Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FADE OUT - 80 pages and other related things

So!  It is two days after April, the Rilla of Ingleside script is finished and I am done with screenwriting for a long, long time.


And I am done with Courier 12 point.  It seems to be anathema in scriptwriting circles to write a script in anything but Courier 12 point, so font-crazy me reluctantly used it for a whole month.

Did I just say a whole month?  Well, I wrote a few pages in the first days of April and then IGNORED it - until last Friday, when I realized that this-is-the-last-weekend-of-Script-Frenzy-so-I'd-better-write-20-pages-quick.  Then THAT was ignored until Monday, when I realized that it was the last day of Script Frenzy and I did 39 pages.  It is remarkably pleasant to do nothing but eat and write for a whole day and very satisfying to know that you can write almost half of a decent-sized screenplay in a day, if you have to.

But scriptwriting does do odd things to a book lover.  When you qualmlessly ignore the Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde-cat, cut out Miss Cornelia and Miss Oliver from almost every scene and *gasp* cut up Walter's Letter, than you are closer to a book-murderer than a fan.  Oh, well.

I just finished To Kill a Mockingbird and found it greatly to my taste.  I came to it expecting a classic, after the first few chapters I thought it was another of those boring stories about children but I ended up awed. I like books that make you think and this one did. 

Another of the books I've been reading is my first P.G. Wodehouse novel, Thank You, Jeeves.  It seems to be crazy - the most hilarious nonsense I've read in a long time.  I like hilarious nonsense.  :)

Another thing I like is being surprised by new posts on a blog that I post on and whose's topic I happen to *cough* be fond of.  I would recommend all of you to read Ally's recent post.  Please help us!

Yet another thing I like are period drama blogs, so I'm excited about Marissa's new blog, The Countryside Lady.

Still another lovely thing out there is Miss Woodhouse's Jane Austen Secondary Characters Tournament.  Vote here.

While I'm talking about lovely things I'll just mention that I love blush pink roses in a crystal vase.  They are gorgeous.  Love, love, love.



Marissa said...

WOW good for you !!!!!!!!!

Rachel Heffington said...

Fabulous writing-crazy girl! ;) Hey! I loved "Thank you, Jeeves!" I'm so glad you're reading it! :D

♥ Naomi ♥ said...

Hello! I did ScriptFrenzy YWP as well, but found it INCREDIBLY boring compared to writing a novel. I only managed to write 25 pages of script. :O Still, that might have been because I was also at the time writing a novel which is currently over 20,000 words long and counting! (Details on my blog!) Can't wait for NaNoWriMo YWP next year!


Alexandra said...

OOH! I love P.G. Wodehouse. One of my faves!!! The TV series with Hugh Laurie is fantastic.

CONGRATS on finishing up!!! And I had to laugh about the book murderer comment. Perhaps now we can empathise with those poor screenwriters who have to face the wrath of fans. :-D

Alexandra said...

Oh, and I ADORE To Kill a Mockingbird. SO good!

Savories of Life said...

love your picture of flowers.