Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am most seriously displeased

My character has ever been celebrated for its sincerity and frankness.  I am not in the habit of brooking disappointment.  I am most seriously displeased.

Okay, enough imitation of my dear aunt Lady Catherine.  But the thing is, at the Period Drama Hero Tournament at Elegance of Fashion Georgiana's dear brother Fitzwilliam Darcy is four votes behind Mr. Knightley and Captain Wentworth is sixteen votes behind John Thornton.  They both stand to not reach the final round.  Is this to be endured! But it must not, it shall not be.
(Believe me, I'll stop quoting Lady C. now)

In all seriousness, there are only four more days to vote on the tournament.  Go to Elegance of Fashion and vote on the left sidebar.  I guess you all know who I want to win.  But for honesty's sake, if you like Mr Knightley and Mr Thornton better, vote for them, and I will still send compliments to your mother. ;P

**both banners are from 'Elegance of Fashion.'**



Miss Laurie said...

We were all very surprised by these matching because they were randomly generated. I mean how can you choose between four such worthy heroes!?!
I can't wait for the results of this round! I'm betting that Mr. Darcy will win, but I'm voting for Mr. Knightley and Captatin Wentworth all the same. :)

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Elizabeth said...

I don't know a whole lot about Captain Wentworth, but I love Mr. Thornton! :) I am really quite shocked at Mr. Knightly is beating Mr. Darcy! It was a hard to decided between the two but I went for Mr. Darcy. The last round will be the hardest!

Annie Kate said...

OK, I'll go vote for Mr. Darcy!

Annie Kate

Melody said...

I have a feeling Mr. Darcy will catch up before it's said and done. Last time I looked, it was a tie. ;-)

By the way, I like Georgiana Darcy, too. I've always wished there was more about her in the book. And I think that the 1995 version did a pretty good job with her...sweet and shy. :) (But nothing is ever good enough to be a good as the many cases.)