Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sense and Sensibility tag questions

1: When did you first read Sense and Sensibility? Have you reread it since? 
I first read it in the spring of 2010; it was the second of Jane Austen's works that I read.  I think I've re-read it once or twice since, and I listened to it on audiobook a few weeks ago.

2: When did you first watch Sense and Sensibility? Which adaptation was it?
I watched the 1995 version on my birthday, late 2010, and loved it. More recently I watched the 2008 version.

3: If you have watched/heard of more than one adaptation which one was your favorite?
I'm honestly not sure.  I don't remember much of Emma Thompson's Elinor, but I loved Hattie Morahan's, especially since she was the right age.  Kate Winslet's Marianne was amazing, whereas Charity Wakefield's comes across more as a overemotional teenager.  I'm not sure about Edward, although I loved Dan Steven's portrayal.  As for Colonel Brandon, I think Alan Rickman did a great job playing him, but David Morrisey is the age he's supposed to be, so that counts for a lot.  The 2008 version was very faithful to the book, and had beautiful scenery, but the 1995 one has an AMAZING soundtrack and there's something almost magical about it - so I can't make up my mind.

4: Which three S&S characters drive you crazy?
Willoughby.  He could have been so much - he had every advantage - but he was ruined by himself. arrrrrrrg.

John Dashwood.  'Not an ill-disposed young man, unless to be rather cold-hearted and rather selfish is to be ill-disposed.'  He knows that he should be doing something for his sisters, but he always finds a way to get out of it.  I think it is quite likely that he told Fanny of his intention to give his sisters 1000 apiece just so that she could talk him out of it.

Mrs. Jennings. She has such good intentions, but talks a lot and makes so many problems. As the Anne-girl said in her poem, "So Mrs. Jennings please do hush!"

5: Which heroine are you most like: Elinor or Marianne?
I used to think I was most like Marianne, with her romance and her poetry, and her music, but I'm like Elinor with her subtle sense of humor, attention to social conventions and silly people, and not being intirely open about her feelings.  I'd be like the Margaret too, in the 2008 film (Don't say anything until I come back!)

6: Who would be most enjoyable: (or bearable) Mr. Palmer or Mrs. Palmer?
Mrs. Palmer would be the most enjoyable and amusing, whereas Mr. Palmer is boring but, to misquote Elinor, 'I confess that at Cleveland I would not think of tame and quiet people with any repugnance.'

7: What would be your reaction if you saw a re-write of Sense and Sensibility where it was Elinor who married Colonel Brandon?
Well, obviously I thought it was an interesting idea, or I wouldn't have put it in the questions, but really, they're pre-made to be brother and sister, sort of like with Edward and Marianne.

8: Where does Sense and Sensibility rank in your list of favorite Austen novels?
My favorites list is so mixed up right now, but I think that S&S would probably be somewhere after Northanger Abbey, Emma, and Persuasion.


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Jemimah said...

Hi, Miss Georgiana! The Sense and Sensibility Week seems to be going quite well. I enjoyed reading this tag. I'll try answering it as well soon.