Monday, April 2, 2012

Any Questions?

Okay.  I know I'm doing this because Rachel did it too, but a surprising amount of my stuff writing-wise or writing-blog-wise is suggested or  inadvertently reminded by Rachel.  I am quite sure that I would not have written a single bit the week before last if I hadn't reminded myself that when she was writing The Scarlet-Gyspy Song she wrote 1000 words per day.  That made me ashamed of my laziness.  (Why do I feel like Philippa Gordon right now?  Must just be my imagination...)

Anyways, with my 'umble apologies to all of you for not thinking of something myself and my 'umbler apologies to Rachel for stealing her idea I will now ask you...

Is there anything about me that you want to know... but don't?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, anything.  And I will try to answer them all.  If you are excessively impertinent I might we-fuse to an-sah your question, but then all the blame will be on me and you have my full permission to laugh at me as much as you like.  (If you don't already, that is.:P)

So, if you have a question - writing, reading, opinion or just general life-wise, put it in a comment and I will put up a big, glorious post with all my answers.


Rachel Heffington said...

What inspires you or: Sun or Storm?
Do you have an authoress outfit?
Who do you identify with more: Anne Shirley or Jo March?
Do you play an instrument?
Do you like cats or dogs better?
What are your tips for busting Writer's block?

Rosamund Gregory said...

If you had to choose between Emmaska Orczy and Jane Austen, who would you choose (no more Blankney or Darcy, boo hoo!?
I'll think of more later, hee hee.

Charity U said...

What are three of your favorite books, not by Jane Austen? And all by different authors, if possible. :)

What's your favorite flavor/kind of chip? Salad dressing? Chocolate?

Your dream vehicle is what?

Elinor Dashwood or Anne Elliot?

Favorite children's book(s)?

If you could totally re-design would you look? :)

Favorite color?

If you couldn't be Georgiana Darcy in the blogging world, who would you be?

"Favorite" villain?


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog a few days ago and I love it!
BTW, I really like your nickname (and also Jane Austen... :) )
You make me want to reread Anne of Green Gables (the whole series) and to read many other historical novels I haven't read (yet).

What is your favourite historical novel?
If you could be any character from a novel, who would it be?
A :)

Miss Dashwood said...

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
What's your favorite kind of cookie?
Pearls or diamonds?
Who's the funniest literary character you've ever read about?
Which author's writing style do you most admire? Do you ever try to imitate him/her?