "I think it is the correct conduct of a clergymen" UM... I mean :) I think everyone is in a secret league that I have no idea of. It consists of certain people who enjoy slandering our dear, darling Miss Austen! (NO offence intended) Melody is not!!! SHE, alerted me of this disgraceful conduct in all our fair Janeite's! I thank you, indeed, Melody.

THIRDLY: Maria Elisabeth... I do not despise you as you very probably think I would, if you knew anything of my resentful character, for only reading No really... I am quite distressed. but you have only read that many JA novels? SHOCKING, IS IT NOT, Melody?

A: MR DARCY IS SLAMMED INTO an AUTO WRECK! *bursts into tears*
B: Miss Austen, who created Miss Darcy's character is being degraded for the very silly fact of Miss Austen did N.O.T. write TSP.
C: Abilaine is in the most horrid, the most hysterical, THE MOST CRAZY temper tantrum the world has ever seen!


Melody said...

People calling out for my help! Relying on my defense! This is admirable. I have never felt so needed in all my life. ;D

I’m back, everybody. The time has come. This is the climax. It was all fun before, but now—NOW, this is getting serious, peoples. *raises one eyebrow*

How shall I answer these long comments? I think I’ll address each person in a separate comment, that’s what I’ll do.

First I will answer my Tween’s. I’m sure that will hardly surprise anyone. (Really though, it’s because I’m going down the comments until I find something I want to talk about, and hers is the first. :P)

My Mouse, I am glad YOU have such faith in ME to say that nothing and nobody can turn me against you, but have fun trying. It’s true, of course. And was quite amusing at the same time.
Keira the Un-Knightley… HAHAHAHA. Why don’t we just call her Keira knightly? :P Or better yet, Nightly. I like that even more. Because Knight and Night are not at all the same. :D
Well, the debate was gigglesome and nonsensical, until Certain People came along and started really, truly criticizing Jane Austen. This is not to be borne. (There, and that WAS the right quote.)

Well, a couple weeks ago, to be honest, I mightn’t have been quite as convinced that you would mind so much if Maria favoured Orczys over Austens... :P But my faith has since been reinstated.
I most solemnly beg your pardon for the misquote. It is quite a shocking thing indeed, and I most humbly regret it. (Endured. Endured. Endured.) Howevuh, she actually said “This is not to be borne,” not “This will not be borne.” There, a double correct-the-misquote. :D
By all means, point out my misquotes. Fine with me. As long as it’s fine with YOU when I retaliate. ;D

I don’t even know any of this Into the Fire stuff. I feel quite the ignorant (but not arrogant) numbskull. What’s it from?

Ooh! Now YOU need ME! “That’s nice.” (Haha, that was Fanny Dorrit. :P)

Retaliate with a slew of JA quotes? I shall try.

Oh dear! You have been betrayed by your own sister! Shocking, abominable! How shall you punish her for such [impertinence]? (“I once knew a girl who died in her sleep after being impertinent!”)
Just so you know, Gardenia has now evoked MY wrath. Go grab your popcorn, Mousie, ‘cause this is gonna be goooood.

“Percy = Knightley”?????? Amy, Amy, Amy. Did you REALLY have to bring THAT up again?
Mr. Knightley is not Sir Percy’s equal!! He is far his superior, at least in sense if not in situation. :P (That JA quote didn’t work too well…)
Ah well. I can always deal with you later. On to the next…
Your think about the dude named knightly was HILARIOUS. Just so you know. :D

Gardenia, it’s your turn next. But I’m publishing this comment now, just so everyone knows I have not abandoned the debate. Everyone else, I’m getting to you, too.

Unknown said...

Ladies.... I am with you all in the gallant fight you have all agreed to be in. But really, YOU all have no idea of the hardships to come.

Gentlemen, I advise you to all go fishing with MR. DARCY and UNCLE GARDINER in his trout stream . (MR. Darcy's I mean)

Therefore, etc. etc. etc. "THE REVENGE OF ABILAINE HAS STARTED"

I do not like... me thinks I had better not say that peoples.

This meeting is put off (in some respect) until tomorrow fortnight. Now go away, I am extremely vexed.

Maria said...

'Twould seem you are in distress. To the rescue.

Oh, wait. That was from the movie of the League of People Who Enjoy Slandering Miss Austen.

No, don't worry. First of all, I don't hate Jane Austen. She escaped being my favorite author by a very small margin. And I have read more Austen novels than Sanditon and Mansfield Park. those are just the only ones I started in the last five months. Now, Madam, this is being horribly misunderstood. I don't like Mr. Darcy AS MUCH. Which means that I like him, but there are so many other nice heroes.

And Melody alerted you to this? Ohhhh, Melody. Plotting again?

May I suggest that you read an Austen novel to cool your temper tantrum and after that begin acquainting yourself with TSP, if you haven't already? I know some people who really like it but still prefer Miss Austen.

Melody said...

Anne-girl, if you can think of nothing appropriate to say, you will please restrict your remarks to the weather.
You said such a thing to Amy? I hope she burns your manuscript. (Come on, Mouse. You need to be a Beetle for just a little while. Go stick a clothespin on your nose.) (Okay, okay, I really DON’T hope she burns your manuscript… I just wanted to say it. For effect.)
You just said Jane Austen infuriates you??!?!! “You ought to know I am not to be trifled with.” EERRRMMM. “I shall know now to act.” But I will wait to address the love scene thing until I get to Alexandra. (That’s right, Alexandra, you’re next.) It can be for both of you.
But For the Record, *I* happen to like it BETTER when the story is before a couple is married. I think it’s much more interesting that way. Perhaps because I can identify with it better.
I would get tired of "and they all lived happily ever after in Pemberley, with lots of pretty things and a nice lake" if that were the case, but it is not. The ending of P&P is much better than that. (I hope you will forgive the fact that I changed your quote just slightly, and added an ‘e’ to ‘Pemberley’. :P) It’s filled with all sorts of fun quotes and also gives us a peek into what happens after the wedding, and I really like the way Jane Austen handles that. It’s superbly done.
Anyways, Amy may say the Jane Austen heroes are not better than Percy… but I happen to like Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightley, and Mr. Tilney all better than Sir Percy.
So there. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it. >:D
And did you just say “knightly”??? Wow. I have nothing more to say to you.
“I take no leave of you, [Miss Gardenia]. I send no compliments to your mother.” (Not, of course, that I am trying to slight your mother. I am merely quoting. And you can blame that on your dear sister, because she told me to.) “You deserve no such attention. I am most seriously displeased.”

Melody said...

“And as for you, Alexandra, you have no right, not right at all, to parade your ignorant assumptions—”
You simply cannot read one and a fourth of Jane Austen and decide… that, what you said. OOOOWWW! (That was Eliza Doolittle, just so ya know.) Complete lack of romantic scenes???
Well, all right. I will admit that I have often wished the proposals of Edward Ferrars, Col. Brandon, Henry Tilney, and even Edmund Bertram were included. HOWEVER. Jane Austen does not completely lack in romantic scenes. And those which are missing, are 150% made up for by her complete brilliance in everything else. I even think her skillful avoiding of some proposals (hear that, Gardenia?) are quite clever in their way. It’s hard to explain why, exactly… but I do think that.
AND. I much prefer some love scenes being left out to: “as soon as her light footstep had died away within the house, he knelt down upon the terrace steps, and in the very madness of his love he kissed one by one the places where her small foot had trodden, and the stone balustrade there, where her tiny hand had rested last.”
(This is where the audience goes “OOOOOoooohhhh” and then—in complete silence, they wait on their edge of their seats to see what will happen next.)
This is not to say I don’t like soppy things. Because I do. (And if it makes you feel any better, I was too busy crying over the scene that had just occurred at that point in the book to much notice how excessively cheesy that really was.) But there is such a thing as too much.
And now that I have used my sharpened knife: moving on.
There are indeed delightful love scenes in Jane Austen’s books; at the very least there are quotes that make me melt. “Such I might still have been but for you, dearest, loveliest Elizabeth”… “My dearest, most beloved Emma”… “If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more…” Not to mention, Captain Wentworth and his letter. Maria’s right, you should read Persuasion. It’s branded the most “romantic” of all Jane Austen’s novels.
I enjoyed TSP, which I recently finished (quite recently), but for me it could never, ever, ever have the same effect as Jane Austen’s novels have. Without Jane Austen, life would be a blank to me. Especially her characters. How boring life would be!
“Now we have both made our argument, let us not quarrel.”

Oops! Forgot to mention one thing. About Northanger Abbey? Someone made a very valid point (who was it, Amy?) that as NA is a satire of gothic fiction, it’s just possible that JA zoomed through the ending bit on purpose, because her book was supposed to contrast other ones of the time, which probably had long, mushy love scenes. :P If that was the case, I find it forgivable. Though I still do wish I could ask her how Henry proposed…

Melody said...

And now, Maria, I have come back to you. I must admit, you are looking pretty good by this time.

But, bah! I don’t think it’s a pity Jane Austen had such a sense of realism. That’s what I LIKE about her. Her characters seem much more real to me than TSP characters ever could…

You may consider yourself to be a Janeite still, but… I cannot agree. After denouncing Jane in such a fashion, WH-ELL! No, no. You can be a slight Jane Austen fan, but not a Janeite. ;-)

Mr. Knightley is Jane Austen’s invention. I’m not arguing Mr. Knightley being Amy’s against him being Jane’s. However, I am not quite ready to give Mr. Knightley up for myself. Dear, dear, what a sad, sad Diana Barry I make… I don’t even wait until he’s fair game. :P
Actually, if she’s going to say Sir Percy is equal to Mr. Knightley? Mr. Knightley is MINE.
Or Mr. Darcy.
Or maybe even Mr. Tilney…

Actually, I have a menacing look. It’s called the Melody Martian Menace. But explaining about the “Martian” part would take too long, so you can put Malicious there if you so desire. :P

Hmm! You’ve only seen TSP 3 times? HA! Even I have you beaten! I have seen it… 4 times. :P

I do not have a prejudice for Miss Austen. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s called dedication, not prejudice. :P

Now, there are two things I wish to know. 1: DO you know where Mousie and I got the “Tween” thing from? And 2: if you think that Jonny Lee Miller couldn’t be any better if he had come from a made-to-order catalog (or whatever your review said), then why do you prefer Jeremy Northam? O.o

And I was not trying to plot. Miss Dashwood yelling out for more Janeites simply sparked my imagination. ;P

And now, Alibaine, it is nice that you are thankful I alerted you as to this debate, but really, I do beg you not to take it TOO seriously. I am not sure whether you are just being dramatic for effect, or whether you are actually upset: if it be the latter, we are all just having a bit of a merry defending-of-our-favorite-author party. And besides, we must have proper respect for the dead. The used-to-be-crazy-Janeite, that is. There is no need to be angry at her. We can simply pity her.
Ahem. (This whole conversation is mostly teasing. Just keep it in mind.)
I, for one, am glad that Jane Austen did not write TSP. Ah well, to each their own, you know. We have all made our arguments, let us not quarrel. :D But 3 against 3 is only fair, so it’s nice to have another Janeite on our side. Hahaha.

PHEW! I have finally caught up.

Maria said...

Oh, Melody. The fact that most of Baroness Orczy's characters are not real is the bane of my existence. But Chauvelin is, which is excessively unfair. Why did the real-life guy have to be the villain, not the hero? Oh, wait. We were talking about Miss Austen and Baroness Orczy, not Chauvelin.

I denounced Miss Austen! I don't think that word means what you think it means. That's like saying you've denounced Mr. Darcy because he's your second favorite hero. (Is he? Or haven't you made up your mind yet? If you have the other way, mentally insert 'Mr. Knightley' into that sentence. Much obliged.)

You have put me onto the level of 'slight Austen fan'? Does that mean I'm only half dead? Perhaps in a coma? (But comas are no fun. I can't do anything and I can't make anyone think I've come back to haunt them. No, my dear Melody, do not fear. You are not looking upon a ghost.)

For your first question, I don't know where you and, well, Mousie, got the 'Tween' thing. I Want To Know. Also why you call her Mouse and she calls you Rose. Is it because you think that to succeed you must maintain your anonimity? Are you masking your identities?

Hehe, just kidding. But I must make one thing Quite Clear. I do not make sense. Some are born nonsensical, some achieve nonsensicalness and some have nonsensicalness thrust upon them. Nonsense must always be forgiven, because there is no hope of a cure.

But what this is preparing you for is the fact that I like Jonny Lee Miller's Mr. Knightley a great deal and think that he's Jane Austen's Mr. Knightley to a T. But I've watched Jeremy Northam's more recently, and since he's not Miss Austen's Mr. Knightley, he can be mine. (And besides, I needed to have something to disagree with Amy about. A 'yes, very true, quite so, exactly as you say' comment is very boring.)

I take my hat off to you, Sir - Melody. You've done it again. How did you manage to watch it more than I have? This must be remedied immediately.

Although I only finished the third watching this week and since the amount of TSP related stuff I've read and watched, reread and rewatched is rather scary for only 4 months and 17 days I may postpone it a little.

There is no need to be angry at me? You just pity me? So now you don't think I deserve the compliment of rational opposition. I pity myself.

Oooooh! I actually agree with you. It would have been horrid to have Miss Austen write TSP - as bad as having Baroness Orczy write Mansfield Park. (She would have made a MESS of it, but of course you knew that already.)

And I suppose it's fair that you have Abilaine on your side. Three against two is not a sporting proposition, is it?

Now, if you can recognize that quote I will take back everything I ever said about your opinions and be more proud of you than is good for you or me.

Maria said...

And the Into the Fire that we were quoting about three million comments ago was from *lowers voice*. The Scarlet Pimpernel musical! But you have not missed much by not watching it.

And you have not watched your Mousie's favorite Les Miserables? Someone is being strong and standing with me on this! Or rather, I'm standing on the idea that my parents think I'm too young. But just for the sake of the argument, um, agreement, let's say we're standing together, okay?

And I just called Amy Mousie. Oh Melody, I begin already to find my morals corrupted...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Before I type one word :) I would like to say something. I do tend to over react when "Friendly Debates" come up. (yes, I am very likely jumping up and down with joy) Who can not? Debates are splendid, comment wars are indeed too much like The Empire Strikes Back and the author of the blog were this happening is usually very, VERY lucky. One seems to express great and lofty ideas with others which I honour. You can understand each other immensely better when the fight is over and you love them with such a great love that it is quite impossible to say that you dislike them just because they said this or that. GET IT? :)

Maria Elisabeth: I am quite discomforted but an author war is an author war and if you want to be any one of us to be at your funeral, do say so (right Melody?)

Melody: Dear girl, do I over react? *Your answer* "Most astoundingly, my dear Watson." Such epic things these comment wars are, are they not? *Sigh* friendly debates. I do so adore them! I'm much gratified by something you said dearest. Believe what you like about me but I am quite flattered by you rebuke. HA. HA. HA. As if to laugh. "Poor Maria- to be only just tolerable." :)

Now for some droll comments within my comment. :) There is an amazing amount of love (and hate... if you know what I mean) I mean...
Anne-girl and Miss Dashwood are sisters
and Maria and Alexandra are great friends or comrades in this comment war ('tis more like Clone Wars)

But really (no offence intended) I am sure is you be servant, gentlemen, lady, lord,Duke, Duchess, footman, clergymen or villain of ones story, I'm sure one can not help but love JA.

I must conclude, that though some may disagree, I am sure JA will be my most beloved author.

Copyright: Abilaine
All rights reserved

Unknown said...

Am I ever to catch up with you all? Wonder!

Alexandra said...

I am not defeated. I've been following the comments via email with interest...I've just been gone all day and then having dinner.

Hello, Abilaine! I'm glad you're not *really* offended...like Melody said, this is all totally in fun. :-) Although my opinions have not changed...hehehe. Ok, but seriously...I *do* like Jane Austen's stories. Really do. I mean, S&S 95 is one of my favorite films. It's just not my absolute favorite ever ever ever. That's the argument. :-D

Ok, where do I start...

Ok, first, Melody, I will overlook that you snubbed one of my fav-or-ite scenes in the book and say that the level of mushiness in a book is purely a matter of taste. Me, the more the better. :-P And I do understand if some don't care for that much, in all seriousness. :-P But if *I* like it...I can't help that it appeals to me more. :-)

'Marguerite did not utter a cry; she did not even tremble. Just for one brief instant she closed her eyes, so as to gather up all her courage before she dared to look again. Then with a steady and noiseless step she came quite close to him. She knelt on the flagstones at his feet and raised reverently to her lips the hand that hung nerveless and limp by his side.

He gave a start; a shiver seemed to go right through him; he half raised his head and murmured in a hoarse whisper: "I tell you that I do not know, and if I did—" She put her arms round him and pillowed her head upon his breast. He turned his head slowly toward her, and now his eyes—hollowed and rimmed with purple—looked straight into hers.

"My beloved," he said, "I knew that you would come." His arms closed round her. There was nothing of lifelessness or of weariness in the passion of that embrace; and when she looked up again it seemed to her as if that first vision which she had had of him with weary head bent, and wan, haggard face was not reality, only a dream born of her own anxiety for him...' - El Dorado

That plop you heard was me swooning. Someone bring me a burnt feather. Thank you, burnt parchment will do. How clever of

Anyyyyyyyway. SPEAKING of that. Melody, I do not deny that my opinion may change of JA's books on further perusal of her works, but YOU, my dear...*how* many TSP books have you read? You must keep an open mind as well, my dear.

So yes...maybe I'm not giving my full approval to her title of "Most Awesome Author." But then, approval sir, in my opinion, demands the attainment of perfection. And in that sense, you rather overrate the charm of your Miss Austen. IMO, you understand. :-P

More on comment #2...

Alexandra said...

I have had several people recommend Persuasion, to which I fervently hope it's nothing like the 1995 film version...because I hated it. :-P Even my Austen-loving-brothers hated it. :-D

And I didn't say I DISLIKE when two people aren't married. Duh, it's a romance, of course I like it. I just mean sometimes you wish you'd be able to see some of that happily-ever-after, too. :)

I hated blogger before, but how I misjudged it! The title of TSP Fan to End all TSP fans is the greatest title a man (erm, woman) can possess...so they were just trying to honor me! Blogger, can you ever forgive me for doubting you?

Maria...you're doing great TSP wise. Nothing is too much...I watched the film eleven times the first week. So you're doing great. Keep it up. :-D

Melody - I *will* overlook the comment about Austen heroes vs. Percy. Because I can be friends despite differences. (Not that you aren't...hehe. "It was a joke." Lorna Doone quote here. :-P

And good point about Northanger Abbey. I will agree there. But STILL. I do so want my mushy scenes. :-(

And I will NOT comment on how much I *cough* disliked Jonny's Knightley and *cough* adore Jeremy's. Nope, will not mention it. :-D

TSP by Miss Austen would be horrid. And, as Maria said, so would Mansfield by Baroness O. So see, we do agree on SOMETHINGS.

Amy...sniff. It grieves me to know that you have ceased to love Percy. I only said that to get your return quote. :-D Don't let me down.

So see...we DO agree. Somewhat. On some things. :-P

And when it boils down to it...thank goodness we DON'T have to choose. Because then there would be blood. This brief Reign of Terror will purge the land of all corruption...the question is WHAT is the corruption. :-P

Ah, me. Too fun.

And BTW, this monstrously lovely new title for moi. I must think up some speech. I know we mustn't disappoint the ladies, but sink me, I'm far too embarrassed.

Anyway. Does this come with some kind of prize? A tour of Blakeney Manor? An antique copy of all the TSP books? Meeting Anthony Andrews? I'm just curious. :-D

Melody said...

41 Comments! GOOD GRIEF! And does that even count Alexandra's two which haven't been fished out of Spam yet?

#42 (or 44), coming up.

I said denounced mainly because someone else said it up there in that big mass of comments, and it amused me. I still haven't decided on Darcy vs. Knightley, by the way. :P

Did you just say "Austen fan"? Nope, you're mostly dead. :P

Okay, so, the Tween thing. It's from a book. A juvenile fiction book, in point of fact. We’d both read the book before, but whenever we would ask other people if they’d read it, they never had. Until that epic moment when she asked me if I read it, and… yeah. It was fun. But anyways, just for the sake of it, we decided to reread it together. The two girls it’s about were talking about calling each other sisters, because neither of them had one, and so then they said twin sisters, and ‘twin’ gradually morphed into ‘tween’, and so that was their little name for each other. Anyways again, we started calling each other that and comparing ourselves to the two main characters in the book, and we randomly quote it a lot to make each other giggle; so, if you were to read it, proberly you would figure out all our secrets. :P Mousie has actually mentioned this book to you before. I leave you to solve the mystery. Or if you really wanted to know what it is, I’m sure we would tell you, wouldn’t we, Tweenie?

Now, as for the Mouse and Rose thing. I call her Mouse because her last name is Maus, which is ‘mouse’ in German. She calls me Rose because it’s my middle name, and as she dislikes the name Melody, she decides I should go by my middle name instead.
Actually, I just made all that up. :P Did you believe me?
Now for the truth. I call her Mouse because her name is Amy, and she calls me Rose because my name is Melody. That’s true, but you wouldn’t probably get it.
Have you seen Little Dorrit? –Well, the heroine’s name is Amy, and her older sister for some reason or other calls her a mouse. Because she is small, I guess. And so I decided to call her that one time, and she liked it much better than Beetle (because she’s NOT a beetle), and it just stuck. :P “You are the best and dearest little mouse, Amy!” “Here, that’ll brighten you up a bit, you little mouse.” (Fanny Dorrit quotes)
She calls me Rose because—well, there’s this old song ‘My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose,” which, by the way, I introduced to her, and the first part of it goes like this: “Oh my love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June; oh my love is like a melody that’s sweetly played in tune.” So, if the love is like a melody, and like a rose, then she thought I should be called Rose sometimes, too. Plus we just like the name. :P

If you were not convinced before, you must now realize that we are quite nonsensical, too. :D

Nonsense is all very well; indeed, I am inclined to like it (I’m not called Nonsensical Girl for nothing you know. Oh wait, perhaps you didn’t know I was called that… actually Amy started calling me that when I started calling her Mouse, and Miss Laurie has since picked it up as well) but when one accuses me of being prejudiced, I must tell them they do not make sense. It’s just the way of things, you see.
And now I’m going to continue in the next comment, because this one’s too long. Could be because I’m actually writing this on a Word document, and am mistaking it for an e-mail rather than a comment… and you would not want to know now long my e-mails get. (Millie, don’t you dare tell her.)

Melody said...

To Maria, part 2.
Are those comments boring? Well, I do hope my mouse does not think so, because I leave “yes yes, very true, quite so” comments on her blog all the time. (Though they are much more detailed than that. :P) I myself find it much more enjoyable to agree with someone.

And now I have a confession to make. I am a sad, thoughtless girl; for some reason or other I fancied that I HAD seen TSP 4 times, when in actual fact of point I too have only seen it thrice. I do beg your pardon for so misleading you, but if it is of any comfort, I really DID think I’d seen it 4 times. :P Maybe because I’ve listened to the soundtrack so many times I can’t count? ;D

Hahaha I must say, you most cleverly inserted all sorts of good JA quotes into your last comments, and it almost makes me feel like overlooking your treachery for the time being.

As for the others, though… :P

Well, I didn’t mean I wasn’t sorry Jane Austen hadn’t written TSP for herself, I just meant I didn’t think it was a fault that she’s not the author of it. That probably sounded like a nonsense statement, but if you are nonsensical as so you claim, perhaps you shall be able to unravel it.

You know, I absolutely hate it when people spring these “if you know this I’ll be proud of you” things on me, because then I feel absolutely frightened if I do not know it.
Does it count as recognizing that quote to think that it sounds familiar? I cannot classify it, I am afraid. I have my own little guess in my own little head, but you know I never tell people what I am guessing before I know whether or not I am right.

OOOH! Do you mean to tell me I have found a fellow Non-Les-Miz fan??? I am thrilled! (Soary, Millie. I realize you must be glaring at me right now.) Nope, never seen hers, never seen anybody else’s, never read it. The only thing I’ve done is listen to On My Own, and i do like it; I heard it originally from my sister and forgot that it was from Les Miserables, though she probably told me at the time. (By the way, I pronounce ‘miserables’ like it looks. You know, plural miserable. :P)
However, I may see a movie of it, with questionable scenes fast-forwarded by the said sister sometime within the foreseeable future. POSSIBLY. But that’s only possibly. :P

Morals corrupted… ahahahaha… that had me laughing out loud. It was especially ironic because I was Just Thinking About That Quote Earlier Today.

Alibaine: Nay, for I did not rebuke you. But if you are to be flattered, far be it from me to un-flatter you, you know. "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?"

Alexandra said...

How can anyone hate Les Miz? At last we other squalling folk have something to unite on. "Will you take your place with meeeee?"

Anyhooz. I can quote Les Miz, too. Yup, yup. :-D

So out of pure curiosity...I'm wondering if Blogger has a limit to how many comments you can put on a post. Because I have a feeling this will be the Debate That Never Ends...yes, it goes on and on, my friends...

Sorry. :-P

Melody said...

I shall now proceed to answer Alexandra’s comments. Even though they seem to be missing from the comment box at this time. They will appear soon enough, I know.

Good, good! I’ve said several things that you decided you must overlook! Perhaps this means I “got you back”, so to speak, for the slanderous things that have escaped your lips—er, fingers.

But the quote you put there… awwww. It’s not fair to entice me like that at such a moment as this. It’s just NOT FAIR.
Anyways, it’s nice, but it’s not Jane Austen. Nor should it be. Because nothing should be Jane Austen except—Jane Austen. :D

Who says I don’t have an open mind? I wasn’t the one parading my ignorant assumptions. (Sorry. I have way too much fun with that Carriage Scene in S&S—“they’re not assumptions! You told me!” *frightened look at Elinor* “I told you nothing!!”)
But if you mean I don’t have an open mind that I could ever like SP books more than JA ones, then you are right. 100%. I shall love them till the day I die. And I don’t view that as a tragedy.


Wh-ell, I think that absolute perfection is unattainable. I won’t ask you what you have to say to that, because I’m not sure I want to know. But anyways, I think the charm of my Miss Austen is as perfect as it gets. So put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.
Did I ever mention one of my favorite things about JA’s novels? Her wit. It is often found in unexpected places. Sometimes I read along, not expecting something to be funny, and then suddenly something jumps out and sets me into a fit of giggles. But one must get used to her style, and not everyone will recognize the amusing parts.

What did that have to do with anything? Not much. Just random gushing.

Truthfully, I didn’t like Persuasion 1995 very much. It was okay, but… The book is far better than the 1995 and the 2007 versions put together. That’s all. :P
You have Austen-loving brothers??? Wow. You mean there IS such a thing? That’s swelliferous. Guys who like Jane Austen? Happy thought, indeed! Even more happy than shelves in the closet.
My brother watches “my movies” with me and enjoys them, and even that I think is pretty scarce. :P

You actually disliked JLM’s Mr. Knightley??? Oh wait, you didn’t comment on that. Okay, well, then I didn’t comment on it, either. :P

Sigh... I'm not sure whether Miss Dashwood is over with you Daydreamers keeping you in line, or undergoing bad influence. Ceased to love Sir Percy, indeed. (By the way, I could do the return quote, too. But I won’t. Because I would nevuh deprive my Tween of her moment of triumph. :P)

And as to your last comment, I do not hate Les Miz. Well, not to my knowledge. I can’t really know. Yet.

If you ask me, this seems to have turned into less of a debate and more of a Okay, Fans, Let’s Talk About All These Great Literary Characters And Defend Our Favorites And Have Fun Quoting Our Heads Off While We’re At It. And anyways, it’s a good way to find out whether Blogger limits comments.

Miss Dashwood said...

"If you ask me, this seems to have turned into less of a debate and more of a Okay, Fans, Let’s Talk About All These Great Literary Characters And Defend Our Favorites And Have Fun Quoting Our Heads Off While We’re At It."

Sink me, if you didn't describe it all perfectly, Melody. Congratulations, old chap.

I'm reading all these comments with great glee but I'm running out the door right now so I can't really do much responding except a few things here and there--

Maria, if you're only mostly dead, then hurray! There's a very great difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive, and where there's life there's hope. When they're all dead, there's only one thing you CAN do... go through their pockets and look for loose change. So tell me, Maria-- What's worth livin' for?

Sorry. Random Princess Bride quoting there. When I get into my Miracle Max mode...

Anyways. Great job at explaining all the nicknames, Tween--- I was laughing SO HARD at the "her last name is really Maus" thing. :D
And thank you for not depriving me of my moment of triumph. I hope it won't turn out that a moment was all you could spare.

Oh, and the reason she calls me Millie is that my real name is Amelia (Amy's a nickname) and Norman Warne's sister Amelia in Miss Potter is called Millie.

Ceased, Ally? I shall love him 'til the day I die! That is the tragedy. For I love TSP so much that I feel almost guilty, because I don't want to be debating against my beloved Sir Percy. But on the other hand, a la Tevye, "'twould seem my dear Jane Austen is in trouble. To the rescue."

"My place is here, I fight with youuuuuuuuu..."
I'm feeling quite inadequate with all these S&S and TSP quotes flying around over my head, but at least I can quote Les Miz incessantly. :P

Oh, and yes, definitely read Persuasion. No movie could do it justice.
(Your brothers are more avid JA-fans than you are??? Go be influenced by them, please, by all means, then. And if you become a Janeite convert, it won't be our fault. :P)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and by the way, I had a Period Dresses Quiz on my blog a couple months ago, and that post garnered 51 comments with people's answers and my responses and all. And I believe I've seen posts on other people's blogs with over 100 comments. So this may indeed nevuh end...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Am I the only one thinking this will never end? This is so delightful! 40 something comments and I can not keep up with them. Would I be impertinent if I asked what time you all got up this lovely morning? I was in the kitchen... as usual. My younger siblings are out of humor today.

Alexandra, your very good not to think ill of my silly comments. I thank you, indeed.

  Melody, you have no idea how I love that carriage scene on S&S 95. And the simply thrilling thing is that I just watched it! Not this morning, no, no,no,no... I was in the kitchen. LOL... "I like her (Mrs. Jennings). She talks about things. We never talk about things."
   What? What? "Come, come Mr. Impudence! I know you and your wicked ways..."
 That was meant for Maria Elisabeth. What?

  "I can not see why everyone (and yes, I mean you people) goes through the world determined to be displeased with everything and everyone in it."
Bravo Mr. Bingley! "Now that is one friend you may not be ashamed, Mr E--" I mean Mr. Darcy.

  What is this unseemly hullabaloo about Lez Miz? Ha ha ha ha ha. OK... I'll stop...really.

 It dose seem that poor Miss Maria's blog will be overrun with comments. May we not just switch to another poor blog? Say we run off to Melody's blog. Hey, just a suggestion peoples.

  Now some defense for dear Miss Austen. Who came up with the ilustress Mr. F? Miss Austen. Who wrote the best proposal ever? Miss Austen. Who made dear, DEAR Mr. Knightley? Miss Austen. Who made Edmund Bertram boring as anything? Miss Austen. (that was sort of true) Who created Mr. Tilney so very wonderful? Miss Austen. Who wrote Captain Wentworths letter? MISS AUSTEN! I could go on and on about these facts... buuuuuut!

    As far as I can see we all are not getting any were. Well, yes. We are. I know everyone may have different opinions but mine will not be moved about in such a way. Right Alexandra?

   "And never let yourself to be blinded by prejudice?"
  "I hope not."

That was a large dose of nonsense. Was it not? Randomness comes natural to me. So, THE END.

Alexandra said...


You are totally welcome! I am quite nonsensical myself, especially when it comes to this subject. :-)

I will leave you all to discuss the merits of JA, and merely point to the TSP fans - and in no way am I competing with Abailene's list, just making a similar one for our camp...

Who created the most noble, handsome, daring, courageous, 'willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause' hero? Baroness Orczy! Who created the most beautiful, loving, passionate romance/relationship between a man and a wife in the pages of literature? Baroness Orczy! Who created the most breathless, edge-of-your-seat escapades? Baroness Orczy! Who created the most despicable villain? Baroness Orczy! Who wrote the most heart-wrenching letter ever to grace the pages of El Dorado? Baroness Orczy! Who wrote the most beautiful, romantic, tear-jerking, swoon-worthy prison reunion scene? Baroness Orczy! Who brought our hero to life so well that it is certain said Orczy traveled in time to model the hero after him? Anthony Andrews!

(Man, how'd he get in there? Go away, you're not in the debate right now...)

I have a feeling we will have to come at an impasse at some point. If nothing else we each have to admire two things...Maria's courage to admit her preference in the first place :-P, and each camp's staunch devotion to their cause, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far...

(Yes, The Impossible Dream does have to do with TSP. I'm making a vid and thus connecting the two in my brain at the moment.)

And Amy, as for the Brothers influencing me...alas, we are of the stock that just becomes more bullheaded the more we argue :-P, so a discussion last night that turned to and argument (all in fun, of course :-P) and became them badmouthing my beloved Percy just made me more strong in my convictions. Backfire there. :-P

Unknown said...

OK... the Pride and Prejudice quote I did was said to myself just so you know. *I'll be back*

Unknown said...

This is ALL in fun of course. Don't take me seriously.
Right Melody???
Now, here is my reply to all Miss Dashwood's comments. :) Laugh at me if you dare. LOL

You are such a lovely girl! Indeed, I am I earnest. you sure did reply very rightly and very properly to Maria's slander of "poor Mr. Darcy." Here I go again. *slams forehead down on keyboard*


This hole affair is "eXcessivley diverting!" I found myself dying with uncontrollable laughter several times. There I have made my point.

THE Pride and Prejudice 1995 theme song? Perfect, my dear girl! Great! Poor Maria. I've said that before. *snorts with laughter*

This debate is exquisite!!! Ahhh... again with the, with the... um... I'm at loss for words. Your such a goody Janeite!!! At least SOME of us are still Janeites.
*glances at Maria Elisabeth*

"SCREAM! I've been betrayed by my OWN SISTAH! Melody!!! To arms, woman, to arms! I NEEEEEEEED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Those were your words. I love you SO very much! HAHAHAHAHAH!
So, sighed my self.

Melody said...

Miss Dashwood,
Of course I described it all perfectly. Don't I always, now?
(BAHAHA. Kidding.)
However, if I am an old chap, then you are a beetle. (AKA, I'm not an old chap. :P)

Haha, when I said "mostly dead" it was in fact a reference to The Princess Bride. ;D

I'm glad you were laughing so hard about that--it was the general... I think I'm going to stop using that quote now. It's boycott time. :P

I don't tell anybody what time I got up. Nope. :P
The Talk About Things is one of my favorite quotes. Because I like to talk about things. A great deal. :D
No no, we shan't all run over to Melody's blog. Melody does not want to bring a debate over to her blog. :P

Melody said...

Maria, you are, of course, aware that you can listen to the entire TSP soundtrack on the composer's web site, aren't you? Yes, of course, you must be. Why am I even asking?

But Nick Bicat also wrote the soundtrack for my favorite version of A Christmas Carol. And I love both soundtracks sooo much. You should listen to that one too. :D

Oh! Oh! And I cannot believe that you do not have a Quotes Page on your Day Dream blog!! At least not that I see... am I missing it? :O


Maria said...

55 comments. Ah, myyyyy precious. *Rubs hands in glee*

Now to catch up with them. Somehow commenting in a comment box takes much longer than commenting in your head. Odd, that.

Oh, no, dear. I never find YOUR agreeing comments boring. And believe me, I KNOW. I am a master at the art of eavesdropping. All of your comments are delightful and you normally agree with people. Only we few lone Leagueites got on the wrong side of you. I wonder why. :P

When I started reading your comment The Romantical Perils of Lester and Lynette popped into my head, for some unaccountable reason. So would I be wrong in saying that it's from Two are Better than One?

You didn't get me with the 'Maus' thing. Because, darling, I KNOW that isn't her last name. (But I did go and try to find out if maus actually means mouse in German. It doesn't sound quite German enough for my taste.)

And Millie (you ARE a bad influence!) has never told me how long your emails are. But I can imagine. Or perhaps you'd let me find out for myself? *pleading puppy-dog look*

You know me and my wicked ways? I could wish that you were not to sketch my character at the present moment, as there is reason to fear that the performance would reflect no credit on either. And since disguise of every kind is my abhorrence I will go through your defence of Miss Austen and tell you exactly what I think.

Who came up with the illustrious Mr. F? Miss Austen.
Very true, but I am of Marianne's opinion and can only care about him as a brother, nothing more. Besides, I do not care for his way of reading poetry. No LIGHT propitious SHONE.
Who wrote the best proposal ever? Miss Austen. Too true, m'dear. Baroness Orczy didn't write Percy's proposal.

Okay, okay. That was pure Trouble-Inciting.

Who made dear, DEAR Mr. Knightley? Miss Austen.
You are right. And I fully support your use of adjectives. And I love Mr. Knightley.

Who made Edmund Bertram boring as anything? Miss Austen.
Was that a cleverly laid plot to get ME to defend Miss Austen's characters? Very well. Edmund is a good, sweet, noble, and thoroughly human young man. You just don't understand him. And now let me think of some more defence. Who made Mr. Darcy boring as anything? Miss Austen!

Stop it. Don't kill meeeeeeeee. Really, I didn't mean it. I was just throwing your argument back at you.

Who created Mr. Tilney so very wonderful? Miss Austen.
Very true. Mr. Tilney is the style of witty hero I like. (Sir Somebody, anyone?)

Who wrote Captain Wentworth's letter? MISS AUSTEN!
I must beg to differ. Captain Wentworth wrote that letter. And don't tell me he isn't real, because a main good point of Austen's heroes is that they are REAL. Right, Melody?

Ally, m'dear.
So you watched it eleven times in the first week? That explains everything. :-D
And you are a bad influence on me. Otherwise why would I go around asking random people I had only met that day if they had read TSP? And when I heard they had only being saved from hugging them because my hands were full? And insisting that they read El Dorado and then watch the movie? (The one with Anthony Andrews, you know. It is Very Important.)

Of course I agree fully with your list. But then how could anyone but Baroness Orczy write the most heart-wrenching letter to ever grace the pages of El Dorado? That is a logical impossibility more illogical than most logical impossibilties.

Maria said...

Really, really, Melody? I will run over to look and thank you for the rest of my life.

And the reason you didn't see a quote page is because it isn't there. The pages aren't as finished and organized as the Esteemed Founder would like. But then, the Esteemed Founder did all the pages herself so she shouldn't complain. And we could have a quote page, but by rights it would contain every single sentence from every single book. And that would be too long.

But, if you insist... Would you by chance have anything to suggest or contribute?

Are you SURE you don't agree with me? Because I made that decision in desperation and was forced to stick to it because people were slandering my beloved Baroness Orczy. To the rescue and all that.

Although if Alexandra reads that my last flicker of life may well be in danger. Don't worry, Maria has had a long, busy day and doesn't realize what she's saying.

And I at least am not afraid to tell Abilaine when I woke up. It was about quarter after six. But I couldn't answer all these lovely comments because I had a conference to go to.

Note to self. Never go to a conference in the middle of a comment war. Although this one, which as Melody has rightly pointed out, has degenerated into an, "Okay, Fans, Let’s Talk About All These Great Literary Characters And Defend Our Favorites And Have Fun Quoting Our Heads Off While We’re At It" may well, as Amy has pointed out, never end.

Maria said...

Another comment from the crazy Miss Maria who doesn't bother do put all her answers into one comment.

But Melody, I didn't expect you to recognize that quote I quoted about four million comments ago. Because if you had it would mean you were reading TSP sequels on the sly. Which might be good for you.

Miss Dashwood said...

If disguise of every kind is Mr. Darcy's abhorrence, then he and Sir Percy prob'ly wouldn't get on well.


Abilaine, I applaud your list of Things For Which We Can Thank Miss Austen. Bravo, m'dear! And I agree, Edmund B is as boring as they come. I don't dislike him, you understand. He just isn't interesting, and I like people to be interesting. Jane Austen said something about liking interesting people once that was quite witty, but I can't remember what it was. Melody, O Fount of JA-Related Information, do you know the quote of which I speak?

Ally, you're making that TSP/TIB vid??? YAY!!!

Maria, I must beg leave to defend my Mr. F. Edward is a great guy. No, really, he is. "You just don't understand him." :D Seriously. I shouldn't start going into my long list of Reasons Why Edward is Awesome in this already too-rabbit-trail-y comment thread, but if you want to see the list, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. :D

Also, how were you so sure that Maus isn't my last name? Do you KNOW my last name? *inquisitive look* Because I'm pretty sure Melody is the only one of y'all who knows my real last name. (Unless Ally does-- she might. Can't remember if I told her.)

Oh, and I think a quotes page for The Day Dream would be amazing. Even if it did contain something from every page of every book. :P

One more thing before I get off Blogger for the evening-- I think a post comparing Mr. Darcy and Sir Percy is in order. *scribbles down idea* Seriously, they do have a lot of similarities. Willing to sacrifice reputation to help someone in need... quite romantic... possess beautiful homes... great at fencing (okay, so Mr. Darcy only does that in the movie, but Percy only does it in the movie too and YOUR POINT IS?)... yep, yep, I'm being inspired right now.

Maria said...

I like people who make me like them. It saves me the trouble of forcing myself to like them.

Or something like that. But now that I've written this I think it Diana's Aunt Josephine said this. Maybe they both said it.

By all means, you can give your list of reasons why Edward is so awesome, but they can't be that different from MY list of why Edmund is so awesome. We shall see.

*guilty look* You see, I happen to have found out your sister's last name. And yours and hers are the same, right? Right.

Okay, GREAT MINDS THINK (almost) ALIKE. Although I don't pretend to be a great mind, which just might ruin my statement. Anyways, I have a post in draft about why Sir Percy and Mr. Darcy are the same IN ESSENTIALS. My two favorites, you see. No competing between them.

And after you have posted that comparision I will go and see how similar our posts are. They just might suggest that Mr. Knightley and Mr. Darcy are very similar. Someone should write a post about that too.

Melody said...

Ooh! I feel quite flattered that my agreesome comments are not found dull. :P Though it is not true that I normally agree with people. The reason you don’t usually see me disagreeing in comments, is because when I see something I disagree with… I usually end up not commenting. :P In THIS instance, I had the whole blogging world awaiting my remedial discipline, so I couldn’t resist. >:D

Haha! Indubitably. You are quite right. I am sure we are both proud of you for remembering about The Perils and the title of the book, as well! Though pray do let us know if you do, on some odd whim or other, decide to read it, so we can be on our Guard as to our Quoting. We’d just have to restrain ourselves to Louly, I suppose; what say you, Cordy?

Ah. Well, Amy knows her last name isn’t Maus and it made HER laugh. So did it make YOU laugh? Because my purpose was more to be amusing than to actually make you believe it. And it is very tricky of you to know her last name.

Haha… you don’t really want me to email you, do you? “I am sure you are teasing me.”

Haha, your defending of Edmund Bertram was quite well-done.

But did you just call Mr. Darcy boring??? BORING???????

Call him not-nice if you like, but I will not have him called boring. “Is this to be endured? It shall not be!” Jest or otherwise. Mr. Darcy is not boring.

HAHA! Indeed, Captain Wentworth did write his own letter. :D

Um… that, what you’re saying to Alexandra about asking people if they have read TSP when you only met them that day? That’s what I do with Jane Austen. I also take delight in finding round-about ways to ask them. :D

Oh, and in case you didn’t find the music, here is the link: http://www.nickbicat.com/music/index/?id=21

Haha. Well, to avoid an extremely long Quotes page, here is what I suggest.
Make separate posts for separate categories of quotes: with movie quotes, one for individual books, and then separate ones for characters: Sir Percy, Marguerite, etc.; then on the actual page, simply have a list of the categories, linked to the posts.
Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. :P
Of course, you would work on this little by little, otherwise it may be unhealthy. :D

Oh, and with the movie/Sir Percy quotes, you mustn’t forget “But then, fashion never was your forte, was it?” because that was one of my favorites (the part in the movie was so triumphant that it made me burst out laughing :P) and Other People seem to forget it. Heh heh.

“Obstinate, headstrong girl! I am ashamed of you!” To pretend to be more unfaithful to Jane Austen than you really are! Tsk, tsk. Really, I think you simply do not know your own mind. :P

Oh, I see. Well, you really should not entice me with such things. But fyi, I do sometimes read books on the sly. Or the beginning of them, at least. As Amy could tell you. ;D

Alexandra said...

Melody - GREAT IDEA about the Daydream Quotes page. Sink me, if you're not right. For a change. At last you're talking sense! ;-) Is that wrong to combine Percy and Chauvelin quotes? I'm thinkin' so. Sorry. And speaking of that, I wanted to do a page on You Know You're Obsessed with TSP...so I probably should post a post on it soon to get folks started contributing...

OOOOH!!! Ok, peoples, so someone have pity on me and share this link to the TSP soundtrack, PLEASE?! I've never been able to find it. I'll be your friend forevah...even if we do disagree on This Most Important Subject.

Maria, I laughed SO HARD at your meeting-other-TSP-peoples story. LOVE IT. There really are a lot of fans out there...we just all need to get together. :-) I know I didn't know *anyone* who liked TSP (apart from the people I showed it to) until I started blogging.

And I attribute that statement I will overlook to battle-weariness. Perfectly understandable, my dear chap. :-P

And we are in complete agreement about the gorgeous, amazing, utterly heart-wrenching letter. SIGH. I might have printed it out just to have for quick-Percy-fixes and stuck it on my wall. Maybe.

Amy...so true about Mr. Darcy. Besides, I think he would find Percy annoying. And Percy would think he was stuffy. No attack on either, just sayin'.

I don't know your last name! And you know mine! No fair!!! Of course, I have no right to pry into your personal affairs, even if those affairs smack of treason, like saying Percy isn't the awesomest. :-P

I would be VERY interested in said Darcy/Percy post. If nothing else to show the bros that yes, Percy is just as awesome as Darcy (even though *I* know that all ready) and here's the reasons why.

And then I will write my long, rambly post on why Percy is the best for Anne-girl's hero week. I recommend Melody stay off it that day unless she wants to be Extremely Vexed. The pleasure, I can assure you, is all mine.

Melody said...

Haha, I said something about that recently, you know. I mean, the ‘disguise is my abhorrence’ in relation to Sir Percy. :P

Edmund is as boring as they come?? Well, he’s not my favorite JA hero, but I wouldn’t go THAT far. If you continue to say such slanderous things I will have to bring up Roger Hamley again. :P (Oh wait, to you that was probably more of an encouragement than a discouragement for you…)

O Fount of JA-Related Information? “That’s the nicest compliment anyone’s ever paid me, Mrs. Harris!” Let me see. The only thing I can think of is what Maria was trying to think of, but she ended up quoting Aunt Jo, which is: “I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.” (Letter from Jane to Cassandra) Ha, ha, ha. But that does not quite go with your theme. :P

A post comparing Mr. Darcy and Sir Percy??? Oh dear, oh dear. I think I shan’t read it. –Well, all right, I may be prevailed upon to read it. But if I DO, I think I shall stay away from the comment box. Too much tension. ;P
Oh, and Sir Percy is referred to as the richest man in (was it the country?) and Mr. Darcy is called the richest man in Derbyshire— pity Sir Percy has to be richer than Mr. Darcy, but you see the connexion. :P

Oh-ho-HO! You and I, Twinnie, are not the only ones who play Mock Detectives, I see.

How did you find out Anne-girl’s last name, Maria? Do you know her first name as well? ;-)

Um, Maria, I think you made a slight typo there: did you mean to say you have a post in draft about how Sir Percy and Mr. Knightley are the same “in essentials”? (“No; in essentials, I believe he is very much as he ever was.”) Because if Mr. Darcy is one of your two favorites, you have to take back every single thing you’ve said so far. Also, that would have no way of suggesting that Mr Darcy and Mr Knightley are similar. :P

Haha… that ‘great minds think alike’ thing seems to happen a great deal around here. ;-)

Ooh, ooh! Maria! I thought of something!! In your post, you should have said:
“An unhappy alternative is before me. From this day I must be a stranger to one of my fellow-bloggers. Melody will never see me again if I do not choose Jane Austen, and Alexandra will never see me again if I do.”


By the bye, how do you pronounce your name? I might be saying it wrong in my head. Do you say muh-REE-ah or muh-RYE-ah? (And I am well aware that that is not the right way to spell out pronunciations. But you will understand it, and that’s what matters to ME. :P)

Maria said...

Sink me, if you aren't right. For a -

Okay, I'll stop. But I DID mean Mr. Knightley and anyone who reads my comment will have to mentally insert his name there. Me comparing Sir Percy to Mr. Darcy would turn into a 'Look which guy's awesome and look which guy... isn't.'

*stops* I plead guilty with explanation for exaggerating my opinions to tease you. :P And the 'Mr. Darcy is boring.' was part of that. Just giving Abilaine a taste of her own medicine.

And you JUST realized that sometimes I don't know my own mind? Most of the time that's right. But sometimes it's wrong.

Thank you for that quotes advice. It will be followed. And at the bottom of every page I will write: Copyright The Girl Who Likes Mr. Darcy Better Than Sir Percy, 2012. All rights reserved. Although to deserve that you should really write the whole thing. All at once. It might be healthy.

But you don't have a very good opinion of me if you think I can't read one email from you. I managed to read 63 very long comments, so that should change your opinion. So if you ever want to argue with me through email I am quite at your disposal. But you don't normally argue so nevah mind.

And although I can imagine you writing Very Long Emails Indeed, I think whatever you use for email might stop you after a while. (Okay, it's her 500th reference to Jane Austen. Why doesn't she just SEND the email for pete's sake.)

And I will read That Book and make you all on your guard if I can find it. *runs off to do a quick google search*

But you see, m'dear, you ARE seeing me again. And I think even Alexandra would have waited to post an 'It's obvious you lost your mind. I pity you.' comment. So either of you would still see me again. Oh, wait. You're just reading my comment. You've never actually seen me, or if you did you didn't know it. Have you ever been to Ottawa?

Of course I know the Anne-girl's first name too. Private bloggies and emails are very handy things sometimes...

And it is pronounced Muh-REE-ah. I save Muh-RYE-ah for the less than pleasant Marias in literature. Like Muh-RYE-ah Bertram.

May I venture to remark that you have very abnormal brothers and their taste for good literature should be encouraged as much as possible, even if that means Jane Austen? Thank you. And they actually think Mr. Darcy is awesome?
*tries to puzzle it out in her mind* But 'tis not quite a hopeless case. From good literature they might advance to better. And of course we know what THAT means. :-D

Anne-girl said...

Thank you Ally! Someone who agrees on the Jane Austen Romance thing!

I am mushier than anyone i know I'm glad you share my sentiments. And sentamentalments.

Yes indeed! The league shall conquer all!

Melody: HA! Love that part! ERRRRM!

Deal with me! Deal with me! i love being dealt with!

Amy: She will not decide my future I will decide hers! Has she even READ TSP?

Maria Elizabeth: PERCY IS NOT ON EQUAL FOOTING WITH ANYONE!He is better then everybody. I'm sorry but that was unforgivable. He is Percy. And he is the best thing since himself.I love captain Wentworth. Just not as much as Percy. Or Henry Tilney for that matter.

I love Jane Austen. I'm just not a Janeite. Just a Janeadaptationsite.

My dear sister's tween or Genevieve: My manuscript is on the computer so she can't burn it. Ha ha!

I find that everybody writes about the couple before and I like different sometimes. Different can be better.
More later I must make lunch.

Melody said...

Oh, but I am always right, you know. (Kidding.) I am sorry to be right this time, though. I would much rather be merry than wise.

Ahem... sorry. Emma quote that didn't make sense. :P

If you ausk me, I think you just tired yourself out of Mr. Darcy, Maria Elisabeth, and some day or other re-acquaint yourself with his merits. We must hope so, at least.

Nay, my dear, I do not doubt your capability to read through my long e-mails. But you see, when I write long e-mails, I expect to have long e-mails in return. Granted, they are not usually quite as long as mine, but everyone is entitled to their own degree of longness.

Nay again, I am too clever for that. If the email limited my mentionings of Jane Austen, I would simply vary the terms I use. Jane Austen, Miss Austen, JA. But never just "Austen". Never.

Then change the quote to "speak to me again". And anyways, Mrs. Bennet saw Lizzy again, after all. I'm sure Lizzy wished she really WOULD stop speaking to her...

I used to always hear Mar-EE-a in my mind, but now I usually here it the literature-y way. What has happened to me? :P
Well, Maria Lucas wasn't too bad.

Your JA-fan brothers have become very famous among us, Alexandra. Tell them to start blogging. Hahahaha.

Miss Gardenia, I have indeed read TSP, thank you very much for asking. Even if you addressed the question to your sister and not to me. I liked it, a lot, but not as much as my Jane. Soary to be such a dud. :P You also aren't deciding my future. Just sayin'. (That's "just sayin" was a joke. I only write that to sound silly-modern. Just so you know.)
Oh, we all know you are not a Janeite, dear, do not concern yourself that we might think otherwise. :P And you can't "love Jane Austen" and then say your a Janeadaptationsite. Because that would not mean you loved Jane Austen, it would mean you loved Jane Austen Adaptations. Surely you do not like to contradict yourself. *Pancks-snort*
Ah, well, then, she can permanently delete the file. That's just as effective as burning the manuscript, after all. Unless you have it saved elsewhere, which is quite likely. What sad, unfair things technology does to Beetles!

Alexandra said...

Anne-girl - Hurrah! Let us super-mushy-ones unite. Let no man (or woman) call us sappy sentimentalists. Because we wouldn't care if they did. Anyway.

I won't stick my neck back in the fight by backing up Anne's argument about Percy...but feel that pat-on-the-back, girl? That was me. Don't let anyone else know I did it. :-P

Maria - I knowwww...it is rather lovely to have Austen/period drama lovin' brothers. Of course it was on the agreement that I would watch their war and action movies with them in return, which I choose to believe Balanced Out My Film Education (and hardened my poor wee self against the more mild violence seen in most period dramas...hahaha). :-P They used to be TSP fans...IDK what happened there. Sigh. Oh, well. The best will win out. Yup, yup.

Maria said...

Anne, dearie
I'm sorry, but I can't always be Aunt Josephine when I'm talking to you. Will you forgive me if I'm Miss Cornelia just this once?

Ah, I insist on not being misunderstood. What I meant was that Sir Percy and Mr. Knightley had the same kinds of good qualities. I did not suggest of even imply that they had the same AMOUNT of good qualities.

But you're only a Janeadaptionsite? I expected to find a more reasonable young woman. And this is your real opinion! You recognize none of her genius, her cleverness, her wit, her humor! Is this to be endured! But it must not, shall not be. I hoped to find you reasonable, but depend upon it, I will carry my point. [Janeites, be proud of me. Do you realize how many quotes I fitted into that tiny little paragraph?]

I suggest you email all your writing to yourself as an attachment so that even if the file is permenently deleted, the Beetle has not ruined your work. ;)


Did I ask you? Even if I didn't, you're probably right. But I still think that his main quality (other than Pemberley and a nice sister) was some elusive bit of interestingness. But for the life of me I can't find out what that interestingness was. (Unless it was Colin Firth. Just kidding.)

I am obliged to defend myself again? Very well. Some of your comments are longer than mine but not THAT longer.

Mrs. Bennet stop speaking? That would be plain unnatural and way too strange. And besides, Mr. Bennet might die of shock.

Alexandra said...

Anne-girl - THANK YOU for that name. It applies to me quite well, Ithink. Finally I understand my position in Austenland. Although I fear tis not a popular position. Sigh. Is love too a crime in France these days? Only when the lady is not a staunch Janeite...

Sorry, I'm tired, my quoting capabilities are sagging. :-P

Anyway. Janeadaptationite. Very nice.

Sorry, girls. We TSPites must stick together. :-P

Miss Dashwood said...

TSPites--hahaha, now THAT sounds like some kind of beetle.

And I do not relish being referred to as a Beetle, tootuz I am not a Beetle. I'm a mouse.

And Anne-girl... we've had this chat before, about JA's qualities as a writer. Suffice to say that I am still of the belief that you are taking pleasure in voicing opinions that are not, in fact, your own. (Mr. Darcy quote, my very first for this thread!) And wash your mouth out with soap while you're at it.

Anne-girl said...

Genevieve Dear: I love to contradict myself. I do indeed have it saved on google docs and she knows not my password.

Ally: I like to refer to my love for mush as romantic sensibilities. It sounds so Marianne Dashwood. {And yes Genevieve, you did here me right, I enjoy sounding like a Jane Austen heroine.} Thank you for the pat on the back dear, but don't pat to hard or my false teeth will fall out.

You didn't know I had false teeth? You thought I was fourteen? Well I'm really seventy. I just act young.

Maria: Of course! I love Miss Cornelia!
Let me make one thing quite clear. I LOVE JANE AUSTEN! I love her writing i love her characters i adore her writing. But I am not as in love with her as my sister Amy is. That is what I mean by I am not a Janeite. I am just not the biggest one there is.

Ally again: you are most welcome. I was rather proud of it myself.

Hanna-col said...

I awarded you over at my blog.

Scullery Maid said...

I was going to say something really dramatic and decisive, but by the time I got all the way down I forgot most of it, so I'll just say that I fully intend to get a blog sometime within ten years and then I'll be able to keep track of it all better. AND...IF SIR PERCY TAKES OVER THE WORLD, AND BANS ALL AUSTEN BOOKS YET I WILL STILL BE WAITING FOR MY TILNEY! Because to be strictly honest, I prefer normal men over epic heroes. Also, I don't feel very qualified to take sides, since a year ago I had never heard of Sir Percy(then I started reading all these blogs and felt so ignorant), whereas I can hardly remember a time when I had not at least heard of Jane Austen(and as for YOU, Miss TSP, HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE NORTHANGER ABBEY!?! If you have any dislike for the book ending just watch the movie ending and pretend its from the book. The one with J.J. Feild). It was really fun to read it all.

Melody said...

Soooooo Miss Georgiana, long time no comment.... I was thiiiiinking... if there were No Such Characters as either Mr. Knightley OR Sir Percy... THEN whom would you choose, the Baroness or Miss Austen?
(I don't even know if 'whom' is correct there, but I felt like saying it anyways.)

Maria said...

To my credit, I didn't hesitate at all. I would choose Miss Austen.

Alexandra said...

I think this goes back to the argument that Percy *IS* the reason we like the Baroness. I agree 100% - if there was no Percy, I'd pick Austen any day. (Well, I'd pick Dickens, but he's not even a part of the conversation so I won't drag him into it) But then, if there was no Percy there'd be no argument. :-P

In short, thank goodness we don't HAVE to pick. Because blood would flooooooow... (that's a line from Madame Guillotine from the musical :-P Hehe.)

Melody said...

Haha... remember this, everybody? It was a year ago. Wow. In some ways it seems like it... in other ways, not so much.
I can say that my opinions are exactly the same as they were then. Some of you in this debate, perhaps not. ;D

Anyways. Good times. :D

Maria said...


Oh yes. Wow. It was fun, wasn't it?

For my part, I'm still fond of Sir Percy, although aside from the characters, I will grant you that Miss Austen was the better writer.

But we won't get into that again, will we?

Alexandra said...

Wow! Doesn't seem like a year.

As for your comment, Maria...I will be silent. ;)

Melody said...

Haha, and Maria, last time I checked anyways you were a bit fonder of Mr. Darcy. You'd remembered some of the elusive ways in which he was interesting? :P

And Ally is sparing you. How about that. ;D

Miss Dashwood said...

If your feelings are still as they were last April (hahahaha) tell me so at once. MY thoughts and opinions are unchanged. :D :D :D :D

When a quote fits... use it.

Ally, Ally, you're too easy on Maria. You never spare ME. *injured sniff*

Man, that was so much fun. I'm not suggesting we have another debate on such a grand scale, but it would be great fun to have a huge comment thread like this again. I'll have to say something controversial on MY blog and get y'all started. :D

Alexandra said...

Amy, Amy. It is only because I don't wish to start another debate. As you say, my feelings are unchanged. :D Compleeeeetely and totallllllly... :-P

Do! Maybe not something this...ahem...controversial. :D Heheheeeee.

Melody said...

Are you quite sure about that, m'dear Miss Dashwood? I mean, I've no doubt as to your stance, obviously. But as to some of the intricacies of your opinions... one never knows. Muwahaha.

Never mind me. I like to be a nut. But opinions last April! Excellent choice of quote. "Oh, Sara, you AHE clevuh!"
Pity we don't know what day in April... we could make an event of it. And exactly 200 years ago too! (Although that point is arguable, haha.) I mean, if he'd never proposed the first time, nothing would have ever happened. :P

Never spares you, eh? But of course she does. She debates you to within an inch of your life and then she spares you, I suppose. (Um. Bad Nicholas Nickleby quote paraphrase. :P)

She thought "on this point it would do as well to be silent"--probably because the scrolling would become too troublesome if the debate started again. "Tell your aunt, little Emma, not to renew old grievances." Besides. "We have {all} made our argument{s}; let us not quarrel."

Say something controversial? Oh, heaven forbid! I may have fond memories, of a sort, associated with this debate but I don't think I'd want to get into another one. Especially if YOU were to say something controversial I didn't agree with. That would be rather unpleasant.


There I go with the long comment again. Dreadful habit of mine. My apologies, Miss Darcy.

Melody said...

Oh, and Alexandra, where was that post in which you promised to answer all our questions? Not that I'm hinting or anything. ;D (I just realized that's what this was to begin with. Hahaha.)

Maria said...

Oh, oh. Leaguettes, I haven't deserted you. Really, I haven't. But we've argued that to death, so I'll stop. ;)

Amy, if you do say something properly controversial on your blog, I will happily jump in and start arguing. Just forewarning you. :P

Alexandra said...

Melody - ha! It's called my teacher deciding I need to write four 5-6 page, heavily researched papers during my last five weeks of school. Sooooz that's where I've been. Hoping for lots more time once summer break comes. CANNOT WAIT. :) Anyway, I've got the answers all videoed, I'm just editing the video now. :)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Hello...wow,it's been nearly a year since the last comment! I feel sort of weird doing this; it's a Graveyard of Buried Comments and all that. ;)
Anyways. What I meant to say was that I've read through this comment war several times and each time I wholeheartedly enjoy it. In the words of Melody, you have a monument here. ;)

Melody said...

Miss Jane,
Hahahaha, interesting non-expression-of-opinion there. ;D So glad you enjoyed these-- but you knew that.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Hehehe...no, I didn't really express any opinion, did I? *innocent face* I think that if I had to choose, I would take the side of Jane Austen. In case you were wondering. ;)