Friday, January 27, 2012

Sincerely, me

**blog idea from a whole bunch of lovely bloggers**

Dear Charles Dickens, could you tell me how you manage to take three times as many characters as I'd think would be necessary, add a chain of events that would be wildly improbably in one of my novels, and still are able to connect the threads of plot into a neat little box with a happy ending inside?

Dear Kraft Canada, 'light' peanut butter is one of the most illogical things I've ever used.  The amount of oil I had to add to the peanut butter balls before they'd stick together was ridiculous.

Dear Sir Percy Blakeney, I have almost weeded you out  of my next novel.  Being already in love with Marguerite, you are not available for the position of romantic lead.  Find me someone else.

Dear Judo, why do you like starting before I have time to do my hair?  I know its not a fashion show, but, in the words of a hero whom you all probably are tired of hearing about, "My dear Fouquet, if I'm going to take a ride on the tumbril I'm going to go properly dressed.

Dear Chester, you are so absolutely gorgeous.  So sweet and devoted, but your friend is that too, and his eyes just make me melt.

Dear followers, in case you were thinking I had a romantic dilemma, don't worry.  Chester and his friend are dogs. :)

Dear On the Contrary, also known as The Frenchwoman, also known as A Woman in Shadow, called for convenience The Novel Without a Title, could you please decide your title and stick with it?  Oh, and the name of the heroine too.  I'm perfectly ready to let you have your way, but could you at least tell your author what is is?

Dear short story contest hosted by my library, why is the maximum 1000 words?  Nano has ruined short stories for me.  I probably couldn't write something like that to save my life. :(

Dear Les Miserables, I'll read you as soon as I force someone to drive, ahem, go myself, to the library.

Dear lovely fellow-bloggers, stop making me laugh. 

Sincerely, me


♥ Naomi ♥ said...

I want to do that sometime! I'd have a lot of letters to write!

Miss Dashwood said...

Stop making you laugh??? Do you mean to imply that you are laughing at us, your fellow bloggers? The blogging ladies of Jane Austen-dom are not to be laughed at!

Although I'm laughing at this post, so I suppose I'm just a hypocrite. You really had me at the "Chester" one--and I sooooo totally sympathize about the title of the novel dilemma. And the whole thing with putting Sir Percy in every story. Heehee.

The second-to-last one REALLY made me smile. I have just the reverse problem: tomorrow I have to go to the library and give back the precious copy of the Les Mis 10th Anniversary Concert.... sniffle.

I need to do one of these sometime. They keep making me smile!

Maria Elisabeth said...

Yes, you should do it. It's a lot of fun.

Miss Dashwood,
Yes, I was laughing at you. I'm not sure that my family doesn't think I've gone mad when I sit in front of the computer and laugh.

I think I've decided I am going to keep Sir Percy in the story, but in the background, properly in love with Marguerite. I even considered having Marguerite die, but I'm not sure that Percy wouldn't die of a broken heart after all and it would spoil all my plans. Besides, its close to heresy. :P I'm just hoping that I'll find a suitable member of the League with part of his awesomeness to fall in love with the heroine.

And the library is closed today. Rats.

Charity U said...


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I've awarded you the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!