Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nano Excerpt #1

There are two characters I forgot to tell you about in the last post, and since they're getting more and more important to the story, I'll tell you about them now.

Muriel Blake is young, educated and elegant.  She's only had one scene in my novel so far, but she's written a couple of letters to Miss Elliston and soon I'll be able to write a bit more about her.

Clarence Elliston is a pleasant sort of guy who can be serious but not too serious, funny but not too funny.  Right now he reminds me thoroughly of Frank Churchill, and everybody likes him.  Not me, though.  He persists in getting into the story where he's not wanted.

This is an excerpt from the very first chapter of my novel. 

            Her half-spoken thoughts were arrested by the sight of a girl not much older than herself, maybe fifteen.  She was leaning against one of the few large trees in the farm, and her face was white.  She looked in disbelief at the man who had sold them the farm.  He came up to her. 

            “I’m sorry, Muriel,” he said, “I had to sell the farm – I have to leave.”

            The girl looked up at him with a pale, but understanding face.  Anna was shocked at its intensity.    

            “I have to go away from here, Muriel.  I’m going north.”

            “North!” the girl gasped, “To where there’s nothing but snow, and trees, and wolves?”

            “Yes, and further if I can.  But I won’t be such a brute as to ask you to go along with me.  You can finish your education with your grandmother in Kingston.”

            “And Andrew?”  Anna, rather close, but screened from their notice by a large canopy of bright leaves, looked where she pointed, to a young boy playing with a group of youngsters.  He brandished a stick and cried, “Let’s get ‘im!” upon which the whole group set in hot pursuit of a rather startled squirrel. 

            “He’ll go with you, of course.  He’s never been much for cities and learning, but he’ll get used to it now.” 


“Oh, I’ll manage – somehow.  Anything to get away.”

There it is!  Tell me what you think.



Allison said...

Now I want to read the whole book! It seems very well written, and flows well. Keep it up!! :)

Miss Dashwood said...

Ooh, I like muchly! This was really interesting and made me want to read more. Do keep going!

Anonymous said...

This is a very pretty bit of writing. Thanks for sharing. ^.^