Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Cottage

Don't we rather think that Robert Ferrars' enthusiasm over cottages is a little ridiculous? 

Me:  well, yes of course.  Robert Ferrars is always ridiculous.

Yes and no.  There was more than one definition of a cottage in Regency England.  One was just meant to be lived in (if the inhabitants could live in it - imagine Barton Cottage in S&S 2008 and what the peasants lived in was worse) and the other was meant to be planned and shown off.  (Very romantic! Certainly)
I don't know much about Regency architecture: but here're a few things I've found in an internet search. 

The fancy style of cottage was called the 'Cottage Ornee' (or 'Ornee Cottage or Ferme Ornee) and it was the kind Robert Ferrars would have liked.  These cottages would be built for romantic spots and picturesque views.
Some of the cottages were quite spacious and elaborate and cost quite a lot to build.  That's why Robert doesn't have enough money for one; it's not the kind of cottage that he can just go and find the tenants on his mother's estates living in.


This cottage, according to wikipedia is a 'Ferme Ornee' (Perhaps that was the French for 'Cottage Ornee) and belonged to Marie Antoinette.

See, very 'picturesque' but totally impractical. Imagine any amount of Lady Elliots trying to figure out planning a dance in that building, despite Robert's help.

Here are some examples of Fermee Ornee Cottages:
The Leasowes
Cottage Ornee pictures - Wikimedia
Cottage Ornee - Bing Images
Cottage Ornee - Google Images
Ferme Ornee  Wikipedia

I hope you'll forgive me for this digression into Regency architecture and understand Robert Ferrars a little more. :D

Me: I still think that Robert Ferrars is ridiculous.

Well, yes, but that's a topic for another post.


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Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

"A little cottage is always snug!"

This was a very fun and informative post! It does explain a lot about Robert's taste for fine things. Marie Antoinette's cottage is beautiful!