Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Literary Tag Days 17 - 22

Question 17: What is the most difficult book you've ever read?
Um, that's hard.  Normally for me, books are either in the category of 'easy reads' or 'unreadables.'  I'm not sure about overall, but the most recent difficult book was The Count of Monte Cristo, which I stopped reading halfway. It was quite a few inches thick, and the plot was complex, and, dare I say - weird. 

Question 18: Your favourite book series and your favourite book out of that series.
Favourite three series please? ;D
Thank you.  They would be:
The 'William and Mary Trilogy' by Marjorie Bowen, with I Will Maintain as my favourite book.
The 'Reformation Trail Series' with The King's Service by Deborah Alcock.
The 'Huguenot Inheritance Series' with either Done and Dared in Old France by Deborah Alcock or A Loyal Huguenot Maid by Margaret Comrie or perhaps The Young Huguenots by Edith Floyer.
Is it a coincidence that all three of these series are from Inheritance Publications?  There's a reason that they're my favourite publishers. :)
And I know that I only said I'd write down three series, but I also really like the 'Seasons of the Heart' by Janette Oke.

Question 19: Your favourite picture, junior fiction, and young adult books.
-Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.  What a cute little story!  But what really makes it for me is the lovely illustrations......
-The Young Huguenots by Edith Floyer.  I'm not sure that I should call this 'junior fiction' but it was my favourite novel when I was that age.
-The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare.  Like the book above, I'm not sure what to call it, but I think I could safely class it as 'young adult.'  

Question 20: Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise.
I actually enjoy slightly re-used plots, so I don't have much to say here, but I hate when at the end of the book the conflict is either not or just barely resolved, and the main character just 'feels good' so they know its going to work out fine.  That annoys me.

Question 21: A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.
Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Speare.  I thought it was just going to be a silly children's story and the ugly front cover didn't help at all.

Question 22: Your 'comfort' book.
It really depends on what I'm feeling at the time.  Audiobooks are especially nice, because I can do crafts while I'm listening to them. :)

And, as to the 'Period Drama Hero Tournament' the winner is Mr. Knightley.  I was really hoping for Mr. Darcy to win, but a recent audiobook listening of Emma convinced me that Mr. Knightley deserves the title.  Mr. Darcy is very interesting and has his share of goodness, but Mr. Knightley is just plain good, inside and out, not to mention that he's interesting too.



Melody said...

I am glad you're learning to love Mr. Knightley! Indeed, I think he deserved to win. I like Mr. Darcy very well indeed, and he actually had my vote in the second-to-last round, but after that I was all for Knightley.

There's nothing like the book to make you truly know a character. :)

Annie Kate said...

Great post! For difficult books, how about How to Read a Book? I find that one quite tough.

And I agree with you completely on #20. A good feeling is such a frustrating ending to a book!