Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unnamed NaNo Novel: a tag

 I was tagged by the Anne-girl with a nanowrimo tag! Here are the rules.

  1.       Write the title of your novel in the title bar. Well, it's unnamed right now; I really don't have any ideas title-wise right now.
  2.       Nominate two other people you know who are doing Nano.Comment on their blogs to let them know you've tagged them. hmmm, I tag Carrie from The Blog of a Writing Maiden and Jessica from Safirewriter.  But if there's anyone else who wants to take this tag, please do!
  3.       Answer all the questions below.

What is your current word count?

24,155. Yes, that means ouch. I still plan to catch up to 50,000 in the next week, though.

What would you consider is best about your novel: plot, dialog, characters, or description?

As Chris Baty said (the founder of Nano, in his book No Plot, No Problem. I don't remember his exact words) "The things I'm not so good at? Plot, dialog, characters, and description. The things I'm good at? Coffee-drinking and complaining." Yup, that's me.

But I think that for this novel I've made great headway in plot and dialog and I love my characters, although they won't stay consistent and are often cliche.

Which of the above would you consider your weakest point?

I keep forgetting to describe, and then when I finally remember I only put it in for the word count. Another problem I have is not keeping the minor characters and subplots wrapped properly into the story.

Of all your characters who do you like the best?

Oh, you had to ask me that! I must say I love Anna, and she's getting a lot of my thoughts and feelings (rather egotistical, don't you think?) Derek is a challenge, both to me and to Anna, because I'm trying to make him mischievous boy and perfect hero at the same time. Another character I really like is Clarence, but he's trying to take the real hero's place so I'm trying to make him as shady as possible. Sorry for the long list, but I also like Meredith Elliston (a shameless plagarisation of Anne Elliot) and a young society woman named Muriel, although I'm not sure where she's going to fit in the story.

What was the inspiration for your novel?

Well, I first started the novel, and then I got the inspiration.  The current piece of writing is so different from the original idea that I won’t even talk about it.

How long have you been doing Nano?

I did the young writer’s program last year and the year before.

What other writing projects have you completed or are in the process of writing?

One novelette of Medieval England, one of reformation-era France, one unfinished Austeneque romance that goes under the title of ‘Regency novel’ and a couple of short stories and poems.

What would you consider the funniest line in your novel?  

“And Derek Randall is a – an alligator!”

        If Mrs. Wilson was surprised she did not show it. “Why is that?” she inquired mildly.

        Anna poured out her story. “He came up to me as I was walking to school. He was carrying his lunch pail and a frog.  When I saw the frog he threw it into the bushes, but, Mama, Bertha was carrying his lunch because he said he lost his pail.  He had it and it was filled with frogs!”

        Mrs. Wilson had to swallow hard to keep from laughing, but Anna was not feeling particularly mirthful. “He put all, – all, Mama, those frogs into my and Bertha’s desk!

Go to the 11th page of your novel and paste the last paragraph here.  

When Mrs. Randall had left, Bertha sat down, “Mother means well,” she said, “But I know Miss Elliston wouldn’t want the story repeated, so can you promise me to say nothing about it?”

This paragraph needs to be read in context. It’s just after Mrs. Randall gives Anna a full history of Miss Elliston’s former romance, telling her that she forgot the name of the young man. Bertha knows who it is and doesn’t want gossip to go around about it.

What time period is your novel set in?

The Victorian Era. 1881, to be precise.

Please paste here the paragraph you consider the best.

Oh, please no.  I’m not sure which paragraph is the best.  I do like the passage I posted a while ago, though.

What are you planning to do when your novel is all written and edited? Writing wise, that is.

Hmmm, I’ll probably be trying to smooth out the chaos and fill in the lines of ‘Regency Novel.’  And I’ll find a title for this one. 


P. S. To all of you in the US; have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I'm in Canada, and we have our Thanksgiving in October, which is good right now, because there's snow on the ground.


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    Thanks for doing my tag. We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving as well as american because our uncle is from Canada.

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    Ooh, I liked the paragraphs you included! And our novels are set in the exact same year--how fun. :)
    In my family we celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving, since my uncle-by-marriage is from Vancouver. :)

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    I tagged you in my nano post -

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