Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful People: Madeleine de la Trenelle

I'm trying to make sense of my newest novel idea.  The ideas are rather jumbled in my head, so what's better than to do a Beautiful People for the main character?

Just so that I don't throw you in head-first, the setting is revolutionary France, with a smattering of England.  The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel will feature prominently, but Sir Percy Blakeney will not.  Here that?  You won't.  I'm not ready to take you on as your author.  There's no place for you in the story, thank-you-very-much.

On second thought, that sounds a lot like something Chauvelin would like to say.  But he's not in the story either, thank-you-very-much too.
This is how Madeleine looked before her story really started - except that she actually has dark blue eyes.
Now she looks a lot different.

1. If character's house burned down, and they were left with nothing but the clothes on their back, what would they do? Where would they go? 
The house that Madeleine's living in, you mean?  She doesn't own it anyways, so she'd just make sure that everyone in it was out, and then find a different place to live.  The mansion she owns is way too big to burn down all at once before people realize about it and put it out.  The steward would repair all the damages, and Madeleine wouldn't be at all concerned in it.
2. Are they happy with where they are in life, or would they like to move on?
Move on?  Move on to what?  Madeleine is carrying out the dying wishes of her fiance, and while she'd hate herself for doing anything else, I wouldn't say that she's happy with where she is in life.
 3. Are they well-paid? 
Madeleine doesn't get paid for what she does, but her income in tremendous.  Oh wait, don't tell anyone, that was a secret. :P
 4. Can they read? She can, and many years ago she used to enjoy it, but not now.
5. What languages do they speak? French, English, Italian, and a smattering of Latin.
6. What is their biggest mistake? That she got into this situation in the first place.  (don't you wish you knew what is is?)  As her author, it will be hard to get her out of it.  But then again, it isn't really her fault.  It's the French Revolution's fault, and the king's fault, and even her fiance's fault.  No, not really, I do like Henri, but......
7. What did they play with most as a child? Henri, who became her fiance, and her cousin, who's name doesn't matter, because she changes it so often.
8. What are their thoughts on politics? Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks.... that's pretty much it.
9. What is their expected life time?  A few days, perhaps, considering the situation she's in.  Is she going to live longer than that?  Oh yes.
10. If they were falsely accused of murder, what would they do? How would they react? First of all, she'd hear of it before she was actually accused and then just disappear.  If she was accused suddenly in a dark street, she'd pull out a sword.  If she actually did land, in jail, she'd bribe the guards.  But then, its against her principles to land in jail, so it wouldn't happen.


Alexandra said...

Ooh! I love this!!! The story sounds amazing...and are you sure Percy like...couldn't have the teeeeeniest cameo? :-D

Absolutely love it! I'll have to do this sometime. And would you ever consider posting teeny snippets of the story...because I'd *love* to read it!

Queen Nellie said...

ooh, sound exciting. happy wrighting!!

Maria Elisabeth said...

I'm sort of in a sticky situation with Percy. You can't have the League without the leader, but then you can't have Blakeney without him detracting from the appeal of the real hero. I'll put him in, but only a little.
Actually, I'm sort of failing in my resolve already. :P He's mentioned in the opening paragraph, and I've already talked about the lace of his cravat. And that's when I've only written two scenes......

Queen Nellie
Thank you. I hope to make it exciting and I think I'll have a lot of fun with it, if the characters behave. Actually, that's why I don't want to have much to do with Sir Percy. How can I order Blakeney around like I do all the other characters?

Elizabeth said...

I awarded you on my blog! :)