Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I hate blogger I hate blogger

I hate blogger.  I hate blogger.  I hate blogger.  I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. 
I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger.  I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger.
I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger.  I hate blogger. I hate blogger. I hate blogger.
[end of rant]

Perhaps you were wondering why the Big, Glorious Post wasn't very big and glorious after all?  Why it was actually downright short and had only one person's questions in it?  Well, m'dears, that was the fault of the Big, Nasty Blogger who took my post and made most of it..... disappear.

It can't have gone far!  Spread out and search the woods!

Excellent advice, but I did already.  I didn't even forget to look in the half-hollow tree, but it's not there.  Pride comes  before a fall, and all that.  Whenever someone posted a 'blogger ate my post!' post I'd smile pityingly and think, "Blogger never eats my post."

Sink me, if I aren't wrong.  For a change.  I said something extremely - ahem! - controversial, and I was wondering where all the angry comments were.  Now I know.


Abby said...

I must confess, I was wondering why the Big, Glorious post was so...well, short! :') I hope you can recover some of the lost post somehow :/

I had a horrible experience of Blogger eating my posts, so now I write all of them on Word and then copy and paste them onto the Blogger editor-thing. It often needs a little fiddling around with, but it's worth it! Now even if Blogger does eat a post, it doesn't matter. Although now I've said that, all my Word documents are bound to corrupt or something dreadful like that...technology has no compassion on my poor nerves!


Miss Dashwood said...

I feel your pain, dearest. I lost a lovely long post recently and was Quite Put Out as a result.
Haha, I must admit I was a tad surprised that the "long, glorious post" wasn't really all that long-- and I did wonder why you only chose to answer Rachel's questions! :P I just assumed the others would be coming later on, heehee.

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and I believe I know which question it was that you gave a controversial answer to... heehee. And I think I know what the controversial answer was, too. :D It wouldn't happen to be Rosamund's question about Baroness O vs. Jane Austen, would it? And your answer wouldn't happen to be--- no, no, I can't bring myself to write it.
... I don't think I'll say anything about that (this is assuming, of course, that your answer WAS what I'm thinking it might have been) because I am going to leave you in the hands of Melody. She will deal with this much better than I could. :P Beware, beware...

Maria Elisabeth said...

I can only seem to recover them from my head. At least I have a passable memory.

Miss Dashwood,
Yes, of course you guessed. I just answered that question a while ago and I was shaking in my shoes thinking what Melody might do. Or even what you might do, dearie.

Melody said...


People are TALKING ABOUT ME????

I feel freaked out. *runs away and hides*

Though I do feel rather happy you were worried about "even" what Amy might do. :D And that she couldn't bring herself to write what you might say. My faith in her is restored, for the time being. ;P

Far be it from me to leave angry comments. No, no, my dears, I simply snub people. *Makes an extremely smug look*
Not that they would care, anyways. Haha.

Um, anyways. What I was GOING to say before I saw people randomly talking about me. And what I might do. Muwaha.

I hate Blogger, too. It has no compassion on our poor nerves. NONE. Will you be joining our war waged against Google, then?

Well, I'm going to be relying on writing my posts first on Word more than evuh now...

Maria Elisabeth said...

Don't snub me. Pleeeeeeeeease don't snub me. Just post the angry comments, okay?

After you've defeated Google, what are you going to use? Because believe me, Wordpress is a travesty. This is the first time that one of my posts as been eaten. On Wordpress, I'd do a happy dance if a post came out with no more than a little nibble, which was very, very rare.

Rosamund Gregory said...

Wow, I have done something Controversial. I never imagined that this happy end would come to me! It it seems Exciting, in a way, to do something of that sort. Of course, it's really Miss Darcy who is the one really causing controversy, but I managed to be the Originator. Wow.

I'm very sorry that the wicked Blogger ate your post, though, dearie.

Melody said...

Very well. Far be it from me to snub people who plead with me not to snub them. :D

Are you going to re-write the post then? If you do, I suppose I will come along and post a comment. I'm not sure it will be 'angry' per se... but it will be interesting. ;-)

I don't know. I think we should have Blogger without Google. Why does Google have to go around and run everything? Bah, humbug.
Oh, I hate Wordpress. With a great passion. With a greater passion even than Google. If we all went to Wordpress I would stop blogging. :P

How would YOU answer the question you wrote?
Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Rosamund Gregory said...

Melody...I am furiously blushing after you ask that. Life without Miss Austen would be miserable--I even am attached to her villains (like Willoughby.) What would my mother say to me when I am coughing if Mrs. Bennet had never been written? "Please stop coughing?" No, it would never do.

On the other hand, I can't imagine not having TSP either. It is so refreshing to know precisely where the elusive Pimpernel is when even "those Frenchies" (thank Heaven!) don't.

It was a Cruel and Unusual day that I so blithely headed down the path to destruction by tapping my fingers so giddily. :(

Melody said...

HAHAHA...Rosamund, you are excessively diverting. :D Your comment made me laugh out loud... and I love the way you Capitalize certain Words. Very Austenesque. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

"Miss [Georgiana's] got the entire [blogging world] awaiting your remedial discipline, Miss [Melody]. I'm quite positive you'll enjoy the challenge."

This quote was suggested to me by my best friend and I can't take any credit for it... but I loved it because it did seem to fit the situation. I'm eager to see what you'll do, Melody... although you already said your preferred method is snubbing, right? And you've so far posted... um... three comments on a post you're supposedly snubbing. Haha, well, if you're my Tween that makes you Miss Inconsistency too. And since you're older you actually get the coveted title. I'm just Miss Amy and only get to be Miss Inconsistency when you're not around. Etiquette, you know. :D

Melody said...

That quote made me laugh. A lot. I do so love paraphrased suit-the-situation quotes, you know.

No, no, I'm not Miss Inconsistency. For the snubbing wasn't to be done until after the shocking thing was said. And I wrote all these comments before the shocking thing was said.
And as for NOW... well, when I am earnestly entreated NOT to snub someone, I would have a great deal of difficulty doing so, so I simply shan't attempt it. Since She-Who-Would-Be-Snubbed prefers an "angry" comment, I am left with little choice but to oblige her. (That is the general idea, I suppose.)

As to the challenge which you are so positive I will enjoy, Captain Harris, I am working on it. I will not disappoint my dear Blogging World if I can possibly help it.