Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have a most unaccountable partiality for...

Villains.  Just when I think I've gotten up a heathy dislike for them, something comes up, ruins everything, and I like the villain more than ever.  I tell myself I shouldn't like them, "Look what they did to the hero!" et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, but while I might abhor them in theory, I like them a little too much in practice.

You know that everyone says you should look for the good in people?  That is one of the few virtues I seem to have cultivated to an amazing extent. :P  Villains seem to have some bits of good in them to make them believable, but for me it makes them..... loveable.

[A little disclaimer: (especially for those of my friends who watched The Phantom of the Opera with me) this does NOT apply to The Phantom.  He is not a villain or a hero.  He acts like a two year old with a temper tantrum.  I have no great liking for two year olds with temper tantrums.  Besides, I am and always have been on Team Raoul.  Hurray for Raoul!!! (It's a pity some of my friends don't read this blog.  I can only imagine what their indignant comments would be like. *evil chuckle*)]

Oh, villains.  The really loveable (or hate-able, have it the way you like) bad guys are the ones who are their own worst enemies.

Did I just say their own worst enemies?  Now I'm slamming my head against the computer desk and screaming "Willoughby!  Willoughby and Steerforth!" at the top of my lungs. Not out loud, I hope you understand, because that would make my family think I have gone crazy.  (And they'd be right.  But shhhhh, it's supposed to be a secret. ;-D)

Steerforth really should have been the hero of David Copperfield.  There was really no one but himself in the way.  For pity's sake get a head, Steerforth.  Get a heart.  Do you really realized what you're doing?  And really, why did you have to go and die?

Which brings me to another random and ridiculous opinion. I like the villains, and I like the heroes, but I don't like unrequited lovers. That is, not unless the unrequited lover is the hero. (Do you think I hastily stuck in that last sentence so that Sydney Carton would fit with the characters I like? You should not suspect me of such a ridiculous idea.) Which makes it naturally follow that, in the drowning scene, I groan "Steerforth, Steerforth," over and over and completely ignore poor Ham.  And really, if you are named Ham I might respect you, I might admire your character, but I feel that I could never give you my undivided attention.

Since I sort of need to go to bed I'll stop this random post.  It probably doesn't make much sense, but then again, it probably was written when I wasn't entirely sane and certainly when I had just finished Sir Percy Hits Back (review on The Day Dream coming soon.)  I purposely didn't mention Chauvelin in this post, but if I started, I would give indefinate amounts of spoilers and never stop.  Just remember, tigers do have hearts.

And I do apologise for the lack of sense in this post.  I will post something sensible soon.  I promise. :)


Alexandra said...

LOVED this post. :-) Although I am a huge fan of the unrequited long as they're not pathetic. :-D Which they usually are, I guess, so yeah. :-D Weird.

I'm iffy over the Phantom's status of hero or villain (for the record, I hated the Phantom in the movie but I have a major soft spot for the stage version...I know, same character, don't ask me why...guess it has everything to do with Gerard Butler vs. Michael Crawford or Ramin Karimloo), although in recent times I have been (almost) completely converted to Team Raoul. :-D

I hate cardboard 2D villains that love to hate just to...hate. You know. That gets sooooo annoying. "I'm evil and bloodthirsty and merciless...uh...because I'm the bad guy!!!!" The villain must ALWAYS have some redeeming quality about him, or I'm not buying him.

TOTALLY agree about Steerforth (especially when portrayed by Anthony Andrews...*cough, cough*...I was sobbing through his 'judicious father' scene. :-P). He was actually probably one of if not my favorite character when I first read the novel, and I was absolutely heartbroken when he "went bad" like he did. And then he died. Ohhhhhh, Steerfoth, Steerforth, Steeeeeeerforth...

LOL about Ham...I KNOW! It wasn't until seeing the 1999 version that I actually liked Ham...I was always like, seriously?! Nice guy, but...STEERFORTH! (And the guy they cast as Ham in the 1974 version...and then you pit him against Anthony Andrews?! Um. No contest. Sorry, Ham.)

And TOTALLY agree about Willoughby, and that's what I think Greg Wise brings across SO WELL in the 95 version. He came sooooo close to being redeemed...sigh, sigh, sigh...

Now, He unfortunately doesn't get a scrap of pity from me. Not a scrap. HE TRIES TO KILL PERCY. MULTIPLE TIMES. Mark him in my book. And enormously looking forward to the "Sir Percy Hits Back" review. which reminds me that I need to read the book.

Wow, another long comment...well, you know me. :-D

Stephanie said...

Haha, just what I needed to make me smile, thank you!

Miss Dashwood said...

Steerforth, Steerforth, NOOOOOOO, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE???

I cried my eyes out over that chapter. Someday I'm going to watch the 70's miniseries with Sir Percy (er, Anthony Andrews) as Steerforth, and I don't know how I'm going to handle that scene. They BETTER do a good job of it.

Hahaha, "unless the unrequited lover is the hero". That made me giggle. A lot.

I completely agree about the Phantom. Now, I haven't seen the musical so maybe I'm uninformed, but from what I've heard and read, he does indeed sound like a whiny toddler having a tantrum. Get over yourself, dude.

But poor Steerforth... if only his parents had been better. A more judicious father and a less idiotic mother, and he would have been such a great guy. I have a post in draft about Steerforth... when Anne week is over I should pull it out and finish it.

I'm going to say something now and you're going to hate me, but it has to be said. Like you, I find likable traits in just about any character, and, welllllll....

I feel really sorry for Chauvelin.

*covers head and ducks* In the MOVIE! Only in the movie! Not in the book! In the book, he's a total slimeball, but in the movie I feel really bad for him. The whole unrequited love for Marguerite thing, y'know. (haha) I seriously can't help pitying him a little. I should write a post about that and go into a little more detail (instead of clogging your comment box) but I'm afraid I might get cyber-murdered.

Anyway, great post. I identified with it muchly. :)

Charity U said...

Loved it. :) Delightful post! One of my favorite villains is Rigaud from Little Dorrit...pretty amazing. And terrible.

Lydia said...

YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PHANTOM?!?!?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was sooooooo shocked when i read this! i will have you know that i never ever like Raoul and never will! he is such a baby! ugh! especially in the book! he sits in the torture chamber....and cries...get a grip on your self! and the Phantom is NOT a 2 year old and he does NOT throw temper tantrums!! i might have to stop reading your blog if you continues to post things concerning the Phantom who i LOVE!!!!!!!! GO PHANTOM!

Hayden said...

Haha I know, I don't care much for unrequited lovers either. Except when that lover is the hero... And don't think I put that in there just to include Sydney carleton....even though I did..... :). Never liked Willoughby in the book, though. The 95 movie is a different story, though. Haven't yet finished David copperfield.

Hilarious post, btw *another smile*

Miss Dashwood said...

Oooh, Alexandra, so THAT'S why you like Ramin Karimloo... it all makes sense now... haha. I totally agree about the whole one-dimensional bad guy thing. "Why are you evil?" "Cause I'm the villain, duh!"

Hayden, your comment made me laugh--"don't think I put that in there just to include Sydney Carton... even though I did..." haha.

Off to read about Sir Percy Hits Back...

Maria Elisabeth said...

I haven't yet forgiven the 1995 Sense and Sensibility for cutting out Willoughby's scene at Cleveland. Although if they kept it in, we might think he was the hero after all. (Which he should have been.)

Miss Dashwood,
*whispers very softly so Alexandra won't hear*
I do actually feel sorry for Chauvelin. Actually, feeling sorry for him was where the whole idea for this post came up with. Hey, he actually has a heart. I didn't know that before...

I put that about the Phantom just to get a reaction from the any of his 'phans.' I guess I got it! I'll try not to say anything else about the Phantom, because I don't want you to stop reading my blog. But going around killing people just because they don't do what you say is hardly admirable in my book. And besides, I love Raoul. GO RAOUL!!!
Arguing aside (because I have a lot of experience in the Raoul vs. Phantom argument and it could go on for a LONG time) do you have a blog? Your comments are so delightful I can only imagine what your blog would be like. And then I can post things in your comment box about how I hate the Phantom. Go Raoul!!!
Oh, wait. Did I say I'd stop talking about the Phantom? I'll stop.

Oh, you're reading David Copperfield? I just finished it and loved it. But just for the record, Uriah Heep doesn't count with the villains that I know and love. He's just a nondescript creepy guy that really shouldn't be in there.

Alexandra said...

Miss Dashwood - First off, you must see the AA version of DC before writing that Steerforth post. (Actually, just go watch the clips...they're on my channel. That was not meant to be a shameless plug, I PROMISE. :-P)

Actually, POTO was not where I first heard/saw Ramin, but when I did...yeah, it was pretty amazing. He's almost as great as Michael Crawford, and BELIVE ME...that's saying a lot coming from me. :-P

to Maria and Miss Dashwood - (covers my ears and la-de-das) I *so* did not hear that comment y'all made about Chauvelin. Yup. That was totally my imagination. :-P

I attribute my hate to the fact that I was *so smitten* with Sir Percy the first time I saw it that I was blind with rage at *that big twist scene* and wanted to strangle Chauvelin...I would have done it if I could have somehow gotten in the screen. :-P So I just couldn't feel sympathy for him. :-D

And yes, totally agree about Willoughby in the 95 and the Cleveland scene. I struggle with his lack of hero status as it is. Putting that scene in there...I might have actually hated Colonel Brandon. And that would not have been fun. :-)

Miss Dashwood said...

Maria Elisabeth,
Oh, good, somebody's on my side. But we'll keep it quiet to keep our necks, 'kay?

Well, actually, confession time... I been stalkin' your YouTube channel ever since you posted the TSP musical videos (absolutely in love with "Into the Fire" over here!). So I've already seen the clips. But I plan to watch them again before I write the Steerforth post. ;)
Hating Colonel Brandon??? Dare you even mention such a thing? (covers my ears and la-de-das) I *so* did not hear that comment. Yup. That was totally my imagination. :-P

Hayden said...

Thanks. I'll remember that :) All I know about Uriah Heap comes from an Anne of Green Gables quote (ha!) so soon I'll know what ya'll are talking about...

And, for the record, I'm agreeing with Alexandra...I don't feel sorry for Chauvelin a whit. Maybe that will change when I read more of the other books...but I somehow doubt it... :P

Maria Elisabeth said...

Of course! I wonder I didn't think of stalking your YouTube channel before. Well, I will now.

What! An Anne of Green Gables quote about Uriah Heap! I really don't remember that, but it sounds hilarious. Which book is it from? Or is it maybe from one of the movies?

Lydia said...

Maria Elisabeth, no, i do not have a blog. i want one very badly and when i do get one i will post about the Phantom all the time! GO PHANTOM!!!!! i do agree that he was wrong to kill those people but i still love him. i do have to say that i like the movie Phantom better than the book Phantom. GO GERARD BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is AWESOME! and has a AWESOME voice!

Hayden said...

It's taken me forever to comment on here again...sorry!!!

I don't remember what Anne book it was, I just remember her saying she'd be "as 'umble as Uriah 'eap" :)