Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your vote, please!

Miss Georgiana Darcy is just starting up, and I'd like your opinions about what I should post.  For the month of June I have plenty posting ideas with the Literary Tag, but after that I'm not quite sure where I should go with this blog.  Please vote on the poll on the left sidebar (I've allowed multiple answers because many of the objects are related) and give me your advice.

Thanks a lot,

EDIT: Since posting the above I have added another poll about what kind of font you'd like on my blog.  I like Corsiva (the calligraphy-like font I have currently), but I'm not sure about other people's opinion so if you could vote on the poll that would be great.


Miss Laurie said...

I voted for Jane Austen, literary, history and book and movie review posts. But anything you post I enjoy. Maybe even taking a subject and writing about it as if you were Miss Georgiana would be interesting (such as music or sewing). But definitely don't feel like you have to stick just to things about P&P or Jane Austen. I look forward to following your posts!

Thanks so much for putting up the tournament button! I'm so excited for the tournament to begin!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Tarissa said...

While I'm reading more posts on your blog, I thought I'd comment here as well. In response to what I look forward to seeing new stuff on your blog... anything that you're interested in, then I'd love to read about it in a blog post. Yes... mostly books! Books reviews, literary characters, favorite quotes, etc. But also anything else in your life going on... crafts, cooking, and such things.

I'm so excited that you've moved over to Blogspot now!

~ Tarissa