Thursday, December 15, 2011

The story of a very fangirlish fangirl :)

WARNING: This post will not contain as many spoilers as I would like, but you can't expect a crazy fangirl to not put in any spoilers.
Yet Another Period Drama Blog
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Yet Another Period Drama Blog
also made by Miss Dashwood
You think I'm very obsessed?  Well, so do I, but it is very pleasant to be obsessed.

We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those fangirls seek him everywhere!

Is that really not how it goes? 

Well, in case you don't know what I'm talking about, I will try to coherently explain.

*tries unsuccessfully to snap out of crazy fangirl mode*

His name is Sir Percy Blakeney. He is really too amazing to be an ordinary human, but so much the better.  I like larger-than-life and better-than-life heroes. :)  And sink me, m'dear, but he really is larger than life.  He can find a solution to every situation, is horribly (yes, horribly; some of those he impersonates are quite horrible) good at acting and impersonating, is and impudent, and has excellent taste in cravats. :D

Yet Another Period Drama Blog
my sentiments exactly
And he is very good at exasperating Citizen Chaubertin.

Er, Chauvelin.  He is Sir Percy's worst enemy and someone who you love to hate.  He is very good at concocting plans against Sir Percy, but his problem is just that.  They're against Sir Percy, so he doesn't have a chance.


And then there is Marguerite, Lady Blakeney.  She and I have much in common, I think, especially our craziness about Sir Percy.  But while she always does something impulsive whenever Percy is in danger, I think indesisive me, worrying that it would mess up his plans, would stay at home and cry.  Whenever Marguerite does something impulsive I feel like saying:

One of my real stubbornesses about her is that everybody gets her looks wrong. She is beautiful, yes, but her hair is blonde.  It has to be.  Baroness Orczy speaks of her hair as 'golden glory' and a certificate that seems to have been made for her describes her as having 'light hair, blue eyes.'

So far I have read The Scarlet Pimpernel, El Dorado, and The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. If you haven't read any of these, well, as Alexandra says, get thee to a library!


P.S. If you happen to see me sometime in the near future, I'll probably be doing math.  And the math will probably consist of staring at horrible algebra problems and writing over all my scrap paper: "I seek it here, I seek it there, I seek the answer everywhere!"


Alyssa C. said...

Oooohhh! I totally understand why you love The Scarlet Pimpernel (and Sir Percy and all!). It's one of my favorite-est books ever! In fact, reading your post makes me want to dig up that book from the shelf and read it again. :))

Melody said...

Ha! It's funny that they do that to he hair; not funny, that is, but with Jane Eyre, nearly all the movies make Blanch Ingam have blonde hair when the book is ever so specific about her having very dark hair. Hair that everyone calls black. And dark eyes, too.

I had fun watching The Scarlet Pimpernel. But for one can compare to my Jane Austen heroes, and that's all there is too it. (I was just discussing this with Miss Dashwood, in point of fact.)

I shall have to read the book someday, though; whereupon I am sure my opinion will be further improved.

Is it easier or harder than Jane Austen? Longer or shorter?

Maria Elisabeth said...

Good! Another member of the League!

I tell you (rather shamefacedly, because I used to hold the exact same opinion) that I think he's even better than the Austen heroes. It's not that I don't like them, its just that I like Sir Percy more.

Reading the book is much easier and (unfortunately) shorter than Jane Austen. I think that once you start, you'll have a lot of trouble putting it down. And actually, I'd recommend you read 'El Dorado'. The Scarlet Pimpernel focuses more on Marguerite, while El Dorado shows us a lot more of Sir Percy.

Jemimah C. said...

The Scarlet Pimpernel and Sir Percy--why, they are absolutely delightful! I still desperately need to watch the film and read the other books in series.

Miss Dashwood said...

I am dying the death of ten thousand screams because my library system does not possess El Dorado. I hate reading things on computer, but I may have to unbend this once and read in on Gutenberg.
Actually, perhaps I'll search Amazon and buy it, if it's as good as all you girls say. :)
You have lovely taste in pictures and buttons, btw. :P I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who quotes him on a day-to-day basis! Hardly a day goes by in our household without someone saying "sink meh!". :D
And I, too, would be the indecisive one who wailed, "Don't do that! You'll get hurt/killed/defeated by Chauvelin [fate worse than death]!" LOL.
I greatly enjoyed this post my dear--as Miss Bates would say, "Lovely lovely lovely!"

Anne-girl said...

*Sighs* I am Sir Percy crazy. He's even better than Mr. Knightly. Though I wonder if I'm the only one who would like to shake him the time he says "What has poor Armand done to deserve matrimony?".

I always think of Marguerite with dark hair. I ave a bad habit of imagining people my own way instead of the way they are described.

Melody said...

Hmm. Well, my feelings for my dear Jane Austen heroes will never change. I am as steadfast as Anne Elliot, as passionate as Marianne....

(Sorry...just felt like saying something, you know, dramatic.)

Melody said...

"You sad, sad girls!" (Mrs. Elton voice)

Well, my Anne-girl, I felt like doing more than shake Sir Percy when he said that. >.<
Anyways, there is one thing you must understand when you compare Jane Austen heroes with others; that it is spelled Knightley. ;-) (Don't worry, I used to spell it Knightly too; for quite a while.)

Rachel Heffington said...

Oh Percy! Percy! *Swoon. Swoon in his arms!* ;) I love Percy. I wished he was real as I read the book, and I still wish it, and to this day I am continuing to have the difficulty of remembering there was no such person in the French Revolution. *wails*
As for Marguerite, I didn't think that the actress was right for her, having always thought she'd look rather a lot like Barbara Spooner from Amazing Grace, but she grew on me.
Ahhhh...sink meh.

Alexandra said...

Sir Percy Is. The. Most. Amazing. Hero. In. The. World.

He beats Mr. Darcy any day. Or any other literary hero. They just can't compare.

The Elusive Pimpernel and The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimperenel are two other great ones. But El Dorado is the best in the series, IMO.

I admit that I do imagine Marguerite with dark hair, having seen the 1982 film before reading the book. :-) I always kind of assumed it was red in the books, like Rachel said...times when it mentioned it being auburn or comparing it to the sunset. But yes...that is always a problem.

Sigh. Sir the man forever.

And the Twilight fans think they are obsessed! Ha! Little do they know! Who wants to be obsessed with a story like that when you can have a fully *human* (larger than life, but not supernatural ;-)) hero? (nod)

Long live the league!!! And bravo to the blogging League members who are doing all we can to convert more fans to our cause! :-)

Maria Elisabeth said...

I'm sure I'd want to shake the person who said that, but, as it is in the movie I happily assign all blame to the scriptwriter and none at all to Sir Percy.

I can relate to your opinion, since I can remember being driven crazy when Alexandra posted a Sir-Percy-is-better-than-Austen-heroes post.
And yes (my dear Mrs. Elton)- it MUST be spelled Knightley and you must never, ever call him plain Knightley or even Mr. K.

Exactly, that's how I feel, and I've convinced that there could very probably have been someone like that in the French Revolution. As hard as it is to remember there isn't, its even harder to remember I'm not Marguerite.