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Character interview: from an as yet unnamed novel

I had so much fun reading Rachel's character interview that I thought I'd do one with the characters of my current novel.  Character devolopement is something that I really need to work on, so I'm hoping it will be helpful.

The way this works is you choose some characters from a novel or story that you've written and make them answer some questions. You get to learn some interesting things about your characters that you never knew before.

The novel this is from is Austen fanfic/imitation.  My writing isn't very good, so if I imitate a genius it should be better, right?

Catherine --------- (19)
Georgiana --------- (18)
Cassandra Westmore (working name) (29)
Frances Grantley (23)
James -------- (mid-twenties)
Albert Westmore (26)
Richard Grenville (28)

Do you want a hug?
Catherine: Depends on who you are 
Georgiana: I wouldn't dream of offering you a hug, but I'll take them.
Frances: Hug? Of course, my dear Miss ----. 
Richard: Certainly, if it's from Miss Grantley. Even from Catherine -
(Catherine glares at him)
Me: ahem, continue.
James: No hugs, please

Do you have any kids?
Catherine: Of course not!
Cassandra:  I gave up all hope of marrying and having a family when George died.
Frances: Not yet, but when I become Lady Somebody, (which should happen by Christmas) I should get some nice little lords and ladies.
Richard: Why are you asking me this?
Albert: No.

Have you killed anyone?
Georgiana:  Killed someone!
Frances: I hardly think so.
Richard:  I think maybe someone else should answer this question.
James:  It is a clergyman's duty to build up, not kill.
Albert: As an officer in the navy, I have been in some sea battles.....

Love anyone?
Catherine: I thought I did........ once.
Georgiana: Please don't ask me.
Cassandra: Dear dead George.
Frances: Ask Mrs. Browne.  She'll say I'm the friendliest person around!
Richard: Just about every woman on the face of the earth.
James:  I like many people.
Albert: ditto

What is your job?
Cassandra: Sister, daughter, niece, friend
Frances: Um,
Catherine (in an undertone): She's an out an out flirt!
Richard: Naval officer.
James: Clergyman.
Albert: Naval officer.

What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Catherine: Go for a run in a spot where nobody can see me 
Georgiana: Play the pianoforte
Cassandra: Write a letter to my mother
Frances: I'm not sure.  To be quite candid, my dear blogger, I'm bored.
Richard: Hang around the heiress that just arrived in the neighborhood.
James:  Go visit some of the poor in the parish.
Albert: Go hunting.

What is your greatest fear?
Catherine: I'd rather not say.
Georgiana: That everyone I love will die
Cassandra: I don't fear much anymore.
Frances:  Why should I be scared?  I'm not a child.
Richard:  That the sky will fall on my head, of course, fair questioner. 
Me (aside): Actually, it's that his - ahem! - ungentlemanlike past will be found out.
James: That I'll be treated like a lady treated me before.
Albert: That I'll fail in my duty.

What do you think of your parents?
Catherine: They're far from perfect, but I love them.
Georgiana:  They died so long ago; I'd give a lot to have them back again.
Cassandra: They're wonderful
Frances: Parents? Who's talking about parents.
Richard:  My mother's a darling woman, with some, unfortunately, narrow ideas.
James: They both love me and I love them.
Albert: As my sister said, they're wonderful.

Any siblings?
Catherine: Many sisters
Georgiana: Only my brother
Cassandra: My author hasn't decided that yet.
Me: Yes, she's had so much trouble with you!
Frances:  Thankfully not.
Richard:  One brother, older than me, which is most unfair!
James: Lots.

Eye color?
Catherine: I'm honestly not sure.
Me: You mean your author's not sure?
Catherine: Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
Georgiana: Blue, I think.
Cassandra: dark brown
Frances: The most fashionable color.
Me: What's that?
Frances: Whatever color my eyes are, of course.
Richard: almost black
James: greenish blueish
Albert:  grey

Are you good or bad?
Catherine: I hope I'm good.
Georgiana: I wish I was good.
Cassandra: I try to be good.
Frances:  Why should I be bad?
Richard: I haven't poisoned anyone......
James: Goodness requires more than not poisoning someone, sir. 
Richard (with a charming laugh): Oh yes, I haven't beaten anyone to death either.
Albert:  As I said, I try to do my duty.
Favourite season?
Catherine: Fall
Georgiana: Spring
Cassandra: Winter
Frances (laughs affectedly): I never really thought about it!
Richard: Of course, dear Frances.
Miss Grantley and Catherine together: Excuse me?
Richard: Pardon me; Miss Grantley.
James: All seasons are nice.

Who's your best friend?
Catherine: Georgiana, or my sister
Georgiana: Catherine, Cassandra, and my sister-in-law
Cassandra: I try to love everyone
Frances: I don't have any
Richard: Of course, dear - Miss Grantley
James: one of my brothers
Albert: Richard

Georgiana: Playing the pianoforte
Frances: Talking
Richard: Making myself agreeable
James: I like a range of activities
Albert:  Doing my duty as much as possible

What's your species?

Catherine: Girl
James (to himself): She's a very pretty young woman.
Georgiana: I suppose I'm a girl too.
Catherine: Continuous piano player!
Cassandra: Human
Frances: I'm human to, but if you want to be more specific I'm beauty leader.
Richard: Of course, Miss Grantley.
James: Human, I hope.
Albert: I would certainly agree with Cassandra.

Hope you liked reading this!

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Miss Dashwood said...

"Dear dead George" and Frances' conceited reply to "What color are your eyes?" both made my day!
Thank you for posting this. Your characters are very interesting!