Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poll Results

I know I'm a little late with the poll results for Emma, but here they are.

What's your favorite version of Emma?
Emma 1972 (BBC) 1 vote
Emma 1996 (A&E) 0 votes
Emma 1997 (Miramax) 1 vote
Emma 2009 (BBC) 15 votes

Who's your favorite Emma?
Doran Godwin 0 votes
Kate Beckinsale 2 votes
Gwyneth Paltrow 3 votes
Romola Garai 13 votes

Who's your favorite Mr. Knightley?
John Carson 0 votes
Mark Strong 2 votes
Jeremy Northam 3 votes
Jonny Lee Miller 14 votes

So!  I think it's pretty obvious from these results that Emma (2009) is definately the favorite, with Emma (1997) as second.

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