Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Very Impertinent Hint to all my Dear Followers

(I wasn't planning to capitalize the title, but I've decided I like capitals where they don't belong.  I guess it comes from reading Jane Austen's juvenilia and shorter works where everything is given a capital when it shouldn't.  Like 'an uncommon union of Symmetry, Brilliancy and Grace.' But that's beside the point, as usual with me.)

The thing is: I am very glad to all of my kind followers, and I enjoy reading many of your blogs, but I don't have the link to many of my follower's blogs.  Now some of you might not have them; but I'm pretty sure that more of you have blogs than I'm seeing.  So if I'm not following your blog, could you kindly give me the link?  It will give you another follower.  (And don't pretend you don't like followers.  Everybody does.)

Very Hopefully Yours :D


Felicity said...

Hello, Miss Georgiana!

Please do follow my little blog it's growing slowly :) Here's the link

Keep up the posting!


Abby said...

I'm not sure if you follow me, but here's the link to my blog just in case you're interested :)

I love how you mentioned Jane Austen's Juvenilia - I've been reading a little of it recently too and I love her little quirks like the one you mentioned! Her early stories are so fun to read :)


Allison said...

MORE JANE AUSTEN?!?! I have her novels, but I have never heard of her Juvenilia. Do you know where I could find it?

You already follow my blog, I believe. Not that I ever post, but that is beside the point ;)

Unknown said...

I stumbled upon your blog from In the Bookcase and oh, my goodness, how delightful! What a beautiful corner of the blogosphere! :)

:) I'm having fun exploring!

Anonymous said...

I am planning to fallow you as soon as I can get this computer to let me:) But if you like I can send you an invite to my blog which is privet.

Maria said...

@all of you Thank you so much for following me and commenting.

@Carolyn I'd love it if you sent me an invite!