Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quiz Answers

1 b Henry

2 a Norland

3 c Esteem, like

4 d It doesn't say (This is the danger of trusting a film adaptation - his name is not Christopher!)

5 c thirteen

6 a Devonshire

7 c 500 pounds a year

8 b,e Mr. Palmer is so droll! and Mr. Palmer is just the kind of man I like.

9 c Marianne (I don't think anybody got this one, but it's true - see chapter 34)

10 d Mrs. Jennings

11 a Harry

12 b three

13 c,d,e his sister-in-law, named Eliza, a near relative (quite a few people missed the 'near relative' part, but Colonel B. did say it, and I'm presuming she was his cousin, because his father was her guardian.)

14 c,d He had been told that Marianne was dying.  He wanted to explain himself.  (He wanted to talk to Elinor, not Marianne.

15 c because it would be dishonourable

16 a she ran out of the room and burst into tears of joy

17 b esteem and friendship

Isn't it funny that the two last questions show them doing 'out of character' things?  Elinor runs out of the room and bursts into tears when she hears some surprising news, and Marianne marries a man with only esteem and friendship.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet 15 1/2 answers right
Melody 13 1/2 answers right
Miss Dashwood 13 1/2 answers right
Miss Laurie 13 answers right
Sarah Grace 12 answers right
Anne-girl 11 answers right
Lauren 9 1/2 answers right
Krista 7 1/2 right

Thank you all for playing!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!


Lauren said...

Wow, some of the correct answers really surprised me! Thanks for hosting such a fun week:)

Melody said...

Well, I'm sure Marianne didn't marry Brandon with JUST esteem and friendship.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

This quiz was delightful! Thanks for hosting! :)

In His Wings said...

Miss Georgiana, how many did I get correct?

Sarah Grace

Maria Elisabeth said...

I'd think so too, but the last chapter of S&S says differently

Sarah Grace
I'm so sorry for not putting them in the post earlier. You got 12 right.

Lauren and Miss Laurie
You're welcome. I had fun too.