Saturday, December 17, 2011

I want to...... I don't want to.....

Maybe I do want to........
But then, maybe I don't.

Since those sentences were rather cryptic, I think I should explain.

We just got this from the library.

The odd thing is, I'm not sure whether I should watch it.

"What!" you're thinking, "I thought she liked The Scarlet Pimpernel!  I thought she wanted to watch this!"

Well, I did.  I know beforehand that Anthony Andrews would be amazingly perfect as Sir Percy, and even though Jane Seymour's looks aren't quite right for Marguerite, I was sure she would be brilliant regardless.

But after reading El Dorado (which the movie is partly based on) and being told some things about the movie from Miss Dashwood I found a completely different problem, by the name of Armand St. Just.

Problem 1: In the movie, Armand is living with a woman he hasn't married.  Excuse me!  Was that really necessary?  In Armand's romance, there was nothing more than a few a lot of kisses and becoming engaged.

Problem 2: The woman is named Louise, and she's an understudy of Marguerite.  But I liked Mademoiselle Lange (Armand's fiancee.)  Under Sir Percy and Marguerite, she's probably my favorite character.

Problem 3: Armand is a member of the Commitee of Public Safety under Chauvelin.  What!!!  Armand is, must be, a member of the League.  This ruins the whole theme of El Dorado and certainly will make Sir Percy's actions, as well as his and Marguerite's, appear in a totally different light.

This has probably been a very incoherent post, but I want advice from you.  How does it portray Armand?  Should I watch it? 

Remember, I want to be convinced, I just can't convince myself.


Miss Dashwood said...

Whoops! I think I completely forgot to mention something very important to you... namely, that Armand IS in the League, and that he proves to be a crucial part in, um, making the story very exciting near the end.
He is indeed in the Committee of National Security (practically Chauvelin's right hand man) but he joins the League (simply awesome scene when Percy tells him All) and remains in the Committee as an undercover agent. Oh, the suspense.
That said, I didn't really like him.
My opinion only, but I liked the other characters so much that I didn't mind not liking Armand. Making sense here?
I still think you should watch the movie, because sink me, it's awesome, and if you're still not convinced, try this.

Rachel Heffington said...

Oh, Miss Darcy, by all means watch it! Of course it takes some liberties with the book (it actually combines the first, El Dorado, and another book together)and Armand is living with someone he's not married to. That's undeniable, however if you didn't know he *wasn't* married, you wouldn't know she wasn't his wife...if you know what I mean. It's not played up as a scandal which is bad and good all at once.
However that being said, I say watch it by all means. There are some positively brilliant coversations between Percy and Chauvelin, Armand *is* in the League as well as being under Chauvelin, and it shows much of Percy and Marguerite before they are married so you get a sweeping, lovely picture of the romance/betrayal/romance. *Happy, happy sigh* It's a wonderful movie over all. :)

Melody said...

Waaaait a second. You haven't seen this yet?! Well, if not, then I recommend watching it. We objected to the living together thing, but at least it wasn't focused on. I didn't actually figure out they weren't married till the second viewing. haha :P But that's no excuse. But anyways, I'd say watch it. The music is quite nice too. =)

Alexandra said...

Oh, oh, oh. You MUST MUST MUST watch it. *MUST*.

Anthony Andrews *IS* Sir Percy. If I didn't know better, I'd think that Baroness Orczy had some way of seeing into the future that Anthony Andrews would be portraying her hero...and tailor-making the part for him. Down to the tiniest description (well, except for the fact that in the book Percy has blue eyes and Anthony Andrews has brown...which I can forgive since he acts with his eyes so superbly), he fits him to a "T". The "lazy half-lidded gaze"...the drawl...the blond hair...tall, incredibly handsome...ok, ok, I'm biased, he's also my favorite actor. :-D But anyway. I saw the film before reading the books, and it was what got me obsessed with all things TSP.

It *really* elaborates on Percy and Marguerite's love story before they are married, which I LOVE because it makes that much more of a contrast when they are married and he's suddenly cold and distant and "foppish" different from the man who was passionately in love with know? It's sooooooo good.

OMS, the scene when Percy tells Armand who he is!!! One of my favorite scenes in the film. But the prison scene. Now that is my. favorite. scene. in. the. whole. film. period. OMS. The acting...the LOOK in Percy's eyes! The utter romanticness...ack, don't want to give it away. It's amazing.

And the Percy/Chauvelin scenes!!! Positively brilliant.

And the twist ending. Ohhhh my soul. Of course I didn't know how it ended when I first watched it, and...I freaked out. :-D I always love hearing from other people how they liked the ending.

Yes, Armand *is* in the league but stays with Chauvelin as an undercover agent.

Armand does live with Louise outside of marriage, which is blah. However, there's only two very very brief scenes that we skip...other than that you'd never know they were living together. So it's very minor. But I'm an Armand hater anyway :-P, so whether or not he's a "good" guy isn't that big of a deal to me. :-) But yes, he is part of the league and a HUGE part, as Miss Dashwood said, of the super-amazingly-awesome ending.

If you are a fan of TSP, you absolutely *must* see it. This movie is probably one of, if not my very very favorite movie EVER. Ten million stars and thumbs up and all that.

So yes. SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Convinced? :-)

Alexandra said...

Oh...and Louise in the movie? They just changed her name...her full name is Louise Lange. So yeah. :-)

Laraba said...

I really liked this version of the Scarlet Pimpernel but I agree that issue about Armand and Suzanne is bothersome. I think we can overlook stuff like that sometime, while firmly hanging on to the knowledge that living together outside of marriage is a very unhealthy, negative thing. The relationships between the main characters are positive and Armand nobly turns to danger to save others as he realizes the danger of the leadership of Chauvelin. It is quite different from the book in many ways, but I actually prefer it to the book in some ways (which is very rare -- I almost always like the book better.)

Laraba (Naomi's mom)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and I do apologize (said in a Mr. Collins sort of way) for providing so many spoilers to people who haven't seen/read it yet!

Elizabeth said...

My dear Miss Georgiana,

I understand your sentiments on the subject of The Scarlett Pimpernel. I have seen the movie, and can offer some advice. Yes, unfortunately the movie has Armand living with Louise who he hasn't married. However, a scene or two with Louise can be easily skipped and not take away from the rest of the movie. Armand is a member of the League....and that is a very awesome part!

On the whole, it is a very good movie, and worth watching. Sir Percy, I quite agree, is amazing! Thank you so much for thinking before you act though! It is quite honoring to God!

Also, thank you Miss Georgiana for putting together an excellent blog, specifically one that glorifies God! :)

~ Miss Elizabeth

(and yes, my name really is Elizabeth....but i'm SO glad I have the P&P heroine's name!)

Anne-girl said...

Armand I like and I don't like. He's really nice and he stands up for his sister and if it weren't for the whole living with thing he would be one of my favorite characters.

Tarissa said...

Oh my! "The Scarlet Pimpernel" movie sounds interesting... it was the Jane Seymour part that really got me! I've watched "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and I simply can't image her playing any other part than just Dr. Quinn. =)

I might like to watch this movie sometime, just to see what it really is like, but I think I would want to read the novel first.

Charity U said...

Good thing you watched it. :)