Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jane Austen Week Questions: Part 2

Sorry for being so late; we were busy, and when I knew that I wouldn't be able to post this on Saturday, I sort of let it slide because I was late already.  Anyways, here's the post!

Jane Austen Week by Elegance of Fashion

5: Any honorable mentions for 3, 4 and 5?
Mansfield Park, my current re-read, would probably rank as fourth  favourite right now.  But don't get me wrong: I love Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility used to be my second favorite.  But there's one problem: you can't fit six novels into four favourite places.

I love the beautiful, accomplished, almost perfect supporting characters that Jane Austen, unfortunately never used as main characters.  In Northanger Abbey, the almost perfect heroines from then contemporary literature are ridiculed and pointed out as what Catherine Morland was not.  But some of those sweet heroines show up in her novels: Georgiana Darcy, Jane Bennet, Eleanor Tilney, and Jane Fairfax. 

I like Edmund Bertram too.

6: Top three Jane Austen adaptations and why?

Just about as good and an adaption can be, BBC's Pride and Prejudice has just about everything; gorgeous scenery, beautifully choreographed dances, lovely costumes, delightful style, and almost all of the characters perfectly cast.

It is my private opinion that all who have made adaptions of Emma in the last twenty years have done an amazing job.  However, this one towers over the rest.  I will confess; I have not even finished it, because my Mum, who watches period dramas with me, does not like watching movies on youtube and it is still on hold at the library, but from what I have already seen, it is absolutely wonderful. 

And for the third...... I really don't know.  I enjoyed Sense and Sensibility (1995) and I do think that Emma 1996 and Emma 1997 are also amazing productions. 

7: Top three Jane Austen characters that 'take delight in vexing' you?

John Willoughby, from Sense and Sensibility

Arghhhhhhh, this guy had such advantages and he. just. ruined. it.  I know Jane Austen made it clear that we aren't supposed to feel sorry for him, so I content myself with being very, very, vexed.

Lady Denham from Sanditon
"And when he died, I gave Sir Edward his gold watch." She said this with a look at her companion which implied its right to produce a great impression; and seeing no rapturous astonishment in Charlotte's countenance, added quickly, "He did not bequeath it to his nephew, my dear. It was no bequest. It was not in the will. He only told me, and that but once, that he should wish his nephew to have his watch; but it need not have been binding if l had not chose it." 
Unfortunately Sanditon is unfinished, but we see enough of Lady Denham as it is.  She is a rich widow, with a very poor nephew and niece, but she will do nothing for them but hope that an heiress comes into the neighborhood and brag about giving Sir Edward her husband's gold watch. 

Augusta Elton from Emma
 The problem with Mrs. Elton is that she has such a good opinion of herself that no one can make her understand how vulgar and annoying she is.  This is enough to make me wish I was a duchess of someplace or other so that I could publicly snub her and maybe get the message across.

8: Jane Austen sequels..... do you like them or not?
I haven't actually finished one, but  I think that I'd like them if I remembered that done of them is 'the' definitive sequel, but they're all fan fiction, somebody's take on what could have happened.

9: Do you have a favourite spot to keep all your Jane Austen stuff?
This is when I confess, I have very little Jane Austen stuff.  Either my mom's books or the handy little library supply all I need.  But if you look on the 'holds' part of my library website, that's where I keep my Austen stuff.  Or, more accurately, wait for it. 

10: Which Jane Austen character do you think you're most like?
Georgiana Darcy's shyness and love of music.
Elizabeth Bennet's sense of humor.
Marianne Dashwood's romance.
Catherine Morland's naiveté.

11: What was your introduction to Jane Austen?
I always heard about Jane Austen as 'a person who wrote classics that you'll read some day' and I think I actually read the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice in a book with excerpts of stories.  Then my best friend had a birthday party where we watched P&P 2005.  After that, I read the rest of her works in quick succession.



Melody said...

Haha, you're answer on 9 sounds like me, as far as the library thing goes.
My sister went to the library once to pick up her holds and saw under our last name all 3 versions of Persuasion, and knew they were mine. ha

I thought the 1996 Gwenyth P. version was your favorite! Your comment on your review of that made me think that...
But I'm glad you like the 2009 one. And the last parts are the best!! Hope you can see them soon!! (I hate waiting forever on library items! haha.)
Did you get to the 3rd episode?

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I really enjoyed reading your answers!
I agree, there's so many minor heroines in Jane Austen that deserve to have their stories told fully.
I hope you get to watch the rest of Emma (2009) soon because it is such a wonderful film! I had to buy my own copy so that I can watch it over and over again! :)
It's interesting that you chose a character from 'Sanditon', to include in your list of Vexing Characters! It would be so lovely to have an adaptation of that and also 'The Watsons'.

~Miss Laurie :)