Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Because with David Tennant around, everyone else looks awkward. :P
 Sorry to get you Whovians' hopes up: I haven't actually watched Dr. Who.  But I HAVE watched David Tennant and he. is. amazing.
  • That I haven't posted for three weeks.  Three weeks.  That's the longest I've left this blog alone since I was camping last summer.
  • Having my laptop (which for the past week or two has borne the name of Kate Nickleby - yes, my computer naming is complicated) suddenly stop working. And that right when my Mom's laptop is away for repairs. Hence (does anyone still use that word? It's rather archaic, but it fits...) my lack of posts.
  • The fact that this is Saturday, not Thursday.  Believe it or not, I have awkward Saturdays too.
  • Feeling only half-alive at the dinner table and bursting into tears when someone talked to me.  Bursting into tears at the dinner table!  What was I thinking?  Oh, right.  It's too hot to think.  And when I say too hot, I mean TOO HOT.
  • Going around singing the song stuck in my head at the moment, then realizing that I had been proclaiming to everyone that I like an atmosphere as restful as an undiscovered tomb and that I am a gentle man, of philosophic joys.  Heehee.  I think I need a few less... interesting songs to sing.  Any suggestions?
  • Tossing my makeup bag, including an almost never used container of blush, into my purse.  Opening it later to find that the bag had a hole in it, the blush fell out, opened and covered everything inside of my nice black purse pink!  It was rather ridiculous wiping half centimeter cakes of blush off quarters and dimes and trying in vain to turn a now-pink hair scrunchie white again.  This is when you don't want too see the world (or your purse!) through rose-colored lenses.

Just because this is so beautiful...

  • Double chocolate cookies
  • Watching a stunning fireworks display last Saturday night, driving in to our little town to see their fireworks on Canada Day too, standing on the fence after everyone was sleeping to catch whatever the neighbors might be shooting off, and on the fourth, when I thought we were done with fireworks, being surprised by a lovely glimpse of them by some patriotic American who happened to find himself in Canada.  I love fireworks.
  • Henry Tilney.  Oh, wait, I thought that was obvious. 
At the further end of the village, and tolerably disengaged from the rest of it, stood the parsonage, a new-built substantial stone house, with its semicircular sweep and green gates; and, as they drove up to the door, Henry, with the friends of his solitude, a large Newfoundland puppy and two or three terriers, was ready to receive and make much of them.
 Ah, yes.  Henry Tilney AND a parsonage AND a Newfoundland puppy AND a few terriers!  Talk about amazing.  And if you would take less than two minutes to get a glimpse into Mr. Tilney's many delightfulnesses, watch this video.
  • Clever people who comment or email me (And if you think that was a shameless hint, it wasn't quite. ;)  Just an acknowledgement of thoughtful kindness and an opinion that thoughtfully kind people are very clever - and greatly appreciated)
  • To Have and To Hold - a new book on my favorites list.  I actually wrote a review of it for In the Library awhile ago.  If you like historical fiction, adventure or romance, you'd love it.  Oh, and Leaguettes, it has a splendiferous hero by the name of... are you ready?... Percy. Yup. :D
  • All the posts I have in my head.  At least, I think they're awesome.  You wouldn't know, because you haven't read them yet.  But believe me, I don't plan to leave this poor little blog alone for a long, long time.
Query: am I the only one who hears an imaginary voice of Miss Cornelia, alias Mrs. Marshall Elliot, whenever someone says 'believe me?'  So I am the only one?  Whatevah.


Alexandra said...

Of course DT is awesomeness. No one can compare. Well, AA/Percy...but ya know, that's rare right there. Wow, poet and didn't know it. Anyway.

I missed you! Glad you had a good reason. Very much sadness about your computer. I always go crazy when something wrong happens to mine. It's my baby. :)

Ha! You're better than mine. I've had "What is this Feeling" from Wicked in my head the past few weeks. Realizing you're singing in the middle of the store is really awkward - "Loathing...unadulterated loathing...for your face, your voice, your clothing...let's just say, I loathe it all!"

Well, I guess it's better than when I had Madame Guillotine stuck in my head, and would randomly burst out in "Sing! Swing! Savor the sting as she severs you, Madame Gullotine!" THAT got me weird looks. :-P

I've heard SO much about Have and to Hold. Must read.

And are not alone hearing Miss C's voice in your head. Verrah nice. :-P

Anonymous said...

To Have and To Hold!! I just had to comment when I read that. That is SUCH a good book! We read it as a family a few months ago and I think I'll have to read it again soon. Percy is such a gentleman, too.... *sigh* I think I liked it more because his name was Percy. : P Love that book.


Miss Melody Muffin said...

You are definitely not the only person who hears Miss Cornelia's voice when someone says, 'believe me'. Every time I say it, I put her inflection on it, "Believe ME!"! I love quoting Miss Cornelia!!

Blush all over the inside of your black purse!! Oh no!! Most assuredly NOT FUN at all. I hope it left no lasting stains.

Random question, (with an apology if I sound ignorant) what must one do to become a Leaguette, m'dear? I follow The Day Dream blog, is there more to it than that?

Maria Elisabeth said...

Miss Melody Muffin,
I nearly forgot to answer you! A Leaguette is someone who likes The Scarlet Pimpernel A LOT. Basically, I think if you care whether or not you are one, you probably are. :)