Thursday, June 7, 2012

The glorious first-anniversary post

My dear friends, this is a most important occaison....

*Drumroll please.*

It is....

*Long, drawn out pause*

Miss Georgiana Darcy's first blog anniversary!

*Thunderous applause*

Thank you, thank you, ladies and - (are there any gentlemen around here?)

Anyways, thank you, everyone who clapped. (You did clap, didn't you?)

And while I am thanking people I will say thank you to everyone who made my first year blogging on Miss Georgiana Darcy so much fun.

Where shall I begin?  Yes, Mr. Dickens, I will commence at the commencement.

Last year I had just gotten fed up with a wordpress blog that never worked (and I never had anything to write on it.)  Blogging was boring and I was done with it for good.

Or so I thought.  Lazily poking around one of the few blogs I still read I came across Old-Fashioned Charm and from there to Elegance of Fashion, Regency Delight, and all the other lovely period drama blogs there were then.  Delighted with what I saw, I immediately changed my mind and broke my resolution.  In a fit of midsummer madness I began this blog.

And I actually liked it.  As a matter of fact, I've enjoyed this year of real blogging tremendously.  I've learned new things, read new things, watched new things and made a great deal of delightful new friends.  As a matter of fact, I'd like to fly you all out to Ontario for a real celebration.  But since I can't, we are having our own little party on here and I would like to start with a round of thank-yous.

And cake, of course.  How will this one do?
Or this one?
Or do I?

 First of all, thank you to Miss Laurie, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and Miss Melody, for introducing me to the fact that there were such things as period drama blogs and inspiring me to start my own.  I am ever in your debt.  I'd give you chocolate, only I don't have it. 

And thank you to all 98 of my google friend connect followers, all 9 of my email followers and all the number-not-specified amount of lurkers.  (I know you're there.  I used to lurk blogs too.  Come on, don't be shy.)

Just to make the party more fun, I found chocolate for all of you.  A party is a party, but a party with chocolate....

See?  Now you can have your keyboard and eat it too!
Then thank you especially to everybody who comments.  Blogging without getting comments is like saying something in a room full of people... and having just silence.  Are they stunned?  Or shocked at what I said?  Or bored? Or are they all trying to control their tempers?  So thank you very much and I found something delightful for you. 

Then thank you to all of the bloggers who constantly inspire me.  You are such dears...
...and I think I want to give a bouquet to each of you.
There is nothing better than a friend, except a friend with chocolate.

 And thank you to the bloggers who talked about Dickens so much that I finally got interested.  Without you I would have gone on thinking he was boring and gloomy.  You have saved me from a sad fate.

Talking about sad fates, can you imagine how miserable my life would have been (okay, so I'm being melodramatic.  Your point?) if no one had told me to watch The Scarlet Pimpernel 1982?  And if I never knew about the sequels?  It's sad just thinking about it...

Since we are on the subject of TSP, I would like to give a hearty thank you to everyone who participated in the comment war two months ago.  I like comments wars; really, they're a lot of fun.  And, unbeknownst to you, your 77 comments on that one post checked off one thing on my bucket list.  I feel so grateful to you that I want to give you all a copy - signed by the author - of The Scarlet Pimpernel.  Although that sounds like I'm trying to continue the war, and, since I'm really too busy for commenting so much, I'll just offer a Miss-Austen-signed copy of Pride and Prejudice to anyone who would prefer. :P

And then last, but not at all least, thank you to all the kindred spirits for making blogging so much fun. I'm not saying names, because I think you probably know if you are (if you don't know, you can ask me :D), but I'd like to give a hug to all of you. 
This kind of hug will have to do for now.

Now that I've come to the end of my thank-yous, I'll just pop in and say that the fun's not over. As part of the celebration, (and since you've been listening to me chatter for a whole year you really need a break) over the next week there will be guest posts by some the wonderful, kindred-spirit bloggers that have inspired me over the past year. So prepare for some more delightful fun!

The boring fine print: All pictures are not mine. All candy in the pictures are not mine either. So unfortunately I can't give it to you. That's a great pity.


Miss Dashwood said...

Sink me, if you didn't go and do it for a whole year. Congratulations, old chap!

I've been blogging for nearly three and a half years now, but have only been public for eight months. :D It's definitely one of the best things I've ever done, and the blogging world--that is, our little corner of it at least :D--is cram-jam full of delightful people!

SOOOOOO happy to have met you through the Internets, m'dear! And that comment war... eeeps. Great memories. Loved every second of it. :D

Well, you DID say to ask, so I'm asking-- am I a kindred spirit? :)

That chocolate is making me drool. Not literally, of course, but... mmmmmm. Heehee.
Oh, and I DID clap. You can ask my sistah. She witnessed it. :D

Allison said...

Congratulations on reaching the first anniversary of your blog!!! I have muchly enjoyed reading it so keep it up :)

Anne-girl said...

So glad you're here! You are a great blogger and I loved the comment war too that was oodles of fun.

Kiri Liz said...

Congratulations!! One whole year!! Wow! Of course, that seems like a really long time for me as I've only been blogging for 3 months.
And I, too, would never have discovered TSP without the world of blogs. Well, I would have, eventually, but it would have taken me longer to find it. Imagine living without "Sink Me!"... horrible!
I'd love to share the chocolate with you, but sadly, I'm allergic to it. So if you don't mind, I'll just take a candy cane from around that beautiful bouquet... I love peppermint!! :)

Maria Elisabeth said...

I agree. Sometimes I think that we bloggers have a monopoly on the delightful people, there are just so many around.

ARE you a kindred spirit?! You were supposed to be one of the people who knew it automatically. But I'll tell you anyways. You are. :) And your comments are delightful.

You have enjoyed it? Good; sometimes I think people get tired of me talking all the time. I feel like Anne Shirley, Would you rather I didn't talk? If you say so I'll stop. I can stop when I make up my mind to it, although it's difficult. :P

Thank you! It was oodles and oodles of fun.

Kiri Liz,
Life without "Sink Me!" Yes, I'd rather not think of it.

And I thought of you when I found myself putting all those chocolate pictures on and purposely found the candy canes. I'm so glad you like peppermint!

Alexandra said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary!

Sooooo happy to have stumbled across your would be so boring without my fellow Leaguettes! Sooo0 thankful for that!!!

And yes, the comment war. That was wayyyyyy too much fun. We should do it again soon. :-P

Marlene E. said...

How positively ravishing! Congratulations. **claps** :D

Jessica said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) So glad you are here and that I have the privileged of following your blog. :)

Hope this leads to another BEAUTIFUL year of blogging!


Miss Melody said...

Yay! Congratulations, m'dear! I feel so very touched that I was one of the people to inspire you. ;-) I've enjoyed having you around even with your radical opinions! ;-) Heehee, indubitably, the comment war was... well, interesting at the very least. I daresay the art of debate is much pleasanter when my dear Jane Austen is in question (however, that's horrid that she needed defense! I never heard anything so preposterous).

Well, a copy of TSP signed by the author would be swellissimus I must say.... BUT A COPY OF P&P SIGNED BY MISS AUSTEN WOULD BE INFINITELY BETTUH!!!!!! :D :D :D

And it is very cruel of you to tempt us with chocolate when we're not going to get any. >.<

Hmm, well, I somehow doubt I'm one of the kindred spirits, but perhaps a semi-sort of-sometimes-kindred spirit? Possibly? *hopeful smile*

Maria Elisabeth said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thaaaaaank you. Well, you were really what inspired me to become a Leaguette, so thank you again!

Thank you!

I hope so too!

So not only am I tricky and devious, I am cruel too. Oh well, I didn't get any chocolate either. But I promise if you ever come to visit me I'll give you some. :)

You girls! Are you bent on proving me wrong! Of course you're a kindred spirit and if you didn't know before, you know now. (But the question still remains if I am a kindred spirit to you. Am I?)

Miss Marianne said...

Haha, when did I say you were tricky and devious? Was it during The Grande Debate? And speaking of which, I was thinking earlier today of what a lovely, "yes, exactly!" job you did defending Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen a long time ago on some post with some girl's (negative) opinion about Mr. Darcy. Is this the same girl who later on says such dreadful things about him? The IDEA!

Hmm, well, if I ever happen to be in your neck of the woods, I'll be sure to call on you and demand my chocolate. ;D

Well, those "you know who you are"s always get me. They make me go: o.O
I was proberly one of the people who was supposed to ask, but I assumed I wasn't... and Amy was supposed to be one of the ones who knew, and then she asked. BAHAHAHA.
Anyways. Of course I think you are a kindred spirit. Most people who would use that term in the first place would have to be one to some degree. :D However, you were the one, were you not, who said that Anne Shirley wasn't funny, or didn't have a sense of humor? Oh dear! That's a very strange idea! ;D
Couldn't help throwing that in, just to be nonsensical. Of course it doesn't un-kindred-spirit you. ;D In fact of point, I haven't actually talked enough to you personally to decide how much of a kindred spirit you are. Hmm, maybe we should get that see-for-yourself-what-long-emails-I-can-write thing going. ;-) (Since you somehow have my address. :P Oh yes! THAT is where you were sly and devious! Now I recall. Heehee.)

Miss Melody said...

Heh, that last comment was me... sorry. I was signed into a different account and the thing at the bottom didn't show it, and said it was going to make me sign in, and then... it didn't. How very uncivil.

Maria Elisabeth said...

Miss M.
Yes, I was a little confused when I saw your first comment! I knew it was you but I didn't think you called yourself Marianne.

Yes, I was sly and devious when I found your address. Talking of that, if you'd feel any inspiration in the next few days it would be splendiferous for you to reconsider. (Hint, hint. ;))

Oh, and by the way, you were wrong about me not liking Mr. Darcy. Quite wrong. :P

Um, now I wonder where I defended him. I do a horrendous job of labeling, so I can't find the post. Silly me.

Why do things I say always come back to haunt me? I should put up a disclaimer on the sidebar: Any opinion I give one day I probably don't agree with the next.

Anyways, I said Anne didn't have much of a sense of humor when I was rereading the first book after a long time and she was imagining so often that she didn't have time to be humorous. But she does develop quite a nice one as she grows up.

And I like your idea of degrees of kindred spirits and finding out how much of a kindred spirit you are. It would assist greatly to the formation of your character. I get such different accounts of you as puzzle me exceedingly.


Random smiles. It's so much fun to quote Miss Austen.

Miss Melody said...

Muwahahahaha. You see, I call myself Marianne in my other life. :P
Never mind. I'm just being nonsensical.

"I've come very close to reconsidering." Haha--truthfully if I did have inspiration I would reconsider in a moment. (Even though I never exactly refused. :P) I've even spent the past I'm-not-exactly-sure-how-many minutes trying to inspire myself, but so far it hasn't worked. If you can think of... er... prompts of any sort, that would be a good excuse for you to e-mail me. (Hint, hint.)

Your delightful defense was not in fact on your blog. It was in the comments for this post, which I randomly stumbled across one day, growled at in my head, and ditto'd what you said. :P

Never would I have guessed that one day I would be defending Miss Austen against a girl who defended Miss Austen so well herself. :P

I see where you're coming from about Anne, and am glad you at least acknowledge she has a good sense of humour when she's older. (I was reading some of Windy Poplars the other day. HAHAHAHAHA. She's hilarious.)

I would by no means suspend any pleasure of yours...
Heehee. Though I somehow doubt you actually hear different accounts of me, unless it is Amy telling you I like Sir Percy and Alexandra telling you I don't. BAHAHAHAHAHA.
That was random.

Maria Elisabeth said...

Just reconsider the fact that you don't have inspiration, okay?

Ah, I remember being quite put out at that post. *goes back and reads it* I see where she's coming from, but Miss Austen doesn't need to be maligned because of it and neither does Mr. Darcy.

Oh, great. Now I've got into my 'Defend Mr. Darcy At All Costs' mode, which I thought didn't exist anymore. I will have to somehow squeeze back into the 'Defend Myself At All Costs' mode.

And the strange thing is, I do still agree with my comment, just sticking in that a certain baronet perfectly deserves to be an honorable gentleman too.

Actually, I've been telling myself different accounts of you. You've not-admired Sir Percy to defend Mr. Darcy, but you don't hate him (I hope). And after hearing another friend talk for almost the whole length of the movie about why he was creepy (horrors!), that wearing so much lace was girlish, that she didn't like his collar and the way he said his wedding vows, and even that he had no reason to be rescuing French people in the first place, you are seem to like him a great deal in comparison. And you have told me you like him. Looking in my archives, I actually found that you told me to watch TSP1982 in the first place. Heeheehee.

Maria Elisabeth said...

Perfectly deserves to be an honorable gentleman! Well of course he is. I meant perfectly deserves to be called an honorable gentleman. Which he does.

Miss Melody said...

Ahhh, there's a bit of Janeite left in you, then! 'Tis a comfort to know. ;) And I'm glad you agree with everything you said in your comment. I didn't really think you wouldn't. :P

HAHAHAHAHA, after all that, I'm mightily surprised you can be calling whoever this person is a "friend." :P So what was going on there--were you trying to introduce the movie to someone?

And Speaking Of Which, what do you mean by saying I was the first one to recommend it to you? *Melody looks through old comments in e-mail folders and can't find anything of the sort*
*In Mrs. Palmer voice* No-ho, I cannot believe it! Where and when? Show me now! I want to know, Anne!

Maria Elisabeth said...

Well, we've been friends ever since I was four and she was three and we're more like sisters, that you like even though you disagree with. And since she might have said that to tease me, I have hopes for her yet.

Yes, I was introducing it to a few of my best friends a sleepover party. The rest of them loved it. :D

Not quite the first one, but the third comment is yours.