Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Inspiration has struck!!!

Or that's what I hope.  I now officially have the inspiration for a new novel and if it turns out as I hope it will be amazing.  Here are my ideas:

Title: Divided Loyalty: the Story of a Man Without a Country
MMC(stands for male main character, or, in this case, main main character) name: someone whose first name is probably Richard, Rene, or Sidney and whose last name doesn't matter as much, as long as it is thoroughly French.
FMC (female main character, or, in this case, the mainest female character) name: Aurelie ---------
Setting: Europe in the Napoleaonic War, circa 1805 - 1815
Genre: Historical fiction, of course, but with elements of adventure and romance
Tense: It will be in first person past tense, with maybe a few historical elements in third person present tense.  It will be different, but I hope great things from it.
What I am trying very hard to do with it: make it an amazing book, and try not to plagarize too much from Dumas' The Last Cavalier. [Note: I do not recommend everything in that book, but it has excellent plot line, characters, and writing style.  I wish it wasn't unfinished.]

I was born in Austria.  My father was French, my mother English.  They had barely a year together before I was born and barely a few weeks together afterwards.  My father was killed in a skirmish by the English, my mother in a raid by the French.  When I grew more than a very small boy I did not care for playing and I had no use for religion, but I hated those who had killed my parents.

When I had just turned sixteen Napolean Bonaparte began another campaign against the English.  Most boys would have joined one side or the other for adventure and revenge, but what could I do?  I hated them both. 

In this war every man has to chose sides.  Which side will he chose?  And what will happen after he makes his decision?

And that is all I have written.  I hope to update soon!

P.S. All my writing and ideas are copyright me.  Please do not steal them.


Anne-girl said...

Sounds absolutely gorgeous I hope you post excerpts.

In His Wings said...

Miss Georgiana,
I believe it is a marvelous idea & has potential to be a captivating plot. I too am a writer ( as yet only on my blog & a poetry contest) & hope one day to be published. I had entertained the notion of posting excerpts of my writing on my blog, but I am concerned about plagarism.
Good luck with your novel. I am certain it will be wonderful.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

Lauren said...

Wow, it sounds intriguing :)

Annie Kate said...

Sounds so good!