Monday, April 23, 2012

In which I stop Bumburying

If you don't get the title, you need to watch The Importance of Being Earnest again.  Quick.

I confess to having Bumburied this past week.  I was sick, so I ignored my blogs and emails and other vital things.  But no, that sickness was just an excuse, I was alive enough to waste my time in many less pleasanter ways.  (Don't say I make sense.  Because I don't.  But if you say I don't, I'll wish you were wrong.)

In short, I have been bumburying.  But that has stopped.  Bumbury has been found out.  That is - the doctors found out that Bumbury couldn't live so - Bumbury died.

So I will quickly write up the posts I've been planning to write this week (on pretty amazing themes, just so you know) and for those of you who have sent me an email recently..... *coughcough*  I really have answered them all, it was just in my head.  And I haven't written it down because it's boring to write an email you think you think you've already written.  But I really will answer them soon. *coughcoughcough*

But before I leave I would like to direct you to two pretty amazing things:

Firstly and this is pretty amazing: Voting is up for the Keep Calm Contest and the 'Three Things Very Dull Indeed' button was a finalist. *jumps up and down*

Anne-girl's Hero Week. 
I don't have to tell you this's amazing.  Heroes......... (Watch me swoon.)
Oh, wait.  Her Ladyship said hero week wasn't for swooning over heroes.  I beg her pardon.  But she did give permission to swoon over Sir Percy.  I cheerfully comply.  Because 'heroes' and 'Sir Percy' are basically synonymous, y'know.

Query: why, whenever I mention That Baronet's name, do I feel like I'm being glared at by the girl who had the whole blogging world waiting for her remedial discipline?  Must be just my imagination.  Must be.


Alexandra said...

Because I feel the heat, too. :-P We will preserve a dignified silence. It is the only thing to do. :-D

And from the TSP Fan to End All (I cannot tell you how much I completely ADORE that title), I will swoon and agree with your Sir Percy comments all you want. So never fear my glare (in that subject, at least. Hehe).

And as for Hero week...Can. Not. Wait.

Hayden said...

hahahahaha....I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who uses the verb "bumburying" in daily life... :)