Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen and the Stylish Blogger Award

So, first of all, Miss Dashwood at Yet Another Period Drama Blog is hosting a Jane Austen blog event!  It looks like a lot of fun.

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Second of all, Miss Laurie gave me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you so much, dear!
The rules are:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them.
List seven random facts about yourself.
Award five other bloggers.

So, for the seven random facts:

1: I have one name that is my real name, one that most people call me, a couple nicknames, one name that I use on my blog, and two that I use when I talk to myself, depending on the mood I'm in. :P

2: As you might have seen, I'm obsessed about names.  Naming the main character is one of the most important decisions I make about my novels.  And if the name of someone in somebody else's book doesn't fit the character, well, I go crazy.

3: As you also might have seen, I talk to myself. A lot.

4: The amount of blog posts that I've written in my head but never posted would absolutely swamp you.  It might be better if I wasn't busy when I thought them up.

5: My hair is so long and thick that after I recently got a layered cut, some of my friends didn't notice but just commented on how long and thick it was!

6: I am obsessed with chocolate.

7: I have 54 followers and I'm so glad for all of you.  :)

I award:
Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Thirdly, Rachel gave me a writing related tag, but since I've already talked a lot about my nano novel, I hope to do it when I get an idea for another one. Which will be soon, I hope.

EDIT: I found that Miss Dashwood had given me the I'm An Inspirational Blogger Award quite a while ago.  Thank you so much!


Melody said...

Thank you very much! =) I received this award a while ago and passed it on, but now I can add that I was awarded by one more person! :-)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

You're very welcome Miss Georgiana!

I love your name facts! As a Name Enthusiast (do you follow my name blog? I forget...) I am very particular about names as well.

My hair is very thick too (and about mid-back length right now)! When I had my hair styled for a wedding this past spring it took the poor lady 2 hours to create my up-do!

Congrats on 54 followers! :)

KraftyHorseLover said...

Congrats! I've started my own J.A. birthday event on my blog. I'm hosting a contest and I think that you should enter -

From a devoted fan - KraftyHorseLover