Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mock Execution

WARNING: Looooong, two part post ahead.  Anyone who tries to ignore either half of this post will be faced with the wrath of Shuffle. (And if you read to the end you'll find out who shuffle is!)

The first thing I have to show you is this, Jessica’s superly-duper novel.

She is publishing it
We are having a blog party to celebrate. 

I’ve never celebrated this kind of party before, so I can’t tell you from experience what will be happening, but I’ll hazard a guess and say that we’ll talk about how much we like Annabeth’s War.  At least, that’s what I’ll be doing.  

But if you don’t read Annabeth’s War, you won’t be able to talk about how much you like it.  And if that happens, what is meant to be a Fun Party will turn out to be a Pity Party.  Not fun.  So go out and order your copy – wait!  Not quite yet, it’s still being published! – well, go out and decide that you will order your copy.  When it does come out. 

The point of this little advertisement (which isn’t one, because I’m not being paid to do it and I’m not doing it from any personal motives except for the desire to get a nice cosy benefactorly feeling when you find out you love the book I recommended to you…)  Well, the point of it is to introduce Annabeth’s War to those who don’t know about it (yes, thank you, Mary) and to explain in a long-winded fashion the reason for the nonsense that is soon to appear on this page. 


Being naturally excited about Annabeth’s War (and also Jessica’s next to be published book, which is spectacular) I was poking around her blog (here, peoples) and came across some posts I fondly remembered from the days I first found Safirewriter.  One of them in particular dreadfully amused me.  The Music Tag.  Jessica did tag everyone.  I don’t think she expected to have someone finally do it two years later, but if you offer out an amusing tag, you must abide by the consequences.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. (My Windows Media player doesn’t have all that much because I lost a lot of my music when my old laptop broke and the downloader thing on the computer isn’t working, so I haven’t gotten much new music either.  But what there is will be shuffled.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 20 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.

Behold the questions.

If someone says "Are you okay?" you say...
Forest of Vincennes from The Scottish Chiefs audiobook.  Makes sense?  Nah?  Well, the most crying over characters I’ve done was while reading that book.  If anyone had come upon me during one of those outbursts, “Are you okay?” would be exactly what they ask.

What would best describe your personality?
Sixteen Going on Seventeen from The Sound of Music.  Wrrrrong.  I ain’t sixteen.  And I take any resemblance to that Rolf-crazy girl as a personal insult. :P

How would you describe yourself?
If I Can Help Somebody by the Irish Tenors.  Well, if you say my outstanding characteristic is helping people I won’t object.

What do you like in a guy/girl?
Chapter 12 of Nicholas Nickleby audiobook.  Whereby the reader will be enabled to trace the further course of Miss Fanny Squears’ love and ascertain whether it ran smooth or otherwise. Oooooookay.   *nervous giggle* Does this mean that I like in a guy whether my love runs smooth or otherwise?

How do you feel today?
Allegro Molto Appasionato by Felix Mendelssohn.  Allegro means fast, lively, or light, molto means very much and I’m taking a guess here and saying that Appasionato has something to do with being passionate.  So I feel fast, lively, light, and very much passionate today.   Not too bad, but if Mendelssohn was composing about how I feel today, he forgot the pneumonia.

What is your life's purpose?
On the Street Where You Live from My Fair Lady.  Oh yay!  I get to spend my life singing on streets where people live?  Maybe not.

What's Your Motto?
Return of Bingley from Pride and Prejudice.  Ouch.  That makes me feel like Mrs. Bennet.  Now I am insulted.

What do your friends think of you?
The Ring Goes South from The Fellowship of the Ring.  Yes (gollum, gollum,) it means I’m their preciousss!

What do your parents think of you?
Hope and Memory from The Two Towers.  Oh, NOW I know what they’re actually thinking when they look at me funny!  But I do think that a parent’s life should include a lot of hope and a lot of memory. 

What do you think about very often?
Halcyon Days by Eric Coates.  Halcyon: calm, peaceful, happy.  Dramatic me thinking about that?  Try again.

What is 2 + 2?
Be Thou My Vision by the Irish Tenors.  Um, are you trying to make me go around in circles of logic to make that make sense?  Very well, I accept your challenge.  My Vision as the song is speaking of is God.  God is the source of all of creation, including math (and the reason I don’t like it is because it was corrupted by the fall… but anyways) He is the great Designer and also the great Mathematician.  Everything around us should point us to God, even math, therefore 2+2 = Be Thou My Vision.  No sense?  I did try…

What do you think of your best friend?
A Knife in the Dark from The Fellowship of the Ring.  Okay, Sjanie, either you are a homicidial maniac or I am.  Take your pick.  I’ll have to acquaint you with this fact tomorrow when we watch the Fellowship together. :P

What do you think of the person you like?
There is Nothing Lost from Sense and Sensibility.  There is nothing lost if I like him?  Or if I don’t?  Or is there nothing lost if I like someone else?  Shuffle, you make no sense.

What is your life story?
My Love by the Irish Tenors.  Love with a capital L.  Amen.  You are getting better, Shuffle.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
The Black Gate is Closed from The Two Towers  You mean I want my life closed against evil when I grow up?  Won’t argue with that…

What do you think when you see the person you like?
Cynthia’s Promise from Wives and Daughters.  Okay.  Just as you like, Shuffle.

What will you do at your wedding?
My Father’s Favorite from Sense and Sensibility.  I will be going up the aisle on his arm, at least.  :D

What will they play at your funeral?
Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera.  Don’t look at me like that!  I didn’t choose it! 

What is your hobby/interest?
Morning from Peer Gynt Suite.  I am disappointed in you, Shuffle.  Even you are in on the plot to make me admit I’m a morning person. 

What is your biggest fear?
Marguerite a Traitor from The Scarlet Pimpernel.  Pretty scary if your name’s Percy.

What is your biggest secret?
Miss Potter from Miss Potter (obviously).  Wait!  Now you guys know my secret identity!

What do you want right now?
Breath of Life from The Two Towers.  “I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10.

What do you think of your friends?
Grant Me An Interview from Sense and Sensibility.  Speaks for itself.  We like to talk.

What's the worst thing that could happen?
Double Wedding  from Pride and Prejudice.  Eeeeep!  I won’t get to plan the wedding all by myself!

What is the one thing you regret?
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from The Phantom of the Opera.  I should never wish that.  It makes me cry…

What makes you laugh?
Song Without Words by Mendelssohn.  So that I don’t get to sing them?  No laughing matter.

What makes you cry?
Without You from My Fair Lady.  Okay, but not the song, just the idea…

Will you ever get married?
Stirling from The Scottish Chiefs audiobook.  That book’s about William Wallace.  Does it mean I’ll get married if Wallace comes around?  Can’t say I’ll mind if he does. :D

What scares you the most?
The Bridge of Khazad Dum from The Fellowship of the Ring.  Can you blame me?

Does anyone like you?
Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg by P.G. Wodehouse.  Ummmm, who likes me?   Jeeves or the Hard-Boiled Egg?

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.  Let me think about that one…

What hurts right now?
The Gardiners from Pride and Prejudice.  NOOOOOO.  Mrs. Gardiner, how could you?

What would you want to say to the person who tagged you?
Danger Ahead
from The Scarlet Pimpernel.  This is Shuffle’s message to you, not me.

What will you name this post?
Mock Execution from the same.

*falls down dead* the execution not being as mock as it pretended to be.  Perhaps Danger Ahead was a message to me after all. ;)


Maria Elisabeth said...

*jumps up from the floor*
Oh, and I tag everyone who's bothered to open this comment box.

Melody said...

HAHAHA I've seen that song tag thing before. With the one I saw, the question that asked what song would be played at the person's funeral... haha... the answer was "Without You" from MFL.
I laughed SO HARD. Think of Me is actually a lot more suitable than the other nonsensical ones. ;P

So, where did you get the Wives and Daughters soundtrack? O_O And what about the TSP one? I want to know, Anne! I mean, I listen to the latter, but just online.

Miss Dashwood said...

Yay, I'm tagged! :D

And now that I am tagged and have fulfilled my duty by opening the comment box...

LOL just kidding. ;)

I may just hop back here tomorrow and fill it out in your comment box, thereby amusing you since you love long comments and annoying everyone else who has to scroll past it. :D

I'M SO EXCITED FOR ANNABETH'S WAR! And so jealous of you, you lucky duck, getting to read it before the rest of us...

You have excellent taste in music. And audiobooks. Just sayin'. I adore the Irish Tenors!

Awww, you're suffering from pneumonia? You poor darling! An apothecary will serve your needs quite adequately. Make sure it be no one but Nicholson, Miss Darcy. I shall be extremely angry if I hear you have gone elsewhere. :D

My darling, math was not corrupted by the Fall. Math is the RESULT of the Fall. Thorns, thistles and math. You have to read between the lines. :D

Hahaha, I did one of these tags a long time ago at my old blog, and I do remember the funeral one-- it was Without You from My Fair Lady. Now that is just wrong. ;)

Are your TSP tracks from the musical or the audiobook? I don't recognize the titles, if they're chapter titles, but then I was never very good at recognizing chapter titles, and they don't sound like songs.

Yay Jeeves!!!!!!! I knew you were a kindred spirit. :D

I really want to read The Scottish Chiefs... still haven't gotten around to it. :P

Maria Elisabeth said...

Davy Keith,
Without You. Bahahahaha. That is an extremely complimentary song to have at a funeral. The title, maybe, but the words? No, no, no.

The Wives and Daughters bit I downloaded from some blog's playlist. For all I remember it could have been yours. :P The TSP songs I listened to after you gave me the link and on the right top corner of the music video thing there was something that said 'Download this video' so I downloaded it. It's just that simple. :D

I am properly punished, however, for downloading those instead of actually going out and buying them, because now the video downloader thingie on the computer doesn't work.

Maria Elisabeth said...

Don't worry, Annabeth's War is while worth the wait. But, darling, if you have time... Jessica did say she wanted beta readers for her Captive of Raven Castle which, I may say without disrespect to Annabeth *whispers* even better!

Thank you. I happen to like my music and audiobooks too. :D

Now you will be angry. I went to a much er, less favored apothecary when I thought I just had an ordinary cold. When he said it was pneumonia I nearly laughed in his face! But I don't mind pneumonia that much if it gives me an excuse not to do math. I won't disagree with you about the thorns, thistles, and math, but my parents the fascinated physicists would have something to say about that...

Ah, so t'was YOURS Melody saw! I should have guessed. Speaking of such, do you remember the song she serenaded you with on that April Fool's Day when you were metaphorically going to leave your blog to die? I was much amused. ;)

The TSP is actually from the 1982soundtrack. You do know it's to be found on Nick Bicat's website, right?

Yes, Jeeves. :D And the Scottish Chiefs is very good and one of my favorites, only sometimes the good and the ridiculous are most unfortunately blended...

Melody said...

Ugh, I'll have to think of something else to say to people besides "I want to know, Anne" because I'm not sure I want to become known as Davy Keith. Heh.

Ah. Well, it wasn't mine. Hahaha. So, you use RealPlayer, I assume? And I know just what you're talking about on Nick Bicat's website because I've seen it before where this thing pops up and says "download this video" and tempts me. :P But so far I haven't given in. Heh, heh, heh. Actually I must confess I am more tempted by the soundtrack for A Christmas Carol. Especially this time of year.

After all, it is not OUR own fault that Nick Bicat used a thing for his website that's compatible to download with RealPlayer.


Amy, did you just say "LOL"? Good grief! How perfectly shocking. ;P

And yes, it was hers (or is it her's? I can never decide!) Melody saw. :P The only reason I didn't sy so was because it was, as she said, her older blog and I didn't know if I was supposed to go around volunteering that information. Ha.

She wasn't going to leave her blog to die. She was just going to leave. But *I* knew better. I know her and her wicked ways. Er, I did by THAT time. *cough* She deserved being serenaded by Without You, anyway. If you knew what she did to me.
But hey. At least I get to teaze her about it now. >:D And have the right to get her back sometime, if I can think up anything good enough. Practical jokes never have been my forte, though. Possibly just because I don't usually attempt them. *sniffs primly*

Maybe I'll annoy you by doing this game in the comment box too. Muwahahaha.

Melody said...

Oh, and for your random information, *I* recognized all the songs from the TSP soundtrack. In fact, that's what I thought of when I saw your post title. ;) I am almost certain, anyhow. Heehee. Of the last part, I mean. Because I definitely recognized them all.

Sorry. I have too much fun talking in circles. ;)

Daughter of God by grace. said...

Hello! I am so excited to see you are following my blog. Your profile sounds a lot like me. Fits of madness over good books, the odd bit of sewing, and singing the song that is in my head. I hope you will visit often. I will enjoy getting to know you. In Christ, Faith

Hanne-col said...

Somehow I missed this post, but that tag is hilarious. Sometimes I do it just for fun and a good laugh. Hmm, might do it for my blog sometime.

And I awarded you over at my blog.

~ Hanne-col