Friday, November 11, 2011

Who's your favorite hero and heroine?

Miss Georgiana Darcy

Colonel Brandon vs. Edward Ferrars

Elinor Dashwood vs. Marianne Dashwood

Who do you like best, and why?

With all due respect to the dear Colonel (whom, I can assure you, I like a great deal)  I prefer Edward.  He is underappreciated, and doesn't always make perfect descisions, but he always acts like a gentleman, even if he isn't perfect.  And, without the crushing sense of his secret engagement and as he grows up more, I think he will be quite less of a social failure than his brother Robert seems to think.  Besides, there must be something in him to make Elinor like him so much.  And, agreeing with Marianne, I have some objections to a man more than twice my age as Colonel Brandon is.  Disagreeing with her though, and to Edward's vindication, I don't think that poetry can be read aloud properly and expressively.  It needs to be read just to yourself, or, perhaps, to Elinor alone.  And Edward has a nice sense of humor, too.

 I'm saying that I like Marianne better than Elinor, though it is rather a toss-up.  Marianne is musical,  loves poetry and the picturesque, and is fiercely loyal and affectionate.  She doesn't say anything but what she means, so you can always count on her honesty, and she goes by extremes, which is extremely interesting. ;P 

Who is your favorite?  Please comment or, if you have enough time, write a whole blog post about it!


Lauren said...

A hard decision, but I think I'm with you. Edward and Marianne:) I like the others as well, though...:)

Miss Dashwood said...

Elinor and Colonel Brandon all the way. Haha, I'm a polar opposite to you.
However, I do really admire Edward. I'm actually in the middle of writing a post entitled "Defending Edward Ferrars", which should be published sometime tomorrow. :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Perhaps it's because I'm an Elinor type of girl that I prefer her to Marianne. Although Marianne has many good qualities her extreme emotional swings and passionate romantic ideals are too intense for me. To some extent she brings a lot of her disappointment and troubles on herself, relying too much on her feelings (the other half is for sure Willoughby the scoundrel).
I greatly sympathize with Elinor, she feels just as deeply and honestly as Marianne yet she lets herself be guided by sense and temperance. It's also easier to understand Elinor because it is her voice that frequently dominates the story.

I can never decide whether I prefer Edward Ferrars or Colonel Brandon.
Edward's shy manners take time to recommend him but he is a very honorable and down to earth fellow. I do find myself wondering how he ever got himself engaged to Lucy Steele though!
I get the feeling that Colonel Brandon would be quite as passionate and romantic minded as Marianne and though I greatly admire his kindness and gentlemanly manners he's perhaps a degree less agreeable to me.

So probably Edward and Elinor but it's like comparing apples and oranges, I greatly love both! :)

Melody said...

Sometimes I think an S&S reader can't quite get to know Edward well enough and especially Col. Brandon. There's probably more about Edward.
Col. Brandon might be more my type than Edward (supposing he was younger), but I like them both; and I agree, Edward always seems to be misunderstood.

Elinor and Marianne! The great thing about them is that you can like them both just as much in different ways! =) But I agree, I think I'd vote for Marianne a little higher if they were competing.

Abby said...

I prefer Elinor to Marianne - I think we're more alike and I feel as if I understand her better - but I agree with you about Edward Ferrars. It can appear that he's lacking backbone, but on the other hand, it does take courage to do the honourable thing...and just because someone can't read poetry aloud very well doesn't mean they have no feelings, or make them boring :')

In my opinion, he's a very good example of a character that doesn't need to be particularly handsome or incredibly talented to be likeable and still worthy of admiration. He can be compared very well with Willoughby, who has all the first appearance of being the perfect gentleman, when he in fact is not.

And I agree with Melody - when reading S&S, I always feel as if we never get to know Edward and Colonel Brandon as well as we do in Jane Austen's other works, which can make it difficult to choose between them.


Taisia said...

They're all so nice! It's such a hard choice! I think Elinor Dashwood more than Marianne. But that's probably just becuase I always end up as Elinor Dashwood whenever I take a Jane Austen heroine quiz :)and I like both Edward to Coloenl Brandon, because they're both nice in their own way.