Monday, May 14, 2012

Mon Daybook I

Joining in with Elise at Ribbons of Light 

Finding inspiration and encouragement for the week ahead!

A book I am planning to read this week: I really don't know.  I just finished A Tale of Two Cities, almost finished Right Ho, Jeeves, and am sort of stuck.  Any suggestions?

My goals for this week: I was very sensible and made a list.  So I will go get it and copy down every single thing

*sew skirt ~when you decide you have almost nothing semi-formal that you can wear and actually feel like you're wearing something

*change bouquets ~there are lovely purple violets all over the place, as well as my favorite - apple blossoms.  I'm going to keep two vases in my room for as long as I can.

*finish [an amazing but unpublished book that I am a beta reader for]

*finish week 29 ~yes, that's schoolwork and yes, I'm late

*contact sl ~ you wonder what 'sl' means?  It's sort of a secret; I wouldn't have put it on except that I said I'd write down everything.

*order proof copy of Anna ~i.e. my nano novel.  When I don't like the title of a book I call it by the main character's name.

*check expiry date of proof copy ~ was the five free copies offer valid till June 1 or July 1?  Must find out...

*talk to Susan ~ another slight secret; this time it's about a volunteering opportunity.

*get Duke of Ed stuff ~ i.e. the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards for Young Canadians

*write down volunteering ~ apparently you're supposed to do that for your highschool transcript.

*update account book ~ for good finances you're supposed to write everything down.  I never remember.

*write one of the million posts floating in my head ~ a couple on my favorite heroes, one that sort of missed Percy Day, one about El Dorado and Sense and Sensibility, stuck together, one dissecting David Copperfield, another on The Phantom of the Opera (but I can't wholeheartedly recommend that movie, should I really do a post about it?), a review of The Royal Shakespeare Company's Hamlet (amazing, but again, I can't completely recommend it.)

Are you bored yet?  Hopefully not.....

Something I was blessed with last week: buying The Complete Works of Shakespeare for 25 cents.  I love garage sales.  Oh, and also the crystal serving bowl for two dollars.  I looked longingly at the heirloom teacups but they were $350.

Something I am looking forward to this week: trying my hand at sewing various tiered and circle skirts. I'm not much of a seamstress, but I have the fabric and I want to have the skirts!

An inspiring picture/piece of music:

For there is nothing lost that may not be found, if sought.  Did I ever mention I loved Sense and Sensibility?  It seems to get better every time.


Alexandra said...

I really enjoyed this!!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on POTO...I really disliked the movie, loved the musical, but really can't fully recommend it I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts! Any Percy-related posts are more than welcome, of course. :-P

Lydia said...

i read a tale of 2 cities this past month and am now reading right ho jeeves! cool!