Monday, April 9, 2012

The Big, Glorious Post

To answer your questions...
Or the questions I asked you to ask, but it is all the same, m'dears.

Rachel asked:

What inspires you or: Sun or Storm?
Sun.  If I wrote anything in a storm it might be horribly dark.  And the power might go off and I might lose all my writing.  Things Sparkling and dancing in Sunshine and Freshness is my idea of proper inspiration.

Do you have an authoress outfit?
Whatever I'm wearing at the time.  If I had to change or put something on I'd never get anything done.

Who do you identify with more: Anne Shirley or Jo March?
I identify with all the March sisters together, but not Jo especially, so I'd have to say Anne.

Do you play an instrument?
Organ and recorder, and I am my little sister's recorder teacher.

Do you like cats or dogs better?
An animal is an animal, but a dog animal...  I love dogs

What are your tips for busting Writer's block?
First of all, writer's block doesn't exist, peoples.  It is just a devious figment of your imagination that tries to trick you into not writing.  Just ignore it.

If that doesn't work, it means that you didn't ignore it enough or that I'm wrong.  Whichever you prefer.  But if you think you have that strange malady, sit down at your laptop or wherever else you write and for goodness sakes write!  It can be as weird and strange and silly as it likes but just write.

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Alexandra said...

Great questions!!! And you are right about writer's block. :-)