Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday: Quotes from the Movies

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the 1995 and 2008 versions of Sense and Sensibility.  I was originally going to post some from the book too, but the book doesn't really have any 'funny' quotes and all the poignant ones have to be read in context.

Elinor: Marianne, can you play something else?  Mamma has been weeping since breakfast.
Marianne switches to a dirge.
Elinor: I meant something LESS mournful, dearest.

Fanny Dashwood: Oh, a cottage! How charming. A little cottage is always very snug.
(My current background is actually called named after this :)

Marianne: When is a man to be free from such wit if age and infirmity do not protect him?
Elinor: Infirmity?
Mrs. Dashwood: If Colonel Brandon is infirm then I am at death's door.
Elinor: It is a miracle your life has extended this far.
Marianne: Did you not hear him complain of a rheumatism in his shoulder?
Elinor: A slight ache was I believe his phrase

Edward: Miss Dashwood... Elinor, I must talk to you - something of great importance I need to tell you - about my education.
Elinor: Your education?
Edward: Yes, it was conducted oddly enough at Plymouth.
Elinor: Indeed?
Edward: Yes, do you know it?
Elinor: Plymouth?
Edward: Yes.
Elinor: No
Edward: Ah.

Marianne: Is love a fancy or a feeling... or a Ferrars?

Margaret: Please don't say anything important 'til I come back.
Marianne: Fanny wishes to know where the key to the silver cabinet is kept.
Elinor: Betsy has it I think. What does Fanny want with the silver?
Marianne: One can only presume she wants to count it. What are you doing?
Elinor: Presents for the servants. Have you seen Margaret by the way? I'm worried about her. She's taken to hiding in the oddest places.
Marianne: Fortunate girl. At least she can escape Fanny which is more than any of us is able.
Elinor: You do your best. You've not said a word to her for a week.
Marianne: I have. I've said "yes" and "no".

Marianne: And as for you, you have no right, no right at all, to parade your ignorant assumptions...
Margaret: They're not assumptions, you told me.
Marianne: I told you nothing.
Margaret: They'll meet him when he comes.
Marianne: Margaret, that is not the point. We do not speak of such things before strangers.
Margaret: But everyone else was.
Marianne: Mrs Jennings is not everyone.
Margaret: I like her. She talks about things. We never talk about things.

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Edward and Elinor are baiting Margaret, who is hiding
Edward Ferrars: I wish to check the position of the Nile. My sister tells me it is in South America.
Elinor Dashwood: No. She's quite wrong, for I believe it is in Belgium.
Edward Ferrars: You must be thinking of the Volga.
Margaret: The Volga?
Elinor Dashwood: Of course, the Volga. Which, as you know, starts in...
Edward Ferrars: Vladivostock, and ends in...
Elinor Dashwood: Wimbledon.
Edward Ferrars: Precisely. Where the coffee beans come from.
Margaret: The source of the Nile is in Abyssinia.


Mrs. Dashwood: I suppose you would have us live in a rabbit hutch.
Elinor: No, Mamma, a cottage will do.

Mrs. Dashwood has just announced that they are going to live in Barton Cottage.
Fanny: Opon my word, I quite envy you.
Margaret: Then you should go live there, Fanny, and we'll stay at Norland.

Marianne (dreamily): Willoughby of Allenham.  It's a good name, isn't it?
Elinor: Willoughby of Allenham left some very muddy footprints in the passage.

Margaret: Colonel Brandon's coming.
Marianne: Come, Margaret, we're going outside.
Margaret: What for?
Marianne: A healthy walk.

If you have any other favorites feel free to post them


Ella said...

Funny post!

Melody said...

I LOVE S&S quotes, and the 1995 ones are SO quotable!! =)

"It's going to rain!"
"It is NOT going to rain."
"You always say that and then it always does!"

"Is there any felicity in the worlds superior to this?"

"There's a bit of blue sky, let us chase it!"

"Do you love him?"
"I do not attempt to deny that I think very highly of him. That I...greatly...esteem him. ...I like him."
"Esteem him? Like him?! Use those insipid words again and I shall leave the room this instant!"