Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today... the date is 12/12/12.  It hasn't been that in a hundred years and won't be that for another hundred.  The last repeating digit date in our lifetimes...

Today... there are giveaways of the beautiful new book Annabeth's War at Safirewriter and Seek Him First.  Technically this has been happening all week, but you can enter today if you haven't already.

Today... I was so delighted at having finally gotten a snowflake-shaped cookie cutter that I made shortbread cookies.  I was planning to frost (pun not intended :P) them with light blue icing, but we ate them instead.

Today... er, tomorrow, I will be watching The Hobbit. I suppose all you fans know that it comes out on the 14th?  Well, the theatre nearest us will be showing it at 10 PM on the 13th.  No joke.  We have our preordered tickets to show for it. We're thinking that the come-out-on-the-14th doesn't apply to Canada. I can't say that I object, though. :D

Today... I'm sleepy.  I've been sleepy most of the day.  And I have nothing more to say.  (Sink me, I'm a bit of a poet!)  So a very good day, evening, morning, or whatever it is, to all of you.


Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

We're seeing it at midnight tonight! Er...Tomorrow morning...?

Kailey said...

I haven't seen the Hobbit yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing it soon!

Lovely blog, btw. :)